Virginia Tech Penn State backetball preiview:

#256 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #133 R.P.I. Penn State:

I don’t know if Penn State is a great basketball team?

I do however know that they are good enough for somebodies post-season tournament on some level or another.

I also know that they employ one of the better one-man-shows -que: a younger Laurence Fishburne from Boyz ‘n the Hood, I mean que Mr. D.J. Newbill- that we will face this year.

Penn State was picked as high as 11th in the Big-10 and as low as next to last. So this is a pretty fast start in Nittany Lion terms.

That means that this one is a lot of things and a gimmie is not among them, not by a long-shot Vegas and hoops pun mutually intended at VT+8 as an opening visiting line goes. [Read more…]

Morgan State Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#265 R.P.I. Morgan State @ #25o  R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

The 2 NC2A bids in the last four years and yet now 1-5 Morgan State Bears come a calling to campus after a grizzly life-n-death Commonwealth Cup struggle vs. you know hoo on Friday night.

All things O&M sure as hell feel a lot better on this now sleepy looking Holiday weekend; and things should only get better vs. a downright sorry looking Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (M.e.a.c.) squad that is one single shot vs. Liberty away from being a perfect o-6!

This is not a good basketball team, that was supposed to be pretty dang good, from a decent mid-major caliber basketball program on the come.  Morgan State was tabbed third, yes 3rd in the M.e.a.c. pre-season. while only placing one player (Blake Bozeman, yes son of head coach Todd Bozeman) on the third-string all-M.e.a.c. all-conference team! Go fig’ on that?

As this one still looks like cupcake central, vs. a 1 up 5 down M.e.a.c. basketball team; unless we upload the ‘rong damn Ap’ (again).

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Virginia Tech Miami of Ohio Cancun basketball preview:

#272 R.P.I. Virginia Tech v. #257 R.P.I. Miami of Ohio:


Every single preview I looked all agreed, as they all picked Miami of Ohio (OH), dead last in the Mid-America Conference East Division.

This is not a good men’s hoops program, despite overachieving a bit and nearly tapping .5oo last season.

This is a beatable men’s hoops team, though it must be said, this is a basketball game of pretty much bad on bad. Coach John Cooper has he work cut out for him over in Miami Ohio, same as Buzz does down in Blacksburg, Va.

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Virginia Tech Northern Iowa basketball preview:

#22 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs #232 R.P.I. Northern Iowa:

Dear Weak Forest prediction:
Before coach God, I affirm and avow: “GET IN MY BELLY!”


12 years doing this, twice introducing my very own words to my very own digestional  tract. And as bad as the Wake Forest football upset truly was, the Appy State upset was far worse …as Vegas did not even offer a line!

As someone who speaks truth to the power said on the Pay MB over on TSL, this is just not a very good offensive basketball team. That person lied. As this team is not much of anything on offense, beyond a Wilson penetration, a spot-up-3, or a put-back bunny and/or easy breakaway basket.

Where have you gone Erick Green?
Hell, where have you gone Jarell Eddie?!?

For as much as I am still sky high on my boy Buzz, we all need to give Buzz three years. And I may have just lied again. As that 3 possibly should have been spelled f, o, u. r.

Up next we see a feisty and tabbed by some to win the whole darn Missouri Valley Athletic Conference Northern Iowa. At 4-zip and fresh off the heals of snapping a 34 game home wining streak @S.F.Austin! This is a sex Panther’s squad indeed, 60% of the time Northern Iowa wins every time.

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Appalachian State Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#311 R.P.I. Appalachian State @ #14 R.P.I. Virginia Tech 

Appy State has played two basketball games thus far this season and is -45 points to the bad for their o-2 opening troubles!14 RPI VT

That’s forty-five points in the hole, after playing the powerhouses otherwise known as OhioU and Furman.

Ahhhhh, that’s not good, and neither is this version of the Mountaineers.  Even if they did upset Lees–McRae in exhibition; whatever that means?!?

Don’t believe me? Check this…

” Due to low APR scores, the Mountaineers are banned from postseason play, including the Sun Belt Tournament.”

That’s Academic Progress Rate for the acronym-0-phile in you at home or nothing whatsoever to play for over at needs to class it up,” D is for diploma” … Appy.State.

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Liberty at Virginia Tech basketball preview!

#227 R.P.I. Liberty @ #132 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Liberty is 2-o right now, although not for long, as this more accurately resembles the 11-21 squad of last season; at least to me. Liberty will have played 3 games in 5 nights by the time this one tips off, and despite having worked little ole D-1-double-something in-City rival Randolph College (69-45) and a more respectable win vs. authentically D-1 Delaware (61-55) …despite all of this, it is tough to envision this game, being, well, much of a game.

Liberty has some Association ‘esque fatigue in tow to go with not a lot of offense; and although the same could be said of offensively challenged Virginia Tech, it won’t take a whole helluva alotta points to extinguish these Flames. Not after 11 different people left last years squad for one reason or another.

Virginia Tech goes buzzing right along, the only question is …by just how much?

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Maryland Eastern Shore at Virginia Tech basketball preview!

#294 R.P.I. Maryland-Eastern Shore @ #1o9 R.P.I. Virginia Tech 

PEACE-out Virginia Tech retread head coach and telephone killer Frankie Allen!!!
WELCOME new coach Bobby Collins from Division II Winston-Salem State!!!

And there ends the Maryland-Eastern Shore good news, as this sure looks like another rip-tide of a men’s hoops season to me, for this H.B.U. up in Princess Anne Maryland.

As this is just not a good men’s hoops club folks.

No really, as in really really bad.

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