Virginia Tech basketball preview Clemson

#5o R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #38 R.P.I. Clemson:

Virginia Tech basketball travels down to South Carolina to face the other sporting half of the Clemson Tigers revenue sports tandem on Sunday evening at 6:30pm on ESPNU.

The Tigers just did rather well for themselves in gridiron terms, and unless you live under a rock, or have recently been hit in the head by a rock… CONGRATS to A.c.c. Clemson and Dabo Swinney on their upsetting national championship win! This however is a basketball preview and in hoops the Tigers are a decent looking 11 up and 7 down so far on the year. Although Clemson is a last place 1-5 in Atlantic Coast play; having dropped five in a row after having blazed through nine consecutive wins right before that. That being said, those things happen when you are 1-6 vs. nationally ranked squads as this brutal opening schedule has had these Tigers by the tail. Who will win this Virginia Tech basketball game is another tale however indeed; read on to find, out…

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Georgia Tech

#89 R.P.I. Georgia Tech @ #57 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball concludes a trifecta of a three-game homestead vs. the other Atlantic Coast “Tech” on Wednesday night down in a pleasant by January standards New River

The Wrambling Wreck of Georgia Tech attends at 11 up and 6 down on what has been a bit of an uneven if not yo-yo’ing Smothers Brothers kinda of year. As the Yellow Jackets have been stung by inconsistent play, or a lack of mid-range talent(s) beyond a fairly sprite Top-3 or four ballers. Georgia Tech is 3-2 in A.c.c. play and they have been much better at home down in the ATL than they have out on the road all season long. As Georgia Tech does present some difficult internal match-ups in the paint and they probably do court the best pure-Center in Atlantic Coast terms that you’ve never heard of. So this is an oddball match-up of sorts, although what you want to know is… who will win? Read on to find, out…

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Notre Dame

#2o R.P.I. Notre Dame @ #46 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball remains ensconced in the nearly downright warmed up New River Valley this Saturday afternoon at 2pm to host BIG name Notre

The Irish are a pretty decent squad, checking in at a slightly surprising robust 15 up and only 2 down in a year that was forecast to be pretty good; though probably just short of, great. As most of my preseason wraps have Notre Dame in the upper third of the A.c.c., although there is a lack of agreement as to where or how high in Atlantic Coast terms specifically. The generic, overall, broad brush consensus seems to think that this is a post-season caliber team; though agreement as to which tourney of which ilk is again, hard to come by –as the hooping cognoscenti have some ranging opinions regarding these 2017 Irish. That being said, this game is at home, we have an advantage in rest, and  the 2016 Irish would have very likely beaten the 2017 Irish. So hopefully we are catching these Irish at just the right time.

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Syracuse

#164 R.P.I. Syracuse  @ #48 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns home after a truly beat-up looking -41 point double thrashing deficit out on the road.cuse-logo

The hooping Hokies will attempt to inflict some measure of gridiron revenge for their revenue O&M sporting brethren on Tuesday night down in a warming back up New River Valley. This may or may not be an easy thing to do, as the 10 up and 6 down Syracuse Orangemen seem to court a record that is chasing their statistical analysis. As in they have beaten the pants off of every little team they have played; every bit as much as they have truly struggled vs. nearly every single BIG name team they have faced thus far. This makes this a dicey game to call; as the Syracuse statistical variability here is far ranging, indeed.

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Florida State

#43 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #13 R.P.I. Florida State:

Virginia Tech basketball remains road-tripping after getting basically poleaxed by Nc.State after finally cracking the Top-25 in an embarrassing, routing, of a total L on Wednesday night down in Raleigh (Nc.).fsu-logo

Things may not get much easier with the always defensively durable Florida State Seminoles on tap Saturday afternoon at 2pm in Atlantic Coast play. The 2016-2017 Seminoles are a shinny looking 14 up and a mere one down (14-1) on the year thus far. Having only been beaten by Temple by one shot (86-89) this season. And in case you had not heard, Florida State is towering; I mean big, bigger, biggest, making this emotional rebound game a mightily tall order for coach Buzz and orange and maroon company as this 615 mile roadie may seem larger than that.

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Virginia Tech basketball preview North Carolina State

 #44 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #39 R.P.I. North Carolina State:state-nc-logo

Virginia Tech basketball returns to the court down on Tobacco Road after a euphorically ~50 hour span of Revenue Sports outcome hysteria after what Coach-Fu did to Arkansas and after what Coach Buzz then did to Duke.

That however could also be code for a textbook let-down trap after such a high octane and highly upsetting winning effort in hosting big bad Duke on Saturday afternoon. As this Wolfpac basketball club is pretty decent and they check in at 11-3 thus far this year and o-1 in the Atlantic Coast Conference. This Wolfpac also has six guys averaging double-digits in scoring; and Lindy’s says this Wolfpack courts the best solo rebounding artist in the whole, darn, A.c.c. Hit the visiting hardwood snooze button here at your own peril; as this is likely a lowercase post-season NC.State men’s hoops team.

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Tech Thoughts: Virginia Tech football’s next Qb1?

Virginia Tech football just had a great N.f.l. day; and probably a pretty bad 2017 seasonal adjustment in R.A.T.T. Atlantic Coast Collegiate terms. Godspeed to our early entries!footballl-logo-vt

The Evans, Bucky, Ford, Sam, and 100% of the right-side oLine departures are a critical offensive-based talent downgrade. Make no mistake here sports-fans; you do not get better with 75% of your pitch-n-catch routine gone; 40% of your oLine gone, and 55% of your O gone overall. Still yet, someone has to win the Qb1 job, and what if that someone was actually not even on the 24060 campus this last fall? [Read more…]