b’log version 0.03: the Schedule, the Regular Season Record, and associated Bowl…

Some of the 2007 VT football schedule reminds me of the 2006 VT football schedule. Both have a very tempting adjustment pocket of protected games, aka games we really should win. 2006 had the four game stretch of Northeastern, @ UNC, Duke, and Cincinnati to develop whomever (Sean or Ike last year), or to try different combinations (along the offensive-line). [Read more…]

How does 28 hours of college football strike yah?

Starting a 7pm Wednesday night, that’s exactly what ESPN has in store for you. The live show will run 3 hours, then game after game after game on ESPN Classic until the real game(s) tip-off at 7pm on Thursday night. 7pm 08/30 can’t get here fast enough. b-st.

Check out where H’streit ranks LSU’s D-linemen for ESPN…

Hint: you can’t rank anyone any higher.

Our OLine will be well-tested and then some come the night of 08 September 2007. Note the LSU Linebacker in the mix as well. Check out Herby’s ACC conference picks as well. You won’t be sad you did. b-st.

b’log version 0.02: VT Special-Teams, just how special are they?

So far I’ve assigned an A+ to the Hokie defense, a flat C to the offense. But Special-Teams have been…well…pretty wild is wholly so far this August. But is that necessarily a bad thing? So lets start with Punting, as this is the least…….. [Read more…]

b’log version 0.01: starting offensive line takes shape…

I see the news on one of the other sites now. I can not say I’m surprised, starting Graham allows us to field our best……. [Read more…]

b’log version 0.0: official pre-season letter-grades are in:

An unusually interesting August Camp is nearly closed, and our Hokies are now in official game preparation mode. So I figured now would be a good time to officially nail myself down with a few official letter-grades for 2007. Many of you have asked me how many games will VT win in 2007. I now fully suspect that our Hokies will win….. [Read more…]