Virginia Tech basketball A.c.c. Tourney preview Florida State

#45 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #11 R.P.I. Florida State:

Virginia Tech basketball remains alive in the Atlantic Coast Conference men’s 2o17 Tourney bracket after (possibly) busting the Deacon’s of Wake Forest’s March Madness NC2A tourney bubble on Wednesday night (99-9o).fsu-logo

This  after coming back from down seven points at the intermission of A.c.c. game#1 (for us) vs. the Hail Mary Les Hanson looking Dec’s right at the halftime buzzer. That being said, things do not get much easier with the always yesteryear Big East sizey and defensively starchy Florida State Seminoles on tap Thursday night at 7pm in Atlantic Coast post-season play. The 2016-2017 Seminoles are a shinny looking second seed in the A.c.c. checking in at 24 up and a mere seven down and at (12-6) in intra-league runs thus far on the year. Although these Sem’s can score the rock unlike previously defensively enhanced and yet offensively needy additions. And in case you had not heard, Florida State is towering; I mean big, bigger, biggest, making this a mightily tall order for coach Buzz and orange and maroon company down in the NYC Brooklyn borough paint. Did I mention the F.s.u. frontcourt size yet; and who will A.c.c. third-round win? Read on to find, out… [Read more…]

Miami Virginia Tech Acc basketball Tournament preview

#7 R.P.I. Miami vs. #88 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

#11 Nationally ranked Miami has called: “next” and hopes to secure at least one A.c.c. Tourney win in this one!

opening round? DUNK you very much!

opening round? DUNK you very much!

24 up and 6 down sure reads like a daisy to me. And so does in the 13-5 in Atlantic Coast intra-league  maker. As does 4-2 since we last saw the U; as The U was mightily upset by the stunning Cassell Colosseum 77-62 O&M throat-punch that Buzz and company landed last time out…

Miami  ain’t half bad men, not at all. And all the more so when the pre-season mag’s had you tabbed A.c.c. mid-range at 7th through 9th, and yet as of this writing, the actual and factual A.c.c. standings have you tabbed as standing in at 3rd-place.

That does not suck.
And neither does this 2015-2016 Miami men’s hoops club which has come up -and smartly- by any and all pre-season metrics thus far.

As coach Jim Larrañaga has won a buncha games the last few seasons down on So.Beach, by being pretty good at most things, and yet not quite dominate at anything. That’s coaching folks. And this one is gonna be one tough A.c.c. Tournament game#2, as you just gotta know that the ‘Canes want some payback in this one! [Read more…]

Virginia Tech Florida State Acc Tournament preview

#69 R.P.I. Florida State @ #87 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Florida State is a pretty decent Atlantic Coast men’s hoops team.FSU hoops logo
Just ask their now officially fighting for post-season birthing overall tally of 19 up and 12 down.

Now ask their 10th best in the A.c.c. and negative intra-league mark of 9-10 how all that post-season slotting does or does not shake out.

As these ‘noles were picked middle of the pack or about 6th or so in the A.c.c. by most pre-season magazines.

Or in other words… 11th A.c.c. seeded Florida State can nil afford an L in this one. And perhaps the same can be said of higher, 7th A.c.c. seated beloved Virginia Tech.

As Florida State does a lotta things average to good, and these 2015-2016 hooping ‘noles do nothing poorly at all. As their lowest national ranking in the 32 men’s D-1 basketball metrics that I track is a mere 242nd best (in turnovers).

Still yet, for all of Florida State’s higher scoring play; and all their stellar rookie year backcourt talent(s); there is nothing seminal here that strikes me as being unbeatable, every bit as much as there is nothing that strikes me as a sure fire Hokie win. Though who will win?

Read on to find out… [Read more…]

Miami Virginia Tech ACC Tournament basketball preview

#65 R.P.I. Miami @ #229 R.P.I. Virginia Tech

(NOTE to reader………… is a C&P of the Miami guys capsule style; as how much have they changed individually in 6 days time? The CLOSER has been redone however)

~9:30pm ESPN2 tip-off
Vegas number: VT+10

The U started out the year 8-zip and has gone 12-11 ever since.

20 up and 11 down on the year, including an 6th place conference mark at a .556 or 10-8 Maimi hoops logoinside the heavily competitive A.c.c.

A better than average hoops squad; that is fighting for some version of post-season life as I type. Pretty G heavy squad less one lone starting big, and he who lives by the 3-point sword dies by the 3-ponit sword … at least on some nights.

And I wanna mention that again; Miami can ill afford
an L here; in terms of their post-season hopes.

As most everyone has them as last 4 in.
Or first 4 out!

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ACC tournament preview Wake Forest Virginia Tech

#112 R.P.I. Wake Forest vs. #227 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

ESPN2 3pm tip-off:
Vegas number: VT+4.5


      Virginia Tech is precisely a mere 5 straight A.c.c. tournament wins away from coach Buzz’s first O&M NC2A March Madness tournament auto-invitation!

Or, maybe not so much.
Maybe even prolly not so much.Wake Logo

Though at least 13-16 overall, 5-11 inside the A.c.c., and the #11 2015 A.c.c. men’s basketball tournament seed is not entire beyond out depth.

Don’t believe me?
Just ask 1 single solitary shot back on o1.31.

Because that is precisely and merely all that separated Wake Forest from Virginia Tech.

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