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How many of you went to VT on the Quarter System?

I did, for a year anyway, and why did we only have 3 quarters back then? According to McBryde Hall, and my 36 hours of Calc and Stats, three quarters is 3/4’s, not 4/4’s. So where was that hidden 4th quarter, way back when? That curiosity dealt with, and nonetheless, here are VT’s first quarter […] READ MORE

The William and Mary Eye in the Sky……

The fans, Kenny Lewis Jr., several big hits, the improving Hokie defense, and my 2007 Play of the Year. All right here. I really liked how our defense opened the game… READ MORE

Friday night viewing guide, and my official VT vs. W&M pick…

If you are from the Sooner State, tonights game is a treat for you. If you are from the Commonwealth this Saturday’s game appears to be pretty lop-sided. Gone are the Fall of 1978 days when Ron Zollicoffer bobbled, bobbled some more, almost caught, then dropped a pass in the back of the end-zone that […] READ MORE