Wladimir Klitschko @ Anthony Joshua boxing preview

Boxing fans rejoice; as we finally have a potential Heavyweight fight of the decade; or for just as long as this MEGA main-event, lasts.Wlad AJ poster

Of course the naysayers who sit obliquely (and safely) well beyond the boundaries of the crucible of truth, A.K.A. the fabled squared-circle will wish to pan all of that.

Xperts everywhere however are pointing to this one as the one! As in the biggest, baddest, bestest one for combined heavyweight voltage in a good one and a half decades, possibly going all the way back to Ken Norton vs. Earnie Shavers in the 1970’s, maybe even, ever! As in the all-time high watermark as pure one-shot rock ’em sock ’em power between four arms at >200 lbs. has ever ever been. I for one am not inclined to disagree; nonetheless, the aging ex-champion Wladimir Klitschko vs. the young lion and reigning I.B.F. heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua —in front of 90,000+ spectators at London’s Wimbley Stadium is indeed one for the ages. Though who will win at ~4:15pm EST on Saturday live on Showtime and replayed at 11pm on H.b.o.? Read on to find… out! [Read more…]

Qb or not to Qb, that is the… question.

Fu springs

2017 officially opens for… business.

Very curiously enough, spring has officially sprung down in the -warming as I type- New River Valley. That means nights on Arnold’s back poach or over on The Balcony (T.O.T.S., to the younglings among you). It also means biology lab on Slusher Beach, going to the river or to the falls.

This also means pigskins get pumped up, re-inflated and are flung on the au natural practice field or inside the synthetic Beamer Barn. Likewise, this further means another Qb derby is underway down in the 24o6o. Our third in four years if you are keeping score at home. As multi year starting, Qb1 rein holding annualized Pivots (Canadian Football League for: Qb, eh) –are becoming fossilized in the modern-era of basketball on grass, quantum specialization, and a game that keeps speeding up no matter how much the rule-book keeps trying to slow it down. Though what are the powers that be, that comprise the still somewhat new O&M junta, actually seeing on-field? Read on to find, out… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech basketball NCAA preview Wisconsin

#32 R.P.I. Wisconsin vs. #47 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball opens N.C.A.A. tournament round of 64 play in the 9/8 match-up vs. Wisconsin.

I for one could not be happier to dine upon crow tonight –as I likes my crow rare, yet warm.wiscky hoops logo

Props to Chris Coleman and all the rest of you who called this one spot-on pre-season as: “Oops I blew it, it’s a moth” ¦ James Douglas Morrison. That admission, ownership, and felicitations all rightful put to bed and henceforth bestowed; we have a NC2A (bleeping) basketball game to play! I have a preview to write and you have a preview to read. As we drew the no.8  seeded Wisconsin Badgers fresh off a 2nd place or silver medal runner-up performance from the fabled BIG-10 conference; as Wiscy checks in at 25 up and 9 down and 12-6 in conference play on the year. They are known to be a physical, tough-minded, internally grinding halfcourt offensively efficacious type team and that means this game is nobodies gimmie. Though who will win this N.C.A.A. opening round match-up  ~9:40pm Thursday night tip? Read on to find, out…

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Virginia Tech basketball A.c.c. Tourney preview Florida State

#45 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #11 R.P.I. Florida State:

Virginia Tech basketball remains alive in the Atlantic Coast Conference men’s 2o17 Tourney bracket after (possibly) busting the Deacon’s of Wake Forest’s March Madness NC2A tourney bubble on Wednesday night (99-9o).fsu-logo

This  after coming back from down seven points at the intermission of A.c.c. game#1 (for us) vs. the Hail Mary Les Hanson looking Dec’s right at the halftime buzzer. That being said, things do not get much easier with the always yesteryear Big East sizey and defensively starchy Florida State Seminoles on tap Thursday night at 7pm in Atlantic Coast post-season play. The 2016-2017 Seminoles are a shinny looking second seed in the A.c.c. checking in at 24 up and a mere seven down and at (12-6) in intra-league runs thus far on the year. Although these Sem’s can score the rock unlike previously defensively enhanced and yet offensively needy additions. And in case you had not heard, Florida State is towering; I mean big, bigger, biggest, making this a mightily tall order for coach Buzz and orange and maroon company down in the NYC Brooklyn borough paint. Did I mention the F.s.u. frontcourt size yet; and who will A.c.c. third-round win? Read on to find, out… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech basketball ACC Tournament preview Wake Forest

#32 R.P.I. Wake Forest vs. #45 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball opens post-season play Wednesday night up in the ill placed Atlantic Coast Conference men’s basketball tournament vs. The Deacons of Wake Forest.

The Deacons of Wake Forest are coming to attempt evangelize our Hokies at the Barclays Center (Brooklyn NYC borough homecourt of the: New Jersey Nets) or basically win two outta their last three. Because if courting Wake Forest seems (very) familiar that would only be because they are. As we just faced -and got upset by 3.5 point underdog- Wake Forest on a L’ing senior day afternoon last Saturday down in the New River Valley.  “As in don’t sleep on this one or pencil this one into the O&M W column as a triumph just yet… and {sic: Wake} is a conference tourney sleeper” That’s what I said last time in this very space and now we see that Wake checks in at 19 up and 12 down (1o-9 A.c.c.) and hot off of a nifty looking round#1 opening day VicTory vs. Boston College 92-78 . As our hooping Hokies need to set their 7pm alarm clock for this bubbly Deacon basketball club that is peaking at just the right time. If not, 10pm may prove to be a rude awakening indeed. Tho’ who will win Wednesday night on ESPN2? Read on, to find, out…

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Wake Forest

#39 R.P.I. Wake Forest @ #34 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball remains @home and firmly ensconced in defense of our very own Cassell at 4:3o pm on Saturday afternoon down in the suddenly springtime chilly New River Valley.

The Deacons of Wake Forest are coming to evangelize our Senior Day departures… namely: r-senior and Mr. Clutch Seth Allen, the human (near) double-double r-senior Zach Leday, seldom seen though practice glue-guy r-senior Greg Donlon, hand injured t-senior Johnny Hamilton, r-senior and now occasionally seen back-up G, Matt Galloway. Thank you all for a virtual two decades of combined service to Virginia Tech hoops; and may Coach God bless you next season wherever that takes you in the Game of Life. That Hokie gratitude firmly in place, we have a final home-game to play; we have a curiously improving Deacon team on the way that is post-season tourney needy too. As in don’t sleep on this one or pencil this one into the O&M W column as a triumph just yet. Wake checks in at 17 up and 12 down (8-9 A.c.c.) and hot off of a major #8 Louisville upset– and is a conference tourney sleeper as they may just have the best A.c.c. baller that less than everyone has heard of. Although who will win Saturday on Raycom (check local listings)? Read on, to find, out…

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Virginia Tech basketball Miami preview

#35 R.P.I. Miami @ #39 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns to the court down in the New River Valley Monday night after a very N.b.a. ‘esque looking one day turnaround after running vs. Boston College on Saturday.the U hoops logo

The Miami Hurricanes enter this one standing in at 2o up and 8 down overall and a climbing 1o-6 or fifth place in Atlantic Coast Conference play. Or pretty much the same as Virginia Tech hoops (2o-8, and one game back of Miami in the A.c.c. (9-7)). Accordingly, this is a very needy looking game for both squads Big Dance or March Madness slotting chances in terms of reppin’ from the A.c.c. Though The U had been hot of late; and currently holds the longest active win streak inside the A.c.c. having just upset #18 uva and #1o Duke. Conversely, Virginia Tech hoops has also been hot of late as well and as there are no ties in roundball, so someone has gotta win this one, though who will win this one? Read on to find … out… [Read more…]