Boston College Virginia Tech basketball preview

#166 R.P.I. Boston College @ #218 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

The race for last place is on!

Or maybe this will read better … Boston College and Virginia Tech will tangle for the right to the 13/14 A.c.c. Tourney seed!BC hoops logo

Or maybe not…

As anyway you slice it, these are indeed the bottom two teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference race.

Boston College enters this one at 10 up and 18 down or a game worse than Virginia Tech overall. Albeit deadlocked at 2-14 with Virginia Tech within A.c.c. play. Prior to upsetting the NC.State Wolfpac, Boston College had dropped 9 in a row and had only posted 2 wins overall since just after Christmas. Or in other words, this is not a very good basketball team, although it does employ one very good individual baller and one pretty decent sidekick.

Will that be enough???
Read on to find out…

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university of virginia Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#221 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #3 R.P.I. virginia:

#2 overall, and 26 hyphen Duke (26-1) uva is up next up in The John. Where the 14-1uva hoop ball inside the Atlantic Coast Conference hoos will look to flush all things Virgina Tech.

uva is a very good basketball team and coach Tony Bennett is a men’s hoops Bud Foster corollary coach.

Gonna take a lot to beat uva on the road over in C’ville Va., as you have to think the cavaliers will remember how close our last outing vs. them truly was, and wish to do something about that on their very own home-court.

hoowever, uva is pretty dang beat-up in their starting backcourt, so if there is such as thing as catching the #2 ranked team overall … this is it!

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Virginia Tech NC State basketball preview

#220 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #47 R.P.I. NC.State:

15 up and 11 down North Carolina State is up next and this is a road date in the always foreboding visiting climate of Atlantic Coast Conference play.

State is in 11th place in the A.c.c. itself right now at a negative 6-7 overall or .461 in conference.State logo

Or in other words, State and any given Wolfpack post-season chances can ill afford a rather upsetting L to underdog Virgina Tech here.

That said, although I’m not dead sure that State is in fact a post-season hoops club, I’m not totally sure they are not; either. As this one was prolly somewhat within our grasp 2-3 weeks ago, as State was not beyond our depth at that point in time. However, the last two away O&M contests were not all that shiny, as Virginia Tech and debut year Buzz Williams appear to have hit a wall, of sorts.

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Miami Hurricane Virginia Tech basketball preview

#223 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #64 R.P.I. Miami:

The U started out the year 8-zip and has gone 8-9 ever since.

16 up and 9 down on the year, including an 8th place conference mark at a .5oo or 6-6 inside the A.c.c.

A better than average hoops squad; that is fighting for some version of post-season life as I type. Pretty G heavy squad less one lone starting big, and he who lives by the 3-point sword dies by the 3-ponit sword … at least on some nights.

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virginia Virginia Tech basketball preview

 #2 R.P.I. virginia @ #235 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

The team you all love to hate is up next as the #2 nationally ranked virginia cavaliers invade our very own Cassell Coliseum for this early-bird Sunday (1pm) afternoon tip.

In case you live under a rock, or have recently been hit in the head by a rock, this just in… at 17 up and nil down? uva is pretty damn good men. Perhaps even coach Tony Bennett’s (no relation) best incarnation yet.

And if there ever was a Bud Foster of men’s hoops, Tony Bennett and his much vaunted pack-line defense are surely it! As virginia just held Georgia Tech to 28 points. For, the, game!

Not for a given half of play –for the enter 40 minute men’s hoops contest.

oui-oui, me neither, as this one is not looking favorable indeed, although at least we still have football. As beating virginia in men’s hoops is prolly gonna have to wait.

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Notre Dame Virginia Tech basketball preview

#4o R.P.I. Notre Dame @ #245 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

#8 ranked Notre Dame finally comes a Revenue Sport calling to a somewhat downtrodden debuting Buzz Williams Cassell Coliseum this Thursday night on ESPN3. That should make for something of a wake-up call or at least something of a hawt tix to have down in the chilly New River Valley.

Notre Dame enters our Cassell at 17 up and 2 down, have been beaten by Providence by 1 point and by hateful u.v.a. by a couple of shots.

As this is a pretty good basketball team with pretty good balance sans pretty good size.

Not the biggest Irish Setter in the fight; although there is some fight in this well coached Irish dog.

Love to see us win here, or at least love to see the Fighting Irish take us a bit lightly; as we are due to play a good game and some would say we played better than expected Sunday night down @U.n.c.

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Virginia Tech North Carolina basketball preview!

#242 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #9 R.P.I. North Carolina:

Virginia Tech gets cast in the Atlantic Coast spotlight Sunday night television game vs. mighty North Carolina this weekend down on Chapel Hill.

U.n.c. enters this contest nationally ranked at #15,  …at 13 up and 4 down on the year. Having been beaten by Butler, Iowa, all-world Kentucky and Notre Dame. U.n.c. has however already beaten nationally ranked Ohio State, Louisville, Florida and U.c.l.a. Shew! Talk about a brutal opening docket; geez!

Nevertheless, these T.Heels are pretty damn battle tested and very likely TECHnologically savvy.

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