Virginia Tech football Georgia Tech preview

#52 R.P.I. Georgia Tech @ #21 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football returns home -finally- to Lane Stadium Saturday afternoon for a pivotal Coastal clash with pseudo rial Georgia Tech down in the New River Valley down on the Worsham Field turf.

This is a critical football game pending the Duke/U.n.c. outcome at the time of this typing. As we/Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University can nil afford a slip up and get cut down to size here, with the Heels nipping at our divisional heels in the A.c.c. standings. This segues us neatly into toady’s word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… levantgt-logo



intr.verb. le·vant·ed, le·vant·ing, le·vants Chiefly British

  1. To leave hurriedly or in secret to avoid unpaid debts.
  2. A cheap way out in a game notorious for happy hour or inexpensive shots themselves; depending upon your rooting point of view.

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Virginia Tech football Pittsburgh Panther preview

#27 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #32 R.P.I. Pittsburgh:

Virginia Tech football takes to the road Thursday night on ESPN at 7pm to take on my home town of Pittsburgh Pa., Bimbo’s pizza, South Hills Village, Upper Saint Clair H.S., and Iron City Lite. (And maybe a 9,000 calorie Primanti sammwich to wash it all down) This of course segues us neatly into yet another word of the day…pitt-logo

Today’s word of the day is… dyspepsia


(dĭs-pĕp′shə, -sē-ə)


  1. Disturbed digestion;
  2. indigestion.
  3. Let’s hope the Hokie Bird don’t go: “burp” at ~11pm!

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