Virginia Tech football East Carolina Eye in the Sky (part II)

Virginia Tech football did get off to an offensively pirated start that was more parts Pokey and less parts Hokie two Saturday’s ago down in the New River Valley of Blacksburg Va.

Hokie, STONED!

Hokie, STONED!

Precision was not our first 13+ minute thing; and yet then a funny thing happened along the way to the blowout (54-17) VicTory O&M candy-store.

I for one found that almost audible (pardon the pun) offensive “click” that I heard to be refreshing indeed. Or to put it another way… when was the last time you heard an initially sputtering Fighting Gobbler offense suddenly and therefore proverbially go “click”, kick that Owens Dining Hall pig, and then suddenly score 54 points over a 42 minute span? Me neither, as that high octane ~40 minute scoreboard binge was about as close to basketball on grass that Lane Stadium has been since Lane Stadium opened for gridiron business way back in 1965 A.D. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football East Carolina Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football is currently projected to get the New Era Pinstripe Bowl bid according to; (read: A.c.c. vs. Big-10).pin-logo

There are only ~87 days remaining until Christmas; and yes, there I go again; putting the cart before the horse. Go ahead and bet the under vs. BYE this next weekend –as points are always hard to come, by, vs. them. And this just in…. rain is rumored to be wet. Or in other words, things look pretty dang O&M rosy right now with the Hokies off to a highly offensive scoreboard electrifying start at 3 up and 1 down. What with Virginia Tech and the Fu’fense playing Cornhole like a champs! That objectively correct take firmly in place, it is likewise science-fact to say that our beloved Hokies got off to what was a sloppy start; whereby Virginia Tech could and possibly very well should have been up 50-nil at intermission. Read on in part I of the E.c.u. Eye in the Sky to find out …why… [Read more…]

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In this week’s addition, your very own bourbonstreet rambles, rattles, cajoles and occasionally informs regrading the following topics de jour…

  • Hypothetical: wvu vs. Virginia Tech 2013 preview…
  • who wins?
  • why?
  • VT layth the smackth downth on wvu!
  • 2013 VT Special Teams preview
  • game#3: VT @ Eastern Carolina
  • Pirate preview:
  • is this a trap-game?
  • What is the refugee or hidden 2012 Xfactor that everyone should pay attention to in this one???

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#13 Virginia Tech=17, East Carolina=10

Gotta say, this was a fascinating final 30 minutes of film-study to dissect; as yet again I am seeing a deluge of things in slo-mo that I missed watching Norfolk State at wvu courtesy of  FOXSports Net in real-time.

Among them, the Virginia Tech defense and the Virginia Tech power running attack, spearheaded by a revitalized homecoming Josh Oglesby and a dinged and dented and altogether worn down David Wilson –are just not getting the credit that they deserve. Nor is the starting Virginia Tech offensive-line who went carpi de season and seized more than just the day, on an afternoon that saw E.C.U. drop a whopping 28 points (3 potential INT returns, and 1 dropped TD throw) worth of passes that would have put a pirated biscuit in a very upsetting basket.

And yet, the Hokies simply mauled these Pirates by the tune of a virtual 3:1 ratio as total yards gained goes.

This 2011 Virginia Tech football team is just not ready to win with style (i.e. throwing the ball).

However, it can win 10+ games with physically imposing substance (i.e. rushing the ball)  and a reborn Bud Lite defense.

Although the loss of David Wang and the already damaged-goods otherwise known as Michael Via has left us critically thin internally speaking as this 2011 oLine goes. So you had better hope that the Top-5 guys all stay healthy and don’t wear down for the duration.

Accordingly, I for one am most curious to see how play-calling morphs -or not- in our next 8 quarters of scrimmaging in what basically amounts to two glorified scrimmages that VT really should win.

That said; let’s take our usual uncensored and unfettered  look at some O&M Yin and some O&M Yang in the second-half of play. [Read more…]

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#13 Virginia Tech=17, East Carolina=10

(Greenville, North Carolina): here is my eMail to Chris Coleman on Friday:

In an unusually candid behind the scenes look at how we kick things back and forth at off-MB to try to help coach each other up.

On Monday, buying 15 for VT-5 I had a -15oo payout.
Today, the $-Line is at VT-75o.
Does Vegas know something that I don’t?

(a source’s) language was: “much tougher” comparing E.C.U. to Appy.State.
That said, seems to me like the powers that be are a bit nervy about E.C.U.
Why is that?
Yah; they may get high-teens or low 20’s, and so what?
If VT gets 40 VT wins. Period.

I was gonna go with VT by say 43-17, or something pretty wide.
Am I straight trippin’?

I am getting feelers from all over (not just from source-A and source-B) that have me backing down a bit.

Or in other words……………… sources are EPIC; and yah; I should have listened to them and backed down more than a little bit as they -not me- nailed this one right between the eyes. As VT trailed East Carolina for nearly 35 minutes on Saturday down in Greenville and could not quite put these upset minded Pirates or the Referees away.

However, film-study paints a very very different picture. VT was really only a couple of keep plays away from painting a Picasso on a day which saw our beloved Hokies out-gain E.C.U. by a stunning 296% and yet only win by one single play. Go fig’? [Read more…]

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#11 Virginia Tech @ n/r East Carolina:
TV coverage: FOXSports Net, 3:30pm
Vegas Line:
$-Line: VT is a 9.5:1 fave — E.C.U. is a 1:6.25 dog

Feels better this time of year –don’t it folks.

Mornings are getting cooler and crisper as I type, and low and behold VT is perfect after game#1 and virtually ranked in the Top-10 nationally. In fact VT only trails resurgent #10 ranked Nebraska by a mere 41 points in the Associated Press college football poll.

Let’s see, how long has it been since we could rightfully say that? Three years sound about right to you? It should.

Let’s see, how long has it been since we could say we were still in the MNC hunt heading into early October? Six years seem about right to you? It should.

Am I yet again guilty of putting the cart before the horse?

Nope. Not this time.
The buzz is back!
VT and the Duck Pond Shore be vibing and preparing for a potential 2011 MNC run.

And this is the only remaining team that has any real shot at upsetting the 4-zip VT cart before Klempson comes to town. So let’s take a closer look at what shot these East Carolina Pirates do have to storm the O&M ship. [Read more…]

100% FREE-view winning Appy.State Eye in the Sky (part II)

Well, that was my kinda Virginia Tech football game –easy on the eyes.

One-sided and lopsided at that; which makes for a most relaxing second-half of note taking on my vintage 1986 VT bookstore clipboard that has survived numerous encounters with Mr. Wall and or Mr.Floor over the years.

I like that and you should to.

Let’s just hope that we’ve got a few more in the bag as relatively comfortable September wins go before we get to the meat of our 2011 regular season schedule.

In the meantime, we’ve got a few things left to work on and several guys that we must keep healthy at all costs.

That said, this was about as crisp of an opening game that I’ve seen outta Virginia Tech in long long time. Think Coach O’Cain might have had a little something-something to do with that? Me too and I am also thinking that I should be thinking of revising my 10 win prediction upwards if we can only stay healthy for the duration. As this 2011 Virginia Tech football team has a very sporting shot at being #1 in the A.c.c. if our top-22 ballers remain good-to-go.

So let’s take a look at some second-half plays that you may have missed as we begin our considerations of East Carolina in earnest in a few days time. [Read more…]