virginia Virginia Tech basketball preview

 #2 R.P.I. virginia @ #235 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

The team you all love to hate is up next as the #2 nationally ranked virginia cavaliers invade our very own Cassell Coliseum for this early-bird Sunday (1pm) afternoon tip.

In case you live under a rock, or have recently been hit in the head by a rock, this just in… at 17 up and nil down? uva is pretty damn good men. Perhaps even coach Tony Bennett’s (no relation) best incarnation yet.

And if there ever was a Bud Foster of men’s hoops, Tony Bennett and his much vaunted pack-line defense are surely it! As virginia just held Georgia Tech to 28 points. For, the, game!

Not for a given half of play –for the enter 40 minute men’s hoops contest.

oui-oui, me neither, as this one is not looking favorable indeed, although at least we still have football. As beating virginia in men’s hoops is prolly gonna have to wait.

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Notre Dame Virginia Tech basketball preview

#4o R.P.I. Notre Dame @ #245 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

#8 ranked Notre Dame finally comes a Revenue Sport calling to a somewhat downtrodden debuting Buzz Williams Cassell Coliseum this Thursday night on ESPN3. That should make for something of a wake-up call or at least something of a hawt tix to have down in the chilly New River Valley.

Notre Dame enters our Cassell at 17 up and 2 down, have been beaten by Providence by 1 point and by hateful u.v.a. by a couple of shots.

As this is a pretty good basketball team with pretty good balance sans pretty good size.

Not the biggest Irish Setter in the fight; although there is some fight in this well coached Irish dog.

Love to see us win here, or at least love to see the Fighting Irish take us a bit lightly; as we are due to play a good game and some would say we played better than expected Sunday night down @U.n.c.

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Virginia Tech North Carolina basketball preview!

#242 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #9 R.P.I. North Carolina:

Virginia Tech gets cast in the Atlantic Coast spotlight Sunday night television game vs. mighty North Carolina this weekend down on Chapel Hill.

U.n.c. enters this contest nationally ranked at #15,  …at 13 up and 4 down on the year. Having been beaten by Butler, Iowa, all-world Kentucky and Notre Dame. U.n.c. has however already beaten nationally ranked Ohio State, Louisville, Florida and U.c.l.a. Shew! Talk about a brutal opening docket; geez!

Nevertheless, these T.Heels are pretty damn battle tested and very likely TECHnologically savvy.

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Virginia Tech Louisville basketball preview:

#259 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #21 R.P.I. Louisville:

Virginia Tech ventures into the well fabled horse-racing, bourbon and bluegrass State of Kentucky to take on 6th ranked in the nation, and former Metro Conference foil, the Louisville Cardinals now of A.c.c. fame …this Tuesday night.

Louisville currently stands in a 14 up and 2 down and is coming off of a stinging 71-72 L #18 U.n.c. this weekend.

Our beloved Hokies are a 23 point underdog and enter this one on 6 days rest at one game below .5oo at 7-8 overall.

I’m not into tar, nicotine, filters or anything else; so I won’t be the one to blow any smoke up your O&M skirts regarding our chances in this one men.  As our chances just are not all that great; and yet, at least to me, Louisville may be just about 1/2 a notch overrated on paper, as I saw a whole lotta very good talent here, and not as much single shot star power talent. Although I saw a whole bunch defense and rebounding as well. As this could be the best defending/rebounding combo we face all year.

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Virginia Tech Florida State basketball preview:

#251 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #179 R.P.I. Florida State:

I find it worthy to mention, that Virginia Tech and Florida State are your 14th and 13th ranked Atlantic Coast men’s hoops teams –albeit separated by 71 spots in national terms overall.

Says a little something-something; don’t it?

As these are not exactly epic Atlantic Coast men’s hoops squads, at least not this particular season. However, there is a particular gap in play here.

Or at least so it would seem.

Because this is not one of the more dominate Seminole hoops teams under coach Hamilton. This one may ever so slightly actually be within …reach.

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Syracuse Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#75th R.P.I. Syracuse @ #251st R.P.I. Virginia Tech:


Well, I was gonna post some pre-Atlantic Coast Conference intra league game thoughts here…


Not so much.

As whatever post-presence, rebounding, and shot-blocking -not to mention attitude- just got itself suspended for the duration.

PEACE-out Joey Van. Z!!!
HELLO getting posterized and made to ride, bitch!!!

WOW, just, wow.
: (


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Virginia Tech West Virginia basketball preview:

#259 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #17 R.P.I. West Virginia:

W.V.U. is Eleven hyphen L.S.U. for the year; and they are ranked 18th overall in the nation as of the weekend.

This is clearly a NC2A March Madness caliber squad up in Mo-town West “by God” Virginia. This may even be a round of 32 or Sweet Sixteen crew when it is all said and done.

buzz dances on wvu

err-fan wants to 7uck this guy up!

This is also one other thing, a men’s hoops team and surely a W.V.U. fan-base that wants a piece of our coach Buzz Williams, and I do mean a piece of his ass.

As coach Buzz famously -or infamously- danced all over the WV centercourt logo after a Marquette win a couple of years ago in the 3o4 when both franchises were still ensconced in the Big East.

Yah; I hope coach Buzz likes batteries, spare-change, Skoal and 4-letter bombs; because he is gonna get mother lovin’ blistered up at W.V.U. this Tuesday afternoon. As all I’ve heard for weeks in the Mountain State is how err-fan is gonna get coach Buzz.

There is an old Dub Vee adage that clearly states:
“A barking dog don’t bite.”

However, in this particular deliverance case. methinks we are up against an old-Gold and Blue sporting Cujo, and that this one could very well bite early, often and ugly. If err-fan has any say about it. [Read more…]