Virginia Tech football preview: Liberty Flames

N/R R.P.I. Liberty #67th R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech opens its first non-Beamerball season in virtually three decades or 29 years this Labor Day weekend down in the New River Valley under much ballyhooed inaugural game and season, with new head coach Justin Fuente.liberty lid

The 115,000 campus + online enrollment Liberty Flames of D-1aa fame -now gone F.C.S.- come a calling as a 28 underdog at 12:30pm on ESPN3, if you are live streaming at home. Liberty departed at least 1 mega stud baller –and same as mighty Virginia Tech is looking for a Pivotal replacement at Qb. Every preview I read has Liberty tabbed 2nd or 1st in the Big South football conference this year (in a six horse southerly race mind you). This I have to admit; surprises me, as did the opening point spread and this segues us neatly into… our signature word of the day.

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Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football starts in less than a fortnight or with about 13 more days until all of you get to open your very first coach-Fu O&M gift wrapped – and hopefully- highly offensive present at home, in Lane, on Worsham Field, when hosting Liberty. Coach God willing…

"Start your engines!"

“Start your engines!”

Per chance, there is however some real live news coming or should I say seeping outta Blacksburg Virginia during the normally sleepy Slusher Beach dog days of summer. As a nugget, t-freshman, or rookie voting year Qb may have emerged as a suddenly credible Qb1 threat to start in game no.1. There are a couple of other (sur)names that have emerged this camp that are worthy of some further namedropping mention and likewise analysis. And there was also a great article written this week by Chris Coleman of that is worthy of further numerical and trend gleaming amplification; plus some hardcore coach-Fu Memphis era statistics that might just objectively surprise you in both directions.

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Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football is coming up on just about a full fortnight of practicing in esprit de corps for the very first ever Virginia Tech football game with Justin Fuente as the head honcho or big cheese atop the Hokie helm.

One of you two needs too … emerge!

Probably not much of a contest as a 27.5 opening line betting favorite as the hosting O&M home team out on the Vegas big-board avers or connotes.

I for one find that to be a bit; low. Virginia Tech does not to need to worry about Liberty seeking any revanche any revenge or any sporting payback next season or any time soon. And we do have this little matter called Tennessee up next no matter how liberating game no.1 is, or is not. So you might as well get the starters as prepped up as you can before you ask them to volunteer for something a bit more difficult in the fifth through the eight quarters of regular season play otherwise known as the Battle of Bristol itself. In the meantime however; some evidence has emerged to confirm a few things and some, -shall we say- some other evidence has emerged to tagline a very Pivotal (Canadian Football League pun for Qb insert________here; check) a very Pivotal lack of likely Qb1 news. Or at least evidence that was formerly expected to emerge regarding transferring JuCo quarterbacking (read: Evans) hopeful upward movement; that has now officially failed to emerge as Evans go thus far. Ergo, R.A.T.T.’s rejoice, this one is not as “P.A.T.T.y-cake, P.A.T.T.y-cake, baker’s man”; as some previous articles have been; …and neither is the terminal contact sport we all call football. Or so last time I checked… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech Football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football practice is about a fortnight away give or take.

Almost time to take the Worsham Field!

Almost time to take the Worsham Field!

Probably the most interesting training camp at Virginia Tech in oh say, about three decades, give or take.

I for one can not wait, time for something real to write about for a change and make no mistake; we who are blessed to write about Hokie sports still have so  much study and (hopefully) learn about Coach Fuente and his new cadre of imported Memphis staffers. As everything -well almost everything- is brand spanking new down in the Beamer Barn and the abutting outdoor real live grass practice field. What some would have me say had indeed grown at lest a little bit old, is new again. New big whistle, new Fu’fense when the Hokies have the football and even some new metaphysical blood on tap for Bud Stout. However, there are a few more odds and Split-Ends to cover. So let us hop right to it before this oblong spheroid football thingy really does tip-off for keeps in just a couple more weeks. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football is in the crickets chirping, tumbleweeds blowing, or doldrums riddled holding pattern otherwise known in WWI terms as the Sitzkrieg or phoney war right about now. The is the time of year where no news is good news and most any real news tends to be off-field at best, academic, quarrelsome or even worse than at that.

...wont' be long...

…wont’ be long…

There are now only sum 48 odd shopping days until your very own weekend Liberty pass is granted in gridiron terms. However, methinks that I’ve got at least one more real article left in my old-school 424 Shanks Hall 1987 compressed particle clipboard. So let us hop to it and do something about these high humidity dog days of summer with some real live Tech talk. As there are things that have emerged from spring ball that look like they could help make an efficacious difference late in the 4th quarter in a tight and hotly contest scrum of a football contest this fall. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts: more spring ball..

#MoreSpringBallRightHere!coach tunnell

Virginia Tech football may be finished as spring practice 2016 went. However, there is at least one more page of individual baller a schematic outtake type notes laying right here in my 1987, 424 Shanks dorm room compressed particle board old-school style clipboard. So maybe I should do something with them; like maybe I should publish them?

Probably should, as someone took the time to run them down and someone really should corresponding take the time to thank their behind the scenes peep’s. As their way ahead of the other publications O&M learning-curve call’s this spring practice were nearly nonpareil. The early Motley rise, the spring long Lawson wane, some nifty net Gaines (if he returns); the emerging Osterloh, the always energetic Sam, the onus on pure pulmonary and cardio elite conditioning way back in January before off-season conditioning had even begun, et alii

I for one would say: “I’m impressed”, and I for one would like to say: “thank you” to all of them. Nevertheless, we have a bit more ground to cover as odds and Ends go so let us hop right to it. [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts … spring practice part IV:


Lot going on in Blacksburg, Va. this past week and weekend. Some in memorial –God Bless o4.16.

Game on!

Game on!

Some things are always going on over on Slusher Beach as the New River Valley starts annually heating up.

And even some football to boot!

I have a lot more than this.

However, in the interests of having more objective off-season things to write about, this will suffice for now. As per always, there are some guys making a move, some guys just setting the pace and a few guys who need to get it in gear. Timely enough Bristol Motor Speedway short-track weekend pun, insert here ________ check!

As only 3 work days remain to make your O&M depth-chart, move! [Read more…]