Pitt Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts…

Pittsburgh 17, Virginia Tech 13

“This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end…

Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes, again…”

Jim Morrison, The Doors

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ESPNRadio 1o2.3FM, Beckley! TSL in da 3o4!

On this weeks episode of how TSL.com turns, your very own  bourbonstreet banters, rattles, rambles and generally entrained and informed on the following topics…

  1. TSL message board Q&A segment (defense, ‘Bama)
  2. August camp offensive overview:
  3. Scot’s pros
  4. Scot’s cons
  5. LT3: what’s improved | what still needs mo’ work?
  6. August camp defensive summary:
  7. Where is Bud Stout most flavorful?
  8. Where might Bud Stout tap out?
  9. Injury UPDATE(s)…

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“bourbonstreet sure has a big mouth!”

ESPNRadio: 1o2.3 FM, in the People’s Republic of the 3o4!

     On this weeks show, TSLcom’s very own bourbonstreet talks, pontificates, muses and speculates regarding the following opening August Camp topics extraordinaire…

  • future scheduling
  • TSL MB Q&A session…
  • Program attrition in the last 25 months
  • Why has this increased?
  • What does this mean going forward for VT “family-values”?
  • Early August camp pros:
  • Early August camp cons:
  • Injury report

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LET’s GO!”



ESPNRadio 1o2.3 FM Beckley Dub Vee, the 3o4!

This week your very own bourbonstreet plum gits after the following topics, sans a power failure; and generally rattles, rambles, informs and loquaciously entertains among the following topics…

  • the weather
  • VT pre-camp vibes, whispers, and feel
  • what has changed — is the attitude any different?
  • are there any senior leaders on this years team?
  • then on to a VT 2013 dLine preview
  • then the Coastal showdown game of the year!
  • VT @ GT on ESPN on only 4 days rest for the good Tech
  • Does VT have a short-week shot in this one?
  • Or is that just too much assignment football to ask vs. the whacked-out Flex Bone?

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ESPNRadio 1o2.3 FM Beckley, here in the Dub.Vee!

On this weeks show, the power fails and our very own bourbonstreet ad-libs and flies blind. Only thing left working in the southern part of the state was the old-school Alice the Maid hardwired phone-line. “When life gives you lemons, the Bluefield Chamber of Commerce serves lemonade.”

This weeks topics include:

  • The A.c.c. pre-season Media Poll:
  • was it accurate?
  • who will win the A.c.c. and will VT win the Coastal?
  • The all-A.c.c. football team 2013
  • How many Hokies made the team?
  • How many Hokies should have made the team?
  • The Asante departure and what it really means/effects…
  • Hite vs. Beamer … the skinny on the O&M fallout

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ESPNRadio Beckley West “by God” Virginia, 1o2.3 FM Tech Talk!

This week your very own bourbonstreet takes the air-wave dais and rocks the mike on the following topics de jour –while entertaining and occasionally informing as well…

  • is ‘Bama in a textbook Trap Game with their much ballyhooed rematch on tap out in Texas in game#2 post Virginia Tech?
  • how has Frank Beamer change his approach to season opening Out of Conference BIG-name game#1’s over the years???
  • 2013 VT oLine preview:
  • Grimes is better although almost perfectly inexperienced on the edges,
  • Grimes is deeper, more experienced though totally in flux on the interior at G-C-G
  • will that flux VT up???
  • Game#4 preview: Marshall @ VT
  • Could this be a trap game for VT with only 4 days prep for P.J.’s flex-bone on tap next?
  • does Marshall have just enough #1 ranked National passing offense to steal this one?

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ESPNRadio 1o2.3 FM Beckley Tech Talk!

In this week’s addition, your very own bourbonstreet rambles, rattles, cajoles and occasionally informs regrading the following topics de jour…

  • Hypothetical: wvu vs. Virginia Tech 2013 preview…
  • who wins?
  • why?
  • VT layth the smackth downth on wvu!
  • 2013 VT Special Teams preview
  • game#3: VT @ Eastern Carolina
  • Pirate preview:
  • is this a trap-game?
  • What is the refugee or hidden 2012 Xfactor that everyone should pay attention to in this one???

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