Virginia Tech football East Carolina preview

#64 R.P.I. East Carolina #62 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football returns to Worsham Field in Lane Stadium at half past twelve (12:30pm) this Saturday vs. the upstart visiting East Carolina Pirates. (On the A.c.c. Network | check local listings)pirate-helmet

The Hokies are installed as an 11 point betting favorite here with an 84% football power index chance to win; according to That might seem a little lofty for an O&M horse that wise guys would say seems likely to: “bounce” in horse racing terms; after such a devastating Secretariat triple crowning performance vs. Boston College last week. I however would say that there is noticeable room for improvement upon breaking tape vs. the aforementioned Eagles on Sunday/Monday. I would also say that I expected the Gobbler improvements to be of a more incremental nature from here on out; and less sizzling, scintillating, high voltage blow-out shock effect outlying in statistical terms. Will that prove effective indeed in making these Greenville pollywogs walk the Duck Pond plank? Read on to find out…

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East Carolina Eye in the Sky and your Tech Thoughts

Today’s word of the day is… shrift


#3 walking the Pirate plank, 1o1...

#3 walking the Pirate plank, 1o1…


noun, Archaic

  1. The act of shriving.
  2. Confession to a priest.
  3. Absolution given by a priest.
  4. Virginia Tech’s defense played like shrift!

Well, actually they tackled like (bleep) and man-o(n)-man, did the Boundary-Cb get dogged all the way out or what? Sure looked to me like someone(s) at East Carolina did their Ohio State film-study homework after all.

And this one less 2 gift-wrapped Pirate scores could have been worse men –make no mistake here…

So come sit under the learning-tree… I assure you, there is plenty of room and I need all the help  -after watching this film- that I can get; and we shall confess Virginia Tech’s sins together. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech at East Carolina football preview

#42 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #7o R.P.I. East Carolina:

Today’s word of the day is… exiguous


(ĭg-zĭg′yo͞o-əs, ĭk-sĭg′-)


  1. Extremely scanty; meager.
  2. this preview!
  3. (hopefully, this game)

With family funeral traveling obligations this week, this is gonna be a short preview.

So Virgina Tech is gonna win!
Ok, now I’m done.

Well, maybe not that short, though Furman work-week truncated nevertheless.
As here is what I see on film, in brief…

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E.c.u. Eye in the Sky (part II)

Lottsa points stranded in Pirate terms or left marooned in Hokie vernacular out in the field in this one folks!

Anywhere between 20 and 40, maybe even a few more, as that massive “sigh” of relief you heard was from the Vegas sports-books that were set up to take a total stomping on the over, in what could have and maybe even should have been a most offensive made for TV electrifying fight to the finish.

As each head coach left game winning FGA’s and numerous other potential scoring plays shutout, down in the New River Valley.

Well, actually this one was a fight to the finish.

As it was the best of times and the worst of times in succession for each side.

Total feast or famine Dickens of a contest, and yet it was the Pirates who had precisely one more bone left to pick in the end.

PROPs @E.c.u.!!!


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E.c.u. Eye in the Sky (part I):

TSL Surgeon General’s Warning:
If you are a P.A.T.T., or feel you are or may soon be preggers with a P.A.T.T., this may not be the first-half for you.

And I can only assure you, as naughty as this first-half truly was, this first-half could have been worse.

As all less one drive from 11 point homesteading favorite Virginia Tech, not much went right in the first 30 minutes and several plays that could have gone right went Exit Stage Left. As you surely have to play in a Rush, when you fall behind by 21 points in 12 minutes and 16 seconds of blitzkrieg play. [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: E.c.u. post-game knee-jerk Rx (quickie)!

Alright everybody, we are 2 up and 1 down …or basically exactly what everyone expected us to be  after three football games.

Bucs you

Buc’s off!!!

TAKE a deep breath everyone……..inhale——>exhale…


One more………..





Now, go ahead and dig deep, and summon all the R.A.T.T.  you go’ts inside you; and riddle me this…

In a right down to the wire football game whose equation,  read:

24 missed tackles + 9 drops + 2 INT’s = a 1 play L

Now take another deep breath, put your hand on the TSL Bible and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

R.A.T.T. ...this strikes you how??? ~24 missed tackles + 9 drops + 2 INT's = a 1 play L

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(i.e.  so let’s try giving E.c.u. some props)


Remember folks, always roll with 27 credit hours per semester,… or  all-class!

Virginia Tech=3 plays, East Carolina=4 plays




p.s. we just expended a metric ton of emotional bullets in the last 120 minutes of play; with the schematically mentally challenging Yellow-Jackets on tap next

East Carolina at #17 Virgina Tech football preview:

#84 R.P.I. East Carolina @ #32 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:ECU lid

As I had a reposed family member commitment on Wednesday, this preview is gonna be a short one folks.

Tech wins, by about 2 plays.

There, now I’m done.
Just kidding.
Well mostly just kidding…
; )

Alright, you talked me into it, maybe a little more………….as this E.c.u. defense is improved and therefore a bit better than average; and there are a whole whole whole lotta moving parts to this E.c.u. offense. Not a possession based side of the ball you wanna wake up post-BIG-game hung over up in Sleepy Hollow folks. [Read more…]