An emotional start to an emotional day, God Bless all 32.

Though ECU and VT have played 30 minutes, and here's what I'm seeing...........we looked flat, ECU looked jacked up to begin... … [Continue reading]

b’log v0.05: Week #1 Predictions, VT wins, and this just in…

the Sun is rumored to be hot. But by how much? What do I expect? Let's revisit NorthLeastern to see what's what....... … [Continue reading]

LSU out-takes: watching the first-half, looks like the race to 13 is on…

...or maybe that's the race to 10? Miss.State does not look so awful, sans their 3 INT's. But Dorsey is the truth. He reminds me of an old Big East DT who played for... … [Continue reading]

b’log v0.04: Thursday night viewing-guide, LSU will…

face a fairly improved Mississippi State Bulldog team, on the road in Starkville. This is a great opportunity to scout LSU for September the 8th. But what should you look for? Here are a few things to take some notes spys are saying that... … [Continue reading]

Emotional Hokies set to make lame Pirates walk the plank???

Our Hokies have incurred two major injuries for the season already (E.Lewis, E.Wang), about a baker's dozen of hamstring tweaks, a couple of ankles, a drained knee, and the assorted bumps and bruises. But ECU has had..... … [Continue reading]

b’log version 0.03: the Schedule, the Regular Season Record, and associated Bowl…

Some of the 2007 VT football schedule reminds me of the 2006 VT football schedule. Both have a very tempting adjustment pocket of protected games, aka games we really should win. 2006 had the four game stretch of Northeastern, @ UNC, Duke, and … [Continue reading]

How does 28 hours of college football strike yah?

Starting a 7pm Wednesday night, that's exactly what ESPN has in store for you. The live show will run 3 hours, then game after game after game on ESPN Classic until the real game(s) tip-off at 7pm on Thursday night. 7pm 08/30 can't get here fast … [Continue reading]