The new b’streetC.S. rankings are up…..

Some have moved in, some have moved out...where did our Hokies go? … [Continue reading]

The ECU Eye in the Sky: many of you old-schoolers know what that means…

i.e. the all seeing and always impartial camera lens that validated or refuted any player explanation or excuse of what happened on a given play during a game. With the visual social science of film-study in-mind, here are a few things my … [Continue reading]

The ECU game awards are ready to be handed out…

The Lynn-Swann velcro award for best grab of the day. Surprisingly, and hands down, this one does not go to a WR or a TE, but rather to....... … [Continue reading]

ECU game wrap: 33 yards rushing by the Hokies low-lighted….

(ECU Box Score) under-achieving day all around. ECU out-gained us on the ground by... … [Continue reading]

An emotional start to an emotional day, God Bless all 32.

Though ECU and VT have played 30 minutes, and here's what I'm seeing...........we looked flat, ECU looked jacked up to begin... … [Continue reading]

b’log v0.05: Week #1 Predictions, VT wins, and this just in…

the Sun is rumored to be hot. But by how much? What do I expect? Let's revisit NorthLeastern to see what's what....... … [Continue reading]

LSU out-takes: watching the first-half, looks like the race to 13 is on…

...or maybe that's the race to 10? Miss.State does not look so awful, sans their 3 INT's. But Dorsey is the truth. He reminds me of an old Big East DT who played for... … [Continue reading]