Virginia Tech basketball Buzzing over upsetting coach K and Duke!

Virginia Tech football Duke Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football went out onto the A.c.c. road where you historically win ~30% of the time and coach-Fu won a close one for the Hokie Nation of  Virginia Tech.

another VT win was right on... target!

another VT win was right on… target!

The Hokies did what they had to do, and gutted out a VicTory vs. a grim, gutty, and gamey Duke Football squad in Duke’s very own backyard. This win may not have been sexy, pretty and it did not generate a facebook social media friendly Q-score –as the issue was in doubt for the third week in a row for the balance of the fourth quarter; and for the second game in a row, right down to the proverbial wire. Still yet, the Hokie Bird and Virginia Tech have nosed out yet another win and Virginia Tech still controls its very own Coastal Divisional destiny. Let’s just hope we have enough petrol left in the O&M tank to do so, as an already banged-up V.P.I. football squad came away no healthier for their winning Wallace Wade troubles… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Duke Preview

#23 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #99 R.P.I. Duke:

Virginia Tech football controls its very own A.c.c. championship game destiny.

Paleontology and plate tectonics aside, unless you live under a rock or have recent been hit in the head by a rock; you probably already knew that one.

I for one did not know just how beat-up a erstwhile fair to middling Duke squad currently is; nor did I know how much Bud Bock has loosened up in the last month of play. Well, not until I read Chris Coleman’s preview and then did some quantitative science-fact R&D of my very own. And that segues us neatly into today’s word of the day…duke-logo

Today’s word of the day is… facile



  1. Done or achieved with little effort or difficulty; easy: a facile victory.
  2. Working, acting, or done with ease and fluency.
  3. Arrived at or presented without due care, effort, or examination; superficial.
  4. …or yet another, message board voluminously populated mythperception…

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Duke Virginia Tech basketball preview

#123 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #13 R.P.I. Duke:


“hoooooooooooo are you? hoo-hoo? hoo-hoo?”duke hoops logo

EPIC win over… none other than arch rival uva!

CONGRATs to coach Buzz Williams and his team.

Now will the real 2015-2016 Virginia Tech men’s basketball team: “…please stand-up, please stand-up.” Because which team are we? I don’t know? Do you?

Alabama State, St.Joe’s and wvu?
Or the Team that just upset #4 hooVa?

Once more… I don’t know? Do you?

I do know that this is a pretty good Duke men’s hoops squad and yes, this just in… rain=wet. Read on for our forecast to go 3-o and remain in Atlantic Coast first-place!

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Duke Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts

Today’s word of the day is, desperation


Frank v Duke DeSPERATE

A pic is worth



  1. The condition of being desperate.
  2. Recklessness arising from despair.
  3. the final 30+ minutes from the Virgina Tech football Staff

text: #NeedyDesperationAnxietyJitteryFbStaff

and then text:


.5oo and prolly still bowling @ 4-4; or negative and prolly not @ 3-5.
I did not  see that we had any other choice.
Did you??? [Read more…]

Duke Virginia Tech football preview

#20 R.P.I.  Duke @ #73 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… brink.




S.A.T. cheering 1o1

S.A.T. cheering 1o1

  1. The upper edge of a steep or vertical slope: the brink of a cliff.
  2. The margin of land bordering a body of water.
  3. The point at which something is likely to begin; the verge
  4. The point at which something is likely to end; like the 1993 bowl streak if we don’t win here.

As the @Boston College defensive juggernaut football game played in what amounts to a football library raised to the mausoleum pigskin power is tough. @Georgia Tech vs. that wacky chopping bad Flex-bone is nobodies gimmie. North Carolina may just have the most Coastal Division talent, so that’s tough. And finally @france is unknown. We should win, though we really do need to win in the meantime, and we technically need to win at least twice before we get there to keep that bowl streak in play.

Yes, this season is now officially on the brink men.
Fish or get off the pot.
Now or never.

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Virginia Tech at Duke football preview:

  #57 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #18 R.P.I. Duke:

Today’s word of the day is…Regicide

reg·i·cide  (rj-sd)

(Latin) n.

  1. The killing of a king.
  2. One who kills a king.
  3. The King is Dead.
  4. LONG live the King.

Oh wait, unless of course he’s not, …read on to find out just how much life is left down upon the throne in Blacksburg Va.

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