Who will be Virginia Tech’s defensive coordinator next year?

Should I stay or should I go?”
The Clash

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caption the pic……..(v.12.o1)

"A picture is worth..."

“A picture is worth…”

Commonwealth Cup Virginia at Virginia Tech football preview:

#6o R.P.I. virginia #62 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… gobshite

gob·shite  (gbsht)

n. Chiefly British Slang

  1. A person regarded as mean or contemptible.
  2. a stupid person.
  3. What be spewing outta the uva fan-base pre-game and quite possibly post-game.Tech v Hoo gilrs catfight

Hyperbole aside, this is the BIGGEST Virginia Tech vs. virginia Commonwealth Cup game in quite some time folks!

Unless you live under a rock, or have recently been hit in the head by a rock, you must know by now that both head coaches are under their respective  A.D.’s staffing microscope, each program is scrumming to become bowl eligible and uva is fighting (which is new to them), uva is fighting to end a 2.2 decade long Hokie bowl streak and an 11 year L streak vs. Tech itself.
I’d say that’s more like getting K.Kong off you back than just applying a snapmare to a mere proverbial gorilla.
Can they do it hooever is another matter entirely, read on to find out…

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Boston College at Virginia Tech football preview (FREE)!

#46 R.P.I.  Boston College #44 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is…fork.

fôrk (middle English: forca)
  1. a pronged tool used for digging or lifting in a garden or farm.
  2. a device, component, or part with two or more prongs, in particular.
  3. A bifurcation or separation into two or more branches or parts. i.e. a fork in a road
  4. the proverbial utensil as an culinary sporting metaphor for being …”done”

Sorry folks, this one is just not a good match-up. Chris Coleman is correct, in his call that this one is shaping up to be an “ugly football game.” Except for one thing –he left the “f” off.

Don’t know a better way to say it, as this one sure looks fugly, to me.

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Tech Thoughts: myth vs. methodology:

Today’s word is…mythperceptions.


transitive verb
  1. to perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.
  2. to cyber exclaim (and even accept) to be true
  3. to reinforced by perpetual publication

So let us endeavor to clear up some message board mythperception, if you will. Although some of this will prove to be sticky and some of this will prove to be downright adhesive indeed.

And if your feelings bruise easily, or if you are a C.A.T.T. (catty all the time) now might be a good time for you to go Cougar and Maverick, pull the cord, and “EJECT! EJECT! EJECT!”

If however you are a real man with real stones, watch that canopy, turn off that dumbass K.Loggins music, and enjoy the ride.

Here be where real Hokie men congregate …and speak truth to the POWER.

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Tech Poll: is there a rift on this football team?

Do you buy the message board rhetoric that there could indeed be a “rift”, or split, or a schism on this 2014 football team; or something ‘rong with this football team in subjective terms beyond all of the documented and fully objective O&M injuries? (which mind you are bad enough)

Lottsa reports are hinting at or beating around the camps have formed bush. Some posit inside of Jamerson, some aver there is an inter-Staff gap, some even speculate that the dissension is more Pivotal (i.e. Qb) oriented indeed.


Only thing I can tell you now, is that something changed at halftime of the Western Michigan game (too the good); and then something changed again during intermission down at U.n.c. (to the bad). One might even argue that Virginia Tech has just played 14 consecutive quarters of near or outright losing football. As the most recent 150 minutes worth of scoreboard reads 65-27 , against! As by the time the Boston College contest tips-off next weekend, Virgina Tech will not have enjoyed a winning quarter of football in 28, days!


Is it camping season this time of year down in the N.R.V.?

All of that is a objective statement of quantitative temporal fact.

However, something still does not quite add up in breaking tape.

Have we become Gestalt Theory in reverse –a whole that is less than the sum of its parts?

Is this valid?

Or are injurers and youth our ONLY adversaries in 2014?

(READERs note: you may now vote for more than 1 option in this particular Poll)

Splitsville or just too damn hurt and too damn young?

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