Virginia Tech football Clemson A.c.c. championship game Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football just experienced a most intriguing seminal showdown in the real Southworld of… what might have been. What might have been, is the alibi of the abstract –remaining  a perpetual possibly only in the world of speculation.

...all the marbles...

all the marbles

Tech might have been 6-6 -yet again- to end the regular season; as our beloved Hokies were precisely three FG’s removed from the .5oo bowl eligibility precipice prior to the feckless uva rag-dolling. Tech might also have been 10-2 or maybe even 11-1 to end the regular season; as our beloved Hokies went butterfingers in two of our three L’s prior to the  feckless uva curb-stomping. Such however is the realm of revisionism history of those who say Uncle Sam might have been ahead on points on 08 December 1941 A.D., if only ” … ” …and yet that’s not how we roll at To do so is a disservice to those whose very participation sacrifices oh so very much. Clemson won the 2016 A.D. A.c.c. football championship; so with sportsmanship in mind, CONGRATs to Dabo and company, Godspeed and good hunting in the quadratic play-off. Nonetheless, and that attempt at athletic civics aside –same as 1999’s Vitali Klitschko being ahead 4-2 on all three judges scorecard’s when a 139 stitch combined sets of cuts granted him the technical knockout L from the lead –we sure as hell learnt a lot more about Coach-Fu and Virginia Tech football than we did about Dabo and Clemson. We learnt that Dabo and Clemson and the Orlando game-clock itself; forego any and all speculation, as these Tigers were most fortunate that this was not a 13 round heavyweight championship fight. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football A.c.c. Championship game Clemson preview

#2 R.P.I. Clemson vs.  #35 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is…




  1. The arch rival of… hell.
  2. The quality or condition of being humble.
  3. 12 midnight Saturday?

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Clemson Virginia Tech basketball preview

#75 R.P.I. Clemson @ #127 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech finally gets home and gets back in their own beds for the middle game in a harsh looking set of four of five Atlantic Coast away dates. Virginia Tech is slumping, having, now, dropped 5 straight L’s.clemson bball logo

Clemson stands in at a decent looking 14 up and 8 down overall and is prolly fighting for their very own play-off lives. However, 50% of Clemson’s wins have come in-conference, at a very attractive looking 7 vs. 3 in the A.c.c. standings.

As said, this is a very “decent” looking Clemson men’s hoops club that serially flirts with being good. Other than one thing, they seem to rise up and win when the should not and likewise they seem to get beat when they should not.

Making this a very mercurial preview to write, as I will tell you right now, that beyond j.Blossomgame? I just did not see anything that great here. And yet Clemson goes right on about their defensive business and makes for an ugly game and a tough out.

Ergo, there is something likable about this Tiger crew, as coach Brad Brownwell has done one of the better, less flashy and less sexy coaching jobs in the A.c.c. As Clemson was tabbed 3rd from last, at best, outta all my preview magazines.

Right now? Clemson stands in, in a nearly shocking 3rd place!

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Clemson @ Virginia Tech: basketball preview (100% FREE!)

#149 R.P.I. Clemson @ #164 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: 8pm, RSN
Vegas line: EVEN
o/u= 128
$-line: (pick ’em or $1 wins $1 either way)

meow mix 1o1:

The Clemson Tigers are a .5oo team at a double-triskaidekaphobic 13 up and 13 down. That means they are .5oo, and that means they still entertain some measure of power-conference cachet at it comes to admittance to some lesser version of a post-season tourney one way or another. That likewise means that this game means a lot to the Tigers and coach Bronwell as Clemson has two winnable looking games left and two not so much. One of those winnables –from their point-of-view- is surely Saturday nights visit to Virginia Tech.

This game is likewise winnable even when viewed through the most myopic O&M lenses. Clemson has dropped 5 of their last 6 for a reason and the reason is an astigmatic one if you are a Death Valley visitor to this preview. The long-view is that this year Tiger squad is pretty good on defense and pretty limited on offense. Virginia Tech won’t score a whole lotta points though it won’t take a whole lotta points to tame these Tigers; especially at home. A blind man can see that one with a cane. In point of fact it has only taken 52 points to put Clemson in check in their last five games on average and you have to like coach J’s and companies changes to notch five-two at home. This brings us effortless enough to observance of todays word… propitiation

pro·pi·ti·a·tion  (pr-psh-shn)


  1. The act of propitiating.
  2. Something that propitiates, especially a conciliatory offering to a god.
  3. what the 2012-2013 Virginia Tech men’s basketball teams needs to do to honor the nation’s leading scorer, and quite possibly the most improved Hokie hoopster over the course of his four full years when taken from stem to stern; ever!

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Virginia Tech @ Clemson basketball preview (100% FREE!)

#121 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #143 R.P.I. Clemson:

TV coverage: Sunday, 1pm, ESPN3
Vegas line: VT+10.5
$-line: TBA

Two lower tier Atlantic Coast teams hook up in hoops down in South Carolina on the unusually early Sunday afternoon tip-off that hopefully does not overtly interfere with any of the more Spiritually inclined Sunday morning early-risers in either fan-base.

“Catch a Tiger by the tail…”

Clemson is 10-8 overall and 2-4 in conference, whereas as our very own beloved Hokies are 11-7 and 2-3 respectively. That means that each team is questing if not starving for post-season securing wins right about now. That suggests a needy if not scrappy game to me as both of these teams need to get back on track and the sooner the better. [Read more…]

Your A.c.c. Championship Eye in the Sky part I:

Virginia Tech=10, Clemson=38

CONGRATS to the 2011 A.c.c. football champion Clemson Tigers!

(here are my normally OFF pre-game thoughts that C2 and I kicked around, uncensored and unfiltered as we sometimes say things behind the scenes that we can not, or at least should not say out in the open on

“Dear Boss:

I am really starting to like Klempson … Branch is still a brutal match-up. He will pwan Lanier much less Becton.

And Boyd is nothing better than poison to Bud Lite.

One of the things we’ve all missed all these years is that you need an epic intermediary passer with that soft lob-pass touch to drop short to medium throws into, and over the seams that open up when Bud Lite itself rolls coverage’s (i.e. the transnational seams from the Linebacker hook or zone-drops towards the island Man-to-Man coverages over on the edge of the playing-field) –which creates momentary openings or outright cracks here and there. Kinda like how Luck worked the Stanford Te’s short to medium. Ditto E.C.U. and State typically getting some yards on Bud Lite with Davis and Wilson. It’s not big time long throws, is it? It’s the little to medium stuff worked to perfection.

Tyler won’t be helping this any either. Klempson will get after Bonner as well.
They will get well soon and give VT a real fit.”

Sadly, yah; pretty much. [Read more…]

Your 100% FREE-view Clemson preview is up!

#20 Clemson vs. #3 Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: 8pm Saturday nite, ESPN
Vegas line: VT is favored by 7.5 points
$-line: VT is a 2.65:1 favorite, Clemson is a 1:2.25 underdog

Swinney said on a teleconference Sunday night, noting that Boyd has been facing more pressure, and throwing more interceptions as a result. “You know, all of those things affect especially a young player.”

To paraphrase Saint Vince himself:
“timing isn’t the only thing, it’s everything.”

And right now the timing is all fouled up down in Clemson South Carolina. Their passing game is way outta sync, and their rushing attack is off-track. Only defense remains about the same since the last time we saw the #20 Clemson Tigers about 9 odd weeks ago.

In fact the last time we saw the Clemson Tigers they were in the midst of opening up 8-o and climbing all the way to a lofty 7th best national ranking. Oh how the times have changed as it is actually mightily Virginia Tech who has reeled off seven consecutive wins and rallied to ascend all the way to #3 in the USAToday Coach’s poll.

Whereas it is the Klempson Tigers who have fallen and can’t get up with only one single solitary win in their last 40 days of playing football. The Tigers have (mercifully) dropped to only 21st in the national polls and 20th in the latest B.C.S. Generous if you ask me for a team that has been beaten by 56 combined aggregate points in those very same most recent 40 days. Indeed, these appear to be nothing better than two Atlantic Cost ships passing in the nite. VT chugging right along upstream and up through the various national rankings and Clemson apparently setting sail for rock-bottom. As the cruise-ship punch line goes: “The good news is we are making great time, the bad news is we are lost.” Klempson has lost its way and desperately needs to locate it’s A-game vs. a Virginia Tech football team that appears to be peaking at just the right time. [Read more…]