Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football starts in less than a fortnight or with about 13 more days until all of you get to open your very first coach-Fu O&M gift wrapped – and hopefully- highly offensive present at home, in Lane, on Worsham Field, when hosting Liberty. Coach God willing…

"Start your engines!"

“Start your engines!”

Per chance, there is however some real live news coming or should I say seeping outta Blacksburg Virginia during the normally sleepy Slusher Beach dog days of summer. As a nugget, t-freshman, or rookie voting year Qb may have emerged as a suddenly credible Qb1 threat to start in game no.1. There are a couple of other (sur)names that have emerged this camp that are worthy of some further namedropping mention and likewise analysis. And there was also a great article written this week by Chris Coleman of that is worthy of further numerical and trend gleaming amplification; plus some hardcore coach-Fu Memphis era statistics that might just objectively surprise you in both directions.

I therefore urge you accordingly, buckle up, it is about to get… real! [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football is coming up on just about a full fortnight of practicing in esprit de corps for the very first ever Virginia Tech football game with Justin Fuente as the head honcho or big cheese atop the Hokie helm.

One of you two needs too … emerge!

Probably not much of a contest as a 27.5 opening line betting favorite as the hosting O&M home team out on the Vegas big-board avers or connotes.

I for one find that to be a bit; low. Virginia Tech does not to need to worry about Liberty seeking any revanche any revenge or any sporting payback next season or any time soon. And we do have this little matter called Tennessee up next no matter how liberating game no.1 is, or is not. So you might as well get the starters as prepped up as you can before you ask them to volunteer for something a bit more difficult in the fifth through the eight quarters of regular season play otherwise known as the Battle of Bristol itself. In the meantime however; some evidence has emerged to confirm a few things and some, -shall we say- some other evidence has emerged to tagline a very Pivotal (Canadian Football League pun for Qb insert________here; check) a very Pivotal lack of likely Qb1 news. Or at least evidence that was formerly expected to emerge regarding transferring JuCo quarterbacking (read: Evans) hopeful upward movement; that has now officially failed to emerge as Evans go thus far. Ergo, R.A.T.T.’s rejoice, this one is not as “P.A.T.T.y-cake, P.A.T.T.y-cake, baker’s man”; as some previous articles have been; …and neither is the terminal contact sport we all call football. Or so last time I checked… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football just broke August Camp 2016 and is now finally in full preparation mode for a warm-up Liberation weekend followed by a totally jumped-up call for …Volunteers.

This man seems renewed to me!

This man seems renewed to me!

Tech reported everyone back to camp; although as you no doubt already know by now, uber talented yet pretty well muddied off-field and therefore likely formerly Qb3 Dwayne Lawson has left the Beamer Barn building; accordingly, Godspeed and God Bless to Mister Lawson out in Kansas. In the meantime however, we have objective summer training camp regimental things to examine and a few early returning weigh-in whispers and vibes; plus some overall offensive tempo driven things and as always a few odds and Split-Ends to tie up. So with less than 30 shopping days until Hokie football v.2016, let us get started and jump right on in! [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football has had its itinerary of 2016 seasonal players report to campus, check-in, and get weighed up.

"On one, on one. Ready? BREAK!"

“On one, on one. Ready? BREAK!”

Tech is set to kick off August Training Camp on Thursday as R.A.T.T. preparations begin in full for coach-Fu’s debut or inaugural season of Hokie football. Per always and ever single time that I can recall, there were a few guys who came correct and reported to camp in noticeably better cardio and pulmonary shape than before. Three cheers and a Hokie hurrah for them! And yet there (seemingly) were no really discernible guys going physically backwards, or guys going to one too many keg parties this summer or for one too many trips to momma bear’s the home-cooked fridge’. I for one find that refreshing indeed; to the point of being unique. to the point of being, stunning! As in heretofore never ever seen before; so let us caucus and take a closer look at some of the more interesting weigh-in and strength and conditioning results and see what we can gleam and just what all of this renewed emphasis on what they are calling: “Turbo Fitness” might just, mean… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: more Spring Practice part V…


Fu fighters, ... 1o1.

Fu fighters, … 1o1.

Virginia Tech may be done with spring football practice 2016, however; someone is not done objectively covering it.  Then, and only then; we shall let the no news is good news subjectively of the TSL sitzkrieg otherwise known as: any of the 129 D-1 football teams college name insert here:_________, off-season officially begin. For now however, the wheels on the omnibus of actually authentic things to still cover go round and round. As I’ve got at least another full spring football practice set of notes to type up and then probably a spring football practice wrap-up and regular season predictive article of sorts left to write. Maybe even two more sets of individual baller oriented practice notes at that.

Personally, this is not my favorite time of the sporting year. Logan Thomas is tall. Virginia Tech needs offensive-line help. Some peeps like the new revamped donator plan and some peeps don’t. (Yawn), or meh, or in other words… rain equals wet. And yah, yah, we’ve all been to this O&M off-season downtime B.B.Q. before.

I for one however hope to keep you in real news for longer than most; so let us take a look-see at some lingering spring football practice personnel odds and Ends and see what those with less than an Eye in the Sky may have missed… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts … spring practice part IV:


Lot going on in Blacksburg, Va. this past week and weekend. Some in memorial –God Bless o4.16.

Game on!

Game on!

Some things are always going on over on Slusher Beach as the New River Valley starts annually heating up.

And even some football to boot!

I have a lot more than this.

However, in the interests of having more objective off-season things to write about, this will suffice for now. As per always, there are some guys making a move, some guys just setting the pace and a few guys who need to get it in gear. Timely enough Bristol Motor Speedway short-track weekend pun, insert here ________ check!

As only 3 work days remain to make your O&M depth-chart, move! [Read more…]

Duke Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts

Today’s word of the day is, desperation


Frank v Duke DeSPERATE

A pic is worth



  1. The condition of being desperate.
  2. Recklessness arising from despair.
  3. the final 30+ minutes from the Virgina Tech football Staff

text: #NeedyDesperationAnxietyJitteryFbStaff

and then text:


.5oo and prolly still bowling @ 4-4; or negative and prolly not @ 3-5.
I did not  see that we had any other choice.
Did you??? [Read more…]