Virginia Tech football East Carolina Eye in the Sky (part II)

Virginia Tech football did get off to an offensively pirated start that was more parts Pokey and less parts Hokie two Saturday’s ago down in the New River Valley of Blacksburg Va.

Hokie, STONED!

Hokie, STONED!

Precision was not our first 13+ minute thing; and yet then a funny thing happened along the way to the blowout (54-17) VicTory O&M candy-store.

I for one found that almost audible (pardon the pun) offensive “click” that I heard to be refreshing indeed. Or to put it another way… when was the last time you heard an initially sputtering Fighting Gobbler offense suddenly and therefore proverbially go “click”, kick that Owens Dining Hall pig, and then suddenly score 54 points over a 42 minute span? Me neither, as that high octane ~40 minute scoreboard binge was about as close to basketball on grass that Lane Stadium has been since Lane Stadium opened for gridiron business way back in 1965 A.D. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Boston College preivew

#1o1 R.P.I. Boston College #67 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:bc-helmet

Virginia Tech football returns home at the widely predicted mark of 1-1 overall, .5oo, even, or on the level. As most of the prognosticinti got that one right; and this just in, rain is rumored to be wet. Yes, our beloved Hokies could have voluntarily won that one, though that is like saying the USofA was still ahead on points on December 6th, or extinguishing a burning bridge via split milk. Here we eschew that, for that matters nil…

The Hokies had their chances vs. UTenn and yet limped away from the Bristol Motor Speedway track per what film-study showed to be more or less, or rather should I say more and more, with an ugly self-inflicted wound. Said wounded team now must buck-up and avoid the likely emotional let-down trap game vs. a very defensively rugged –albeit likewise very offensively limited- Boston College football club. Yes, Virginia Tech is -6 (or a six point) home favorite in this 3:33pm ESPNU kick-off. Nevertheless, Boston College has given our beloved Hokies football fits for years as wins vs. Boston College are not technically a given, and clean or good looking wins vs. Boston College are few and far between. Read on to find out who will win, in what posits to be a potential baseball score or ugly looking football game in Lane…?

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Tech Thoughts: more Spring Practice part V…


Fu fighters, ... 1o1.

Fu fighters, … 1o1.

Virginia Tech may be done with spring football practice 2016, however; someone is not done objectively covering it.  Then, and only then; we shall let the no news is good news subjectively of the TSL sitzkrieg otherwise known as: any of the 129 D-1 football teams college name insert here:_________, off-season officially begin. For now however, the wheels on the omnibus of actually authentic things to still cover go round and round. As I’ve got at least another full spring football practice set of notes to type up and then probably a spring football practice wrap-up and regular season predictive article of sorts left to write. Maybe even two more sets of individual baller oriented practice notes at that.

Personally, this is not my favorite time of the sporting year. Logan Thomas is tall. Virginia Tech needs offensive-line help. Some peeps like the new revamped donator plan and some peeps don’t. (Yawn), or meh, or in other words… rain equals wet. And yah, yah, we’ve all been to this O&M off-season downtime B.B.Q. before.

I for one however hope to keep you in real news for longer than most; so let us take a look-see at some lingering spring football practice personnel odds and Ends and see what those with less than an Eye in the Sky may have missed… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: … on the new coach-Fu Staff, part I


Next man up = Justin Fuente (formerly of Memphis Tiger fame)!!!

We all saw this back during the hooVa game. If we didn’t, we need to make sure next year to get the key to the cave in which we were locked.

Done deal, signed, sealed, (to be, delivered)...

Done deal, signed, sealed,  and delivered

AND he is keeeeeeeeping Bud Foster on Staff!!!

Oh wait, you already knew that?
Ah-ha. You read TSL, huh?

Nevertheless, I’ll bet you a nickle to dimes you did not know all of this… [Read more…]

Duke Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts

Today’s word of the day is, desperation


Frank v Duke DeSPERATE

A pic is worth



  1. The condition of being desperate.
  2. Recklessness arising from despair.
  3. the final 30+ minutes from the Virgina Tech football Staff

text: #NeedyDesperationAnxietyJitteryFbStaff

and then text:


.5oo and prolly still bowling @ 4-4; or negative and prolly not @ 3-5.
I did not  see that we had any other choice.
Did you??? [Read more…]

Virginia Tech Miami Hurricane football preview

#65 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #63 R.P.I. Miami:

Today’s word of the day is… foggy.


(fô′gē, fŏg′ē)

miami cheer 1

Thighsman pose

adj. fog·gi·er, fog·gi·est

  1. a. Full of or surrounded by fog.
    b. Resembling or suggestive of fog.
  2. Clouded or blurred by or as if by fog; vague:
  3. this and prolly every other game left on the 2015 docket.

Actually the italicized word up above, or “vague” might be an even better word of the day. As this preview is one of those 10-20% of my preview’s that never quite managed to its true picking fulcrum, tipping-point or prediction hanging peg.

As there are a lotta competing trends here, some favor Miami, some favor our beloved Virginia Tech, and that leaves this one in a prognosticenti fog-bank of sorts. Or what we call a Draw in boxing, or quite possibly one that is headed for extra-time in football.

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Your winning Purdue Eye in the Sky, Tech Thoughts …and Prayers.

For 31:07 this was on 1-play or a 1.5 play game, either way. Accordingly, here is what I wrote at the Intermission for the pay-side of

Motley bombs AWAY

Stars shine…

Purdue with 3 plays >13 yards!

And yet this game is 1-play right now, nip-n-tuck.  This is an easy, simple, game men.  IF you let it be!

Work smart.
Take care of your business.

(plays-total yards)
VT: 37-33o
Purdue: 30-136

236% more rushing yards.
278% more passing yards.
You do the maths…

See what I mean???

Finally, after a well rounded, although sloppily well rounded fist half; we finally saw V.P.I. kick it into a higher gear as Tech went a Loony Tunes Road Runner fame: “Meep-meep, zip-bang” and was off to the runaway races.

That closing 30 minutes of O&M scrumming still might yet very well backdoor the A.c.c. Coastal.  That opening 30 minutes however could still finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th.

As I said post-game on, I’m still not sure which football team this one is or how close it is to its 2105 ceiling?

Are you??? [Read more…]