Virginia Tech football Belk Bowl highlights

This Lazarus coming back from the 24-nil Bowl dead; is VT's biggest Bowl win... since???

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Virginia Tech=35, Arkansas=24




V.A.D.A. approved

Virginia Tech football Belk Bowl Preview Arkansas

#48 R.P.I. Arkansas vs. #23 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:belk-seating-chart

Virginia Tech football goes bowling on Thursday afternoon vs. the University of Arkansas. At ~5:30pm, on ESPN, in the 75,412 Bank of America Stadium down in Charlotte North Carolina, as an -8 point betting fave.

Precisely 173.4 miles from Blacksburg, Va., or about a two hour and forty-five minute drive; give/take.

Intrinsically speaking, this is as close as Virginia Tech football can ever hope to get as a home-game goes in post-season terms. Though is this really the shoe-in or obvious O&M ticker-tape VicTory party that everyone is already saying and picking it to be? I’m not as sure, as these 7 up and 5 down 2016 Arkansas Razorbacks played Jekyll-and-Hyde football all season long. So will I be homogeneously slotting this game the same? This of course segues us into today’s word of the day… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech basketball preview Maryland Baltimore County

#224 R.P.I. University of Maryland Baltimore County @ #64 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns to play surprisingly 9 up and 3 down University of Maryland Baltimore Count on Belk Bowl Eve, at 7pm, down in the late 2016 A.D. New River Valley.umbc-logo

The Hokies host the Retrievers on ESPN Extra in what we all hope is nothing more than a glorified scrimmage or a Duke warm-up game this Wednesday night in Cassell Coliseum. That being said, Virginia Tech basketball and coach Buzz may not encounter a bigger textbook look-ahead trap game all year. And as we have recently seen, stranger Radford and Alabama State things have happened before. The students are gone, the sporting foci is certainly Razor-backed, and these Holiday Retrievers may or may not be wiling to just roll over for A.c.c. VeeTee and simply play dead. As Baltimore Maryland has a couple of kids that just may surprise you. Will they surprise -or even ambush- coach Buzz and company being another mater… read on to find, out.

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Charleston Southern

#326 R.P.I. Charleston Southern @ #52 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns to the court Tuesday night at 9pm down in the New River Valley vs. 4-up and 6-down Charleston Southern.csu-logo

The Buccaneers of Charleston Southern are pretty much a mid-range preseason pick in the 10 member Big South line-up everywhere you look. Fifth or sixth or middle of the Big South pack and yah; .400 as a winning percentage almost makes that moderate level of prediction read, oversold. However, a combined -71 point deficit in three blowout L’s on the road at Florida State, Georgia and Alabama is not helping matters, either. And yet the Buc’s have been within one or two makes of wining the other three L’s they’ve notched and they do court two pre-season all-conference candidate qualified ballers. So maybe these Buc’s are not that far gone as walking the .4oo plank seems; unless of course they are… read on to find out, which. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech basketball preview The Citadel

#217 R.P.I. The Citadel @ #49 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:citadel-logo

Virginia Tech basketball is set to host out-of-conference (The) Citadel this Saturday afternoon down in a -hopefully- warming back up New River Valley at 1pm.

The Citadel is decent enough; at 7-up and 4-down; and they sure put on on offensive treat! What with seven games already, in which the Bulldogs have bitten off 1o8 points or more; with a season high of a Denver Nugget Doug Moe era 146! That’s a buck-forty-six in forty minutes –not in a octa-overtime or something farcical like that kind of game. As this Citadel comes to pour it offensively on and pour the Bulldog buckets in. Making this a smaller though very fan-friendly O.O.C. opponent that anyone could be forgiven for wanting to include in their regular season schedule. And yes, it may take a few points to teach these highly offensive Bulldogs’ a new, trick.

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Virginia Tech football Clemson A.c.c. championship game Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football just experienced a most intriguing seminal showdown in the real Southworld of… what might have been. What might have been, is the alibi of the abstract –remaining  a perpetual possibly only in the world of speculation.

...all the marbles...

all the marbles

Tech might have been 6-6 -yet again- to end the regular season; as our beloved Hokies were precisely three FG’s removed from the .5oo bowl eligibility precipice prior to the feckless uva rag-dolling. Tech might also have been 10-2 or maybe even 11-1 to end the regular season; as our beloved Hokies went butterfingers in two of our three L’s prior to the  feckless uva curb-stomping. Such however is the realm of revisionism history of those who say Uncle Sam might have been ahead on points on 08 December 1941 A.D., if only ” … ” …and yet that’s not how we roll at To do so is a disservice to those whose very participation sacrifices oh so very much. Clemson won the 2016 A.D. A.c.c. football championship; so with sportsmanship in mind, CONGRATs to Dabo and company, Godspeed and good hunting in the quadratic play-off. Nonetheless, and that attempt at athletic civics aside –same as 1999’s Vitali Klitschko being ahead 4-2 on all three judges scorecard’s when a 139 stitch combined sets of cuts granted him the technical knockout L from the lead –we sure as hell learnt a lot more about Coach-Fu and Virginia Tech football than we did about Dabo and Clemson. We learnt that Dabo and Clemson and the Orlando game-clock itself; forego any and all speculation, as these Tigers were most fortunate that this was not a 13 round heavyweight championship fight. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech basketball Mississippi preview

#26 R.P.I. Mississippi @ #67 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball tips-off bright and early (@high-noon) vs. visiting South Eastern Conference member Mississippi, or Ole Miss -as they now want to be called- this Sunday afternoon down in the turned chilly New River Valley.ole-miss-logo

These Rebels are talented every bit as much as they are loquacious. mercurial and sometimes inconsistent alike. There is some measure of rebellious star power here every bit as much as there is a uncertainty as to which brand of Ole Miss basketball will actually show up? The six win front-running hard offensively charging Rebels who have only been beaten by #2 (Creighton) and#5 (Middle Tennessee). Or the version Mississippi that nearly got upset last time out by the University of Tennessee-Martin. So this is either a close to double-digit win or a toss-up, pick ’em, raw dogfight of an out of conference game. Take thy pick…

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