A.C.C. 2010 tournament second-round games: (100% FREE!)

Couple of upsets already as Miami  is set to advance as I type, and france has advanced. Pretty game, gutty, gritty efforts for two understaffed squads.

That’s life in the one-n-done format folks.
france and Miami may not be able to win in a 2 outta 3 or best of 5 format; yet for one game they were good enough to live to fight another day. Congrats to both. (have something on Wake in a few)

Friday 12 noon: #9 france vs. #1 Duke (Duke-16.5)
First up, props to le` team for knocking off Boston College with their best player hopefully attending study-hall; second up, props to Chris Coleman for nailing that very upsetting call. france may be better on Defense sans landesberg folks. 41% allowed from the floor and 29% allowed from beyond the arc is not half-bad. Still … that was the first french win since the last time American won a World War for france. Or at least the first french win since 02.03.2010 or about 5 weeks. That’s not good, and there is no way in the world that france will be able to score with a Duke team that is quasi playing at home with +5 days worth of fresh legs. Gar-ron-tee france has 40 minutes left in their season or I will eat this post. Normally takes about 80 points to put Duke down on average, just don’t see that outta the 248th best offense in all of D-1 hoops.
Prediction: Duke by 15+. (odds 82%) [Read more…]

A.C.C. 2010 basketball Tournament primer: (100% FREE!)

In case you live under a rock, or have recently been struck by a rather large rock, you may not know that VT, yes, the Virginia Tech hoops team that basically nobody -including me- picked to go much of anywhere preseason … is the #4 seed in this years A.C.C. Men’s hoops tournament and therefore draws a 1st-Round bye.

That means that VT plays the #1 A.C.C. seed should VT actually advance. That means VT will draw a re-match with Duke that I personally know our team would love to get a big ole piece of. That however is putting the horse before the cart, as VT must first beat the Wake vs. Miami winner on Friday afternoon at 2pm. That and the fact that my Duke sources swear up and down that VT got lucky to catch Duke on a chilly shooting nite; which they feel if prohibitive a second time around. That and the fact that VT’s Top-3 scorers are all nursing various injuries of varying severity. (more on that below)

That might make for a 1 or 2 game stay in Greensboro, NC. That is what the always amorphous “they” will tell you. That is what “they” want you to believe. [Read more…]

A bet is a bet folks

…..and when you dance, you gotta pay the piper.

I did not win this one. But I’m already feeling no pain on the next one.

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How much sting do the Yellow-Jackets have left?

Georgia Tech has undergone massive schematic turnover this off-season. That’s good news for us and anyone else who catches the Rambling Wreck in September. But what does Gah.Tech have back? How good is GT and how long does it take GT to find their game in 2008? Or is that really code for they do not find their game until 2009?

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