Virginia Tech football Syracuse Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football did not have a good day as Fighting Gobbler ego went. Virginia Tech football did however have a great day for humility. As daddy Foster taught his son Bud, as Golf My Way by the greatest ever -Jack Nicklaus- teaches us all, you get too high or you get too low and bad things happen.

sportsmanship, 1o1...

sportsmanship, 1o1…

The golden-bear literally did say, hurry up and move onto the next shot, focus; and stop complimenting -or worry- about that last swing. Thing is, … the hiccup game someone said would occur before October ended, occurred vs. what seemed to be the most beatable October team. That’s not good sports fans. Although the game film opens up pretty decent for about 25-40 minutes of scrumming, and then things really got away from us and the 24060 whispers say that happy or hands-off coach-Fu ain’t. Read on to find out how/why… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football East Carolina preview

#64 R.P.I. East Carolina #62 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football returns to Worsham Field in Lane Stadium at half past twelve (12:30pm) this Saturday vs. the upstart visiting East Carolina Pirates. (On the A.c.c. Network | check local listings)pirate-helmet

The Hokies are installed as an 11 point betting favorite here with an 84% football power index chance to win; according to That might seem a little lofty for an O&M horse that wise guys would say seems likely to: “bounce” in horse racing terms; after such a devastating Secretariat triple crowning performance vs. Boston College last week. I however would say that there is noticeable room for improvement upon breaking tape vs. the aforementioned Eagles on Sunday/Monday. I would also say that I expected the Gobbler improvements to be of a more incremental nature from here on out; and less sizzling, scintillating, high voltage blow-out shock effect outlying in statistical terms. Will that prove effective indeed in making these Greenville pollywogs walk the Duck Pond plank? Read on to find out…

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Virginia Tech football: Liberty Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football is finally underway! No more LT3 is tall and this just in… rain is rumored to be wet pre-season the more things change the more they stay the same, drivel.

Master | apprentice 1o1

…a Fu things remain to be, fixed.

The newly Christened head football coach Justin Fuente has never been beaten as the head coach of the beloved Virginia Tech Fighting Gobblers. He is in first place in the Atlantic Coast Football Conference and newly anointed Qb1, Jerod Evans is on pace for 52 TD throws if you are keeping score at home. Or in other words, although it did not look -much less feel- terribly sexxy on the telly or in person inside Lane Stadium; Virginia Tech did win and did not get anyone super hurt for some kinda Battle thingy coming up next Saturday night somewhere to the west over in Tennessee. The south of good news is, yes, there were things to work on and iron out here and there. The good news is … honestly? We looked better on film than we did on the big-screen or sitting there in Lane watching the burnt orange and Chicago maroon troops do work out on Worsham Field. Serioulsy, as I can science-fact (objectively), prove it; so read on to find out …why! [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Bud practice Tua

will apply correcting, when needed!

Virginia Tech football has at least one more objective spring ball results oriented article in me. And then we get to the Logan Thomas is tall and rain is rumored to be wet style of more and less rinse, recycle, repeat; and less peculiar publishing later this summer.

This springs practice has come to a close; although and we did see some movement(s) across and up and down the orange and maroon depth-chart, there are still a few things to sort out, and some other things that just plain need some ironing out. Our beloved Hokies are in quest for some additional offensive line depth, defensive line depth, and linebacking help plus depth. We have two handsome potential stop-unit starters still in flux, possibly fluxed up and at the very best, those two are still suspended. And yet we did see some overall and individual improvements; in very particular to overall and individual pulmonary and cardio conditioning. So let us pick up where we left off with some individual nuggets and some collective broad-brush canvasing strokes sprinkled in here and there… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: … on the new coach-Fu Staff, part I


Next man up = Justin Fuente (formerly of Memphis Tiger fame)!!!

We all saw this back during the hooVa game. If we didn’t, we need to make sure next year to get the key to the cave in which we were locked.

Done deal, signed, sealed, (to be, delivered)...

Done deal, signed, sealed,  and delivered

AND he is keeeeeeeeping Bud Foster on Staff!!!

Oh wait, you already knew that?
Ah-ha. You read TSL, huh?

Nevertheless, I’ll bet you a nickle to dimes you did not know all of this… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech North Carolina football preview

#12 R.P.I. North Carolina @ #73  R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… gone!

The Coach Next flavor du jour=???

The Coach Next flavor du jour=???


(gôn, gŏn)

Past participle of go1.


  1.  Being away from a place; absent or having departed.
  2. Missing or lost: My watch is gone.
  3. No longer in existence; not part of the present: “The biggest catastrophe was the lack of wildlife. The great herds were gone” (Tom Clynes).
  4. No longer available; used up: All the rice is gone.
  5. Past; bygone.
  6. No longer alive; dead.
  7. Frank Beamer in 180 minutes or less!

“On and on and on and on you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…”
-Big Yellow Taxi-

While the TSL message boards continue their boundless infatuation with the incoming coaching  flavor of the day, we here in reality land, we don’t like ice cream, we do however love Frank. As we’d love to send this man out a winner vs. quite possibly the hawtest team in the land.

However, much as we’d (all) love that, is that reality?
Read on to really find out.. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech Alabama State Emerald Coast Classic preview

#257 R.P.I. Alabama State @ #2oo R.P.I. Virginia Tech:


The Alabama State some-kinda-stinging-insects, fresh off  of an illustrious silver-medal or runner-up 19 up and 10 down  Southwestern Athletic Conference season, may be a bit more than you think.

The king bee?

The king bee?

Or maybe not.

As I wanna say this logo looks like a Hornet, as the Hornets were ranked 1st place pre-season in the S.W.A.C. by Lindy’s and Alabama State may just deploy the best Pt.Guard we will see during our out-of-conference portion of our 2015-2016 regular season docket.

Yes, Coach Buzz prolly does have more talent in his top-7 this year than last. Just ask swingman Chris Clark and Maryland transfer 13.4 ppg (points per game) Pt.Guard Seth Allen about that. No, he still does not have much of a frontcourt unless the Kerry Blackshear Junior  kid can truly impress; though he does finally have some measure of size down in the key.

So are we/Virginia Tech better.
Do we deny this?

What however is our positive or talent:victory conversion rate? R.A.T.T. how far north are we from a pretty lowly 11 win 2014-2015 debut Buzz campaign?

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