Virginia Tech football Boston College Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football just opened an entire case, no, check that; they just opened an entire gross of vacuum packed whoop-ass upside Boston College’s head. To the tune of a 49-o blowout victory at home, and the worst ass kicking Boston College has taken in 74 years. That, and if anything; Virginia Tech football plucked the Eagles good and hard or even worse than the score showed.

built Ford tough!

built Ford tough!

The Hokies smoked Boston College and Chris Coleman of is correct; the Hokie fan base needed that one like a dead man needs a coffin. As lottsa things actually improved, a few things still need a bit more O&M spit-n-polish; and yet all and all that was indeed, a totally freakin’ epic Fighting Gobbler flavored day. And oh by the way, what would Virginia Tech-48.5 have paid out at the Vegas betting window had you got that wager in by 1:29 their time?!? Me too on: wish I had; …and me neither on not even in my widest dreams. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Boston College preivew

#1o1 R.P.I. Boston College #67 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:bc-helmet

Virginia Tech football returns home at the widely predicted mark of 1-1 overall, .5oo, even, or on the level. As most of the prognosticinti got that one right; and this just in, rain is rumored to be wet. Yes, our beloved Hokies could have voluntarily won that one, though that is like saying the USofA was still ahead on points on December 6th, or extinguishing a burning bridge via split milk. Here we eschew that, for that matters nil…

The Hokies had their chances vs. UTenn and yet limped away from the Bristol Motor Speedway track per what film-study showed to be more or less, or rather should I say more and more, with an ugly self-inflicted wound. Said wounded team now must buck-up and avoid the likely emotional let-down trap game vs. a very defensively rugged –albeit likewise very offensively limited- Boston College football club. Yes, Virginia Tech is -6 (or a six point) home favorite in this 3:33pm ESPNU kick-off. Nevertheless, Boston College has given our beloved Hokies football fits for years as wins vs. Boston College are not technically a given, and clean or good looking wins vs. Boston College are few and far between. Read on to find out who will win, in what posits to be a potential baseball score or ugly looking football game in Lane…?

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Virginia Tech Boston College basketball preview

#115 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #224 R.P.I. Boston College:

The Eagles have lost a school-record 14 straight games, breaking the tie with the 1999-2000 team with Wednesday’s loss at Clemson. Then went on to suffer a total beat-down Sunday night vs. suspended, troublesome and therefore vulnerable Wake Forest.BC-hoops-logo

48-74 against @Wake is just not encouraging. In particular with Wake coach Danny Manning on the warpath and this being your one fairly decent shot to carve one more winning notch in your 2015-2016 belt.

Because if this was a football preview opener; my Word of the Day would prolly be: capitulation.

7 up and 20 down overall and a miserable and yet perfect o for 14 in Atlantic Coast terms is about as capitulated as you can get.

As this sure looked like a team in a hurry to get things over with…

…or a team that has already let go of the proverbial, rope.

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Boston College Eye in the Sky and Frank thoughts

Today’s word of the day is… motivation!

1st ballot Hall of Fame coach ... and an even better, man!

a 1st ballot Hall of Fame coach … and an even better, man!




  1. The act or process of motivating: the coach’s effective motivation of his players.
  2. The state of being motivated: students with a high level of motivation.
  3. Something that motivates; an inducement, reason, or goal:

Because if you do NOT wanna ball all out till the bitter end for this kinda human being?!?
You suck!

Go away.
Go fast.
And stay gone…

Bstreet speaks

“…all good things…”

  • @Georgia Tech,
  • Frank’s final home game ever vs. U.n.c.,
  • and @arch rival uva for Frank’s all-time finale.

Just in case you 3 schools don’t get it?
All me to put the rubber to the road, for yah…

You 3 are about to get your asses whooped!

Because right now the rally cry and the motivation is all for Frank!

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Virginia Tech Boston College football preview

#78 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #90 R.P.I. Boston College:

Today’s word of the day is… rally

bc cheer1

F’n Eagles!!!


verb, transitive,
plursl. ral·lies

  1. A gathering, especially one intended to inspire enthusiasm for a cause: a political rally.
  2. reassembling, as of dispersed troops.
  3. An abrupt recovery from a setback, disadvantage, or disease
  4. A sharp increase in price or value after a decline.
  5. Saturday at 12:30pm up in Beantowne???

Well I certainly hope so regarding bullet no.5.

Though how can I be sure?

How can you be sure?

As the only thing I’m sure of right now … is that I’m not that sure?!?
Though there were a few signs this week from the 24060.
Only thing to riddle out is: are they enough?

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Boston College Virginia Tech basketball preview

#166 R.P.I. Boston College @ #218 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

The race for last place is on!

Or maybe this will read better … Boston College and Virginia Tech will tangle for the right to the 13/14 A.c.c. Tourney seed!BC hoops logo

Or maybe not…

As anyway you slice it, these are indeed the bottom two teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference race.

Boston College enters this one at 10 up and 18 down or a game worse than Virginia Tech overall. Albeit deadlocked at 2-14 with Virginia Tech within A.c.c. play. Prior to upsetting the NC.State Wolfpac, Boston College had dropped 9 in a row and had only posted 2 wins overall since just after Christmas. Or in other words, this is not a very good basketball team, although it does employ one very good individual baller and one pretty decent sidekick.

Will that be enough???
Read on to find out…

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Boston College at Virginia Tech football preview (FREE)!

#46 R.P.I.  Boston College #44 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is…fork.

fôrk (middle English: forca)
  1. a pronged tool used for digging or lifting in a garden or farm.
  2. a device, component, or part with two or more prongs, in particular.
  3. A bifurcation or separation into two or more branches or parts. i.e. a fork in a road
  4. the proverbial utensil as an culinary sporting metaphor for being …”done”

Sorry folks, this one is just not a good match-up. Chris Coleman is correct, in his call that this one is shaping up to be an “ugly football game.” Except for one thing –he left the “f” off.

Don’t know a better way to say it, as this one sure looks fugly, to me.

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