#1 ranked (26-2) Duke @ (18-8) Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#5 R.P.I. Duke @ #63 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

WAR rich, smart and hawt (click me)!!!

TV coverage: Saturday ESPN 9pm (gameday in town at 8:30AM!)

Vegas Line: Duke-4.5, O/U=142

Good enough win that chopped Wake Forest down to size on national TV on Tuesday night down in Winston Salem. I’ll take it, click my heels and move immediately on to the game of the freakin’ year!

We got the bounce-back “dub-ah-u” out on the A.C.C. road and we got home safely and with no major injuries.
’nuff said.

Now VT gets the #1 ranked basketball team in all the land, at home, inside the Cassell and blanket eMails or letter’s to the editor of the Collegiate Times need not apply. This one is a hot ticket folks! No, make that a hawt tix; the first truly sizzling hawt tix since we hosted #2 U.N.C. way back in 2009. To borrow on Huggy-Bear in the Starsky and Hutch 2004 remake; that’s a little over 700 days if you are keeping score at home since you have to “know somebody who knows somebody who robbed somebody” just to get in.

This one is big.

This one is bigger.

This one is the biggest VT home hoops game in quite some time. [Read more…]

(17-8) Virginia Tech @ (8-19) Wake Forest basketball preview:

#65 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #245 R.P.I. Wake Forest:

TV coverage: Tuesday 7pm on ESPN2

Vegas line: Wake+14.5, O/U=145

Murphy’s O&M Law 1o1:
If VT basketball can go ‘rong — it will.

Seth’s very own J.M.U. pigskin Waterloo in hoops terms.

The script has now been written, no, make that more like recited twice by Coach Tony Bennett. Such reverberated was loud and clear on Saturday afternoon up in paris; and I for one expect other(s) to now begin to borrow a page from the HooVa stall-ball or Slowtime Tony Bennett script. Why would they not when VT obviously struggles mighty whenever our basketball offense is throttled down or left to red-line while stuck in first-gear.

That was simply not a fun basketball game to watch. U.V.A. (to their credit) made slop-shot after slop-shot and hung “H” after “H” on VT what would have been an audacious and highly entertaining game of H-O-R-S-E if this one had been contested on a play-ground near you. Such was not our fate however as the dirty buggers otherwise know as the french stole –or more like ripped- both Commonwealth hoops contest from us this season. The packline defense of Tony Bennet may be the opposite number of Walt Harris in football or something of an NC.State redux from a few years ago. I was ready to type out: “I wanna see france in the A.C.C. Tourney”; then I read the Box Score and experienced a moment filled with more than a couple second-thoughts.

Again; to their credit; the dirty french has done nothing short of control tempo vs. Virginia Tech for all save about 8-10 minutes of play out of our 80 collective minutes of scrimmaging this year. That’s the bad news; the good news is that Wake gives up 77 points per game on average. There are not 13 teams in the A.C.C. – if there were Wake would be thirteenth. The kicker is thus … how long can you afford to keep the pedal to the O&M metal if you are a six-man basketball team like Seth’s is after the unlawful news regarding Mr. Jarell Eddie’s possession of a controlled substance. [Read more…]

(17-7) Virginia Tech @ (12-13) france basketball preview:

#57 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #150 R.P.I. france:

TV coverage: 1pm Saturday on Raycom

Vegas line:  france+6

That was a very tasty win we cooked up at home Tuesday night vs. Maryland making us 2-o when it comes to Terrapin stew this season. Now we enjoy three days worth of fresh legs before invading paris while seeking payback for a very disappointing early December (12.o5) upset by the french who stormed our very own Cassell and marched away with a very upsetting 3 point Commonwealth win.

I do not like that and I doubt any of you did either. Recall we had just dropped a very tough one at home to currently 11th ranked and 20-5 Purdue by three points; and my boy Hud’ was laming it up while dragging no less than four injuries up and down the court. In the meantime Seth and Co. have hung in as best they can and fashioned a very fine 13-3 record since we last played france. That’s not half bad considering the amount of O&M hoopology talent that in now currently attired in civis and done for the year. All the more impressive when you consider that one of those three L’s was by 3 points and another one was only buy a single bucket.

france on the other hand has seen Mr. Scoot’s season end with a nasty foot injury. The french themselves have gone 7-9 since we last meet; including dropping  five of their last six contests – thus making these teams two ships passing in the Commonwealth night.

Still yet, these two are natural in-state rivals and as we all saw the last time out; anything can and sometimes does actually happen in a rivalry game. [Read more…]

(16-9) Maryland @ (16-7) Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#86 R.P.I. Maryland @ #66 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: Tuesday 8pm, on Raycom

Vegas line: VT-4, O/U=137, $-line: VT-185, Maryland+16o

Last time out the Fourm Guide predicted a blowout win and a blowout win is exactly what we got. NTTAWWT, as Seth and company played their best all-’round game of the season on Sunday afternoon inside the Cassell.

Maryland however is another matter entirely.

Once you left-click this preview right on open you will quickly see what I mean.

What I mean is … how in the world is a hoops squad as gifted as this one per se only 16 up and already 9 down?

Take a looksee at the stats below.
This is a very keen basketball team and these Terrapins are a very different animal from the Yellow-Jackets that we just harmlessly swatted away. Maryland is very very good on offense and defense alike this season. The only caveat is the Terrapins schedule which has been daunting indeed. Five teams ranked 16th or better is a load. For comparisons sake, Virginia Tech has only played two ranked teams thus far.

“The hottest fire makes the strongest steel.”
-Coach Paul Pasqualoni-

More than a stubble hint of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche in that one; ain’t it?
And yet there is something to what Coach Paul was saying; and there is also something to the Maryland revenge factor and the amount of heat that the Terrapins A-game can bring. [Read more…]

Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#174 R.P.I. Georgia Tech @ #64 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: Sunday 1pm, on Raycom

Vegas line: VT-10.5

Yes, I do sit in an O&M flavored chair; and yet from where I sit VT has a fair to middling shot at going 3-1 (or better) in its next four basketball games. Such would vault a gutted Virginia Tech 2010-2011 men’s hoops team to 18-8 overall and perhaps more importantly in Selection Committee terms, 8-5 in A.C.C. intra-league play. 4-0 is within reach with two games at home, a revenge rematch in paris with likewise hurting france and a visit to A.C.C. bottom dwelling Wake at the tail end of this four-fer.

In the meantime however, we host a rather upsetting Georgia Tech squad who somewhat surprisingly got the best of us a couple of weeks ago in a Hot’lanta A.C.C. visiting ambush.

Gah.Tech has won one game since January 22nd and it just so happens that it was vs. VT. Be real nice to get some get-back and return of serve this Sunday afternoon inside the Cassell.

To mix my sporting metaphors a bit, right now is the time to mount Lombardi’s fabled “big push”. Seth is right; the season “is a marathon, not spirit” though I would so love to see the famous 1980’s Eamonn Coghlan kick as we are precisely one month removed from the A.C.C. championship game.

Time to make that big push and dash right on through the A.C.C. finish line on our way to what we all hope will be a very meritoriously well deserved NC2A big to March Madness! [Read more…]

Virginia Tech @ NC.State basketball preview:

# R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ # R.P.I. NC.State:

TV coverage: Wednesday ESPN2, 7pm
Vegas line: State+4, O/U=136

I don’t know about you, yet I am pretty happy with what happened vs. Miami. Namely Virginia Tech won. Namely that Jeff Allen had his best game of the year this side of Florida State on top of that. Further, Jeff has had nine straight games of avoiding the scorers table holding up the red-5 hand card or avoiding the D.Q. Far out just how helpful Jeff can be when he is out on the court for 35.25 minutes on average since the middle of January. In that time span Jeff has been making a run at an N.B.A. second-round draft slot and he has upped his game and taken Virginia Tech along for the ride while he is at it. Also helping out up-front would be the heretofore somewhat quite V.D. or Victor Davila. 13 or more points per game in three of his last five to go along with 6-7 boards and a block per contest are what I’d call improving. Now mix in 6-8 points and the same number of rebounds from T.Bell and you suddenly have a vastly understaffed VT frontline that is inching closer and closer to giving you 30 points and 25 boards per night. That is code for saving my wiry boy MD-2o-2o and the likewise slender E.Green some wear and tear as we get closer and closer to a stretch run in Seth Greenberg’s parable of the season being “…a marathon, not a sprint.”

Up next however we catch the NC.State Wolfpac.

On the one hand, NC.State has won precisely one game since January the eightieth.

On the other hand NC.State has a blizzard of 6`8“ interchangeable guys who can play inside and this basketball game is out on the A.C.C. road.

Or in other words, this is yet another inter-league contest where anything can and prolly will happen. [Read more…]

(12-8) Miami @ (13-6) Virginia Tech:

#60 R.P.I. Miami @ #74 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: Sunday 5:30pm FSN
Vegas Line: TBA

Pretty disappointing trip to the ATL; wasn’t it?

Seth took one for the Team Rule book and VT could have taken one for the season when we look back and add all of this up. (Academic Violations from Ty and Eddie) I support that. Tough not to as a student-athlete literally myself, and yet what if that left a little something something on the Selection Committee table come March? Nobody every said being principal centered was easy — did they? And the 2010-2011 Virginia Tech men’s hoops season has been anything and everything other than a walk in the proverbial O&M Park.

So now a well regimented Seth Greenberg and company get four days worth of fresh legs and hopefully my boy MD-2o-2o gets some lift and some springs back in his game just in time for Miami. The Hurricanes themselves have dropped five of their last six and may or may not be a top-half of the A.C.C. caliber hoops team. VT is right on that sixth vs. seventh cusp themselves (along with Maryland) right now as well mind you. That said, three of those Miami L’s have been by 3 points or less which makes Miami a frustrated basketball team in my book.

“Frustrated” is a dangerous word in A.C.C. inter-league play. [Read more…]