Virginia Tech basketball Maryland Eastern Shore basketball preview

#318 R.P.I. Maryland Eastern Shore @ #49 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns home after a 3-1 National Basketball Association ‘esque nine day roadie with just 1 L on the season. And that L coulda been a Dub-a-u. However, if my aunt Kim had nuts and a bolt she’d be my uncle Tim. Such is the domicile of the modern sporting realm.mes-logo

The Hokies just played three pretty compelling and pretty tough opponents alike. Such is not the case this Wednesday night at 8:30pm down in the December chilling out New River Valley; let me assure you. As this Maryland Eastern Shore team is a lot of things and good is not one of them. Though they did break their win-column seal last time out vs. someone named Central Pennsylvania College, and yes, I did come up in the Keystone state and no, I have no idea what that school is west or even east of? As this one has trouncing, blowout, name that score and scrubs need P.T. too …written all over it.

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Virginia Tech football A.c.c. Championship game Clemson preview

#2 R.P.I. Clemson vs.  #35 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is…




  1. The arch rival of… hell.
  2. The quality or condition of being humble.
  3. 12 midnight Saturday?

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Virginia Tech basketball Michigan preview

#122 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #56 R.P.I. Michigan:

Virginia Tech basketball is back out on the road for a true road date over in Ann Arbor Michigan vs. Big

The Wolverines are 5 up and 1 down thus far, and host the Hokies at home at a quarter past seven (7:15pm) on ESPN2 this Wednesday night. All part of the A.c.c. vs. the Big-10 (now gone fourteen) made for television challenge. Virginia Tech basketball is a +7 or seven point dog out on the Vegas big board for this one in a place that has been traditionally hard won for any visiting squad. Still yet, this is a very good, although perhaps not (quite) great version of hooping Big Blue. And yet one of the best pure basketball offensive minds in collegiate terms remains. Although not (quite) beyond our reach; it is gonna take a little something-something to slay the Wolverines in their own backyard.

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Virginia Tech football uva Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football opened up an entire gross, not a can, not a case, an entire 144 count or 12 dozen cans of vacuum packed Commonwealth Cup whoop-ass upside of the dweeby booHoos head on Saturday afternoon down in the New River Valley.

...this left a C'ville mark!

…this one left a C’ville mark!

The Hokies beat the damn breaks off of the university of virginia and if anything -and if this is actually possible- the Hokies beat uva worse than the final score showed. As Tech beat uva’s ass so hard and so long that I almost felt sorry for them; well; almost. As Mendenhall and company have shards to pick up after such a shattering total beat down curb-stomping defeat. Virginia Tech meanwhile resumes its rightful place in the Atlantic Coast Conference football championship game down in Orlando Florida vs. Clemson; whereas the cavaliers are left waiting on chess season or holiday zima 2.16 packs or whatever makes them feel sham important …after such an impotent day. As the Commonwealth gridiron gap has not felt this gaping in quite some time. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech basketball Wooden Legacy third place Nebraska preview

#47 R.P.I. Nebraska vs. #117 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:neb-hoops-logo

Virginia Tech basketball returns for the final game of the Wooden Legacy tourney after a day off to face what is addition via subtraction. As former Big-12 Nebraska is now in the 14 team Big-10 conference, having left the former Big-12 which now courts eight teams, behind. And yes, go fig’ on all of that?!?

The Cornhuskers are a 4 up and 1 down men’s hoops team -same as us- and they were tabbed by most pre-season magazines to be a bottom-4 team in the Big-10. Which is probably code for a potential post-season bid; albeit one south of the big dance. Nebraska is not quite the lumbering muscle bound Corn-husking team of yore, and that makes this one a closer match-up than some will think for this 4pm east-coast 1pm Pacific ESPNU tip-off.

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Virginia Tech football virginia university Commonwealth Cup preview

#119 R.P.I.  france #37 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football returns to Lane Stadium for the final time this regular season. Saturday afternoon at high-noon to take on prīmula in-state rival, the university of virginia cavaliers.

This however has not been much of a rivalry, at least not for the last decade and change. As Chris Coleman told you -and as some of my people told me; last year- London’s recruiting (in-state) had really soured in the last couple of seasons as “their boy” fell capriciously out of “their” favor. Such brings us to the Curious Case of Bronco Button. I mean Bronco Mendenhall, as Littlepage continues to do the most zeta, or anti-Whit, or the worst possible athletic directing H.R. job this side of … well, this side of absolutely nobody else. This brings and segues us neatly into our word of the day…common-gulp

Today’s word of the day is… juxtaposition


(ˌdʒʌk stə pəˈzɪʃ ən)


  1. An act or instance of placing close together or side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast.
  2. The state of being close together.
  3. Milton’s: Paradise Lost, Charles Dickens’: A Tale of Two Cities.
  4. Littlepage and the word: brain.
  5. This imported quarterhorse Bronco and the 7-5-7.
  6. The Commonwealth Cup and… uva.

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Virginia Tech basketball Texas a&m preview

#259 R.P.I. Texas a&m vs. #1o1 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball heads back to the court on a short Association ‘esque looking ~2o hour turn vs. Texas a&m on Friday afternoon on ESPNU/ESPN2.atm-logo

The Aggies do catch about +3 bonus hours worth of rest thanks to their earlier Thanksgiving Day afternoon run vs. overwhelmed CSU Northridge, who was the traveling bug to the a&m windshield. As aTm beat the breaks off of Northridge by the tune of a 95-73 everybody plays and the starters save their legs for Friday. Courtesy of an out of conference curb-stomping that left the Northridge holiday wishbone, wish-broke. As the Aggies buckled down and held Northridge to a parsimonious 28 points in the first 20 minute of running. Accordingly, this one just got a little tougher than I had previously expected; as one could expect fatigue to be an issue, here.

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