b’log v1.02: Friday night lights, and my LSU game pick…

I’ve found things rather interesting on the free-view football MB of late. Not only is Glenn Dorsey the mother of all, well, mothers’, the Official Prediction thread yielded some interesting results, as did another thread, and it’s up to me to pick a VT win, as no one else has from the TSL Staff…but Friday comes first… [Read more…]

b’log v1.01: Tech Tidbits…Thursday Night viewing guide…

Here’s a few statistical points to consider before you make your picks in the Official Prediction Thread later today: Virginia Tech is………….. [Read more…]

“Beamer didn’t rule out freshman Tyrod Taylor seeing action on Saturday.”

Brown thinks Taylor’s athleticism could be an effective change at times from Glennon’s dropback approach. [Read more…]

The new b’streetC.S. rankings are up…..

Some have moved in, some have moved out…where did our Hokies go? [Read more…]

The ECU Eye in the Sky: many of you old-schoolers know what that means…

i.e. the all seeing and always impartial camera lens that validated or refuted any player explanation or excuse of what happened on a given play during a game. With the visual social science of film-study in-mind, here are a few things my point-guard eyes saw Saturday that the announcers and MB’s did not talk up… [Read more…]

The ECU game awards are ready to be handed out…

The Lynn-Swann velcro award for best grab of the day. Surprisingly, and hands down, this one does not go to a WR or a TE, but rather to……. [Read more…]

ECU game wrap: 33 yards rushing by the Hokies low-lighted….

(ECU Box Score)

…an under-achieving day all around. ECU out-gained us on the ground by… [Read more…]