Virginia Tech football Tennessee Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football fans, Surgeon General’s warning… if you are a P.A.T.T. or feel you may be preggers with a P.A.T.T., this Eye in the Sky may not be the one for you.

Red, White and You!

Red, White and You!

Probably because M.Poppins and any Owens Dining Hall spoon full of sugar does not help the bad medicine otherwise known as 10 fumbles in eight quarters of play with a pitiful 10% recovery ratio go down. Nor will we here sugarcoat six asinine, and knucklehead personal-foul or dead-ball unsportsmanlike like penalties. All 16 of those needs to get the (bleeeeeeeep) out if this 2016 Virginia Tech football team and the newly struck program itself; if we are going to get out of our very own way.

I for one found this one was a good one, right up until it was not; and then it was nearly all downhill 10-45 the ‘rong way up on “Colossus” from there. Tennessee is New Years Day bowl good; and now you know why I gave Dobbs an A— Qb rating –as he can and he did make plays; big ones at that. However, we were our very own worst enemy here and that’s not Tennessee’s fault anymore than that is not the Vol’s credit either. As we’ve got bucu things to clean up mentally and more than a few dings and dents that now have less than five days left to heal up physically. Remember; here is where real men congregate and speak truth to the power and there is a whole whole lot to say after breaking tape on this one… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: … on the new coach-Fu Staff, part I


Next man up = Justin Fuente (formerly of Memphis Tiger fame)!!!

We all saw this back during the hooVa game. If we didn’t, we need to make sure next year to get the key to the cave in which we were locked.

Done deal, signed, sealed, (to be, delivered)...

Done deal, signed, sealed,  and delivered

AND he is keeeeeeeeping Bud Foster on Staff!!!

Oh wait, you already knew that?
Ah-ha. You read TSL, huh?

Nevertheless, I’ll bet you a nickle to dimes you did not know all of this… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: bourbonstreet vs. Will round #3!

“…to leverage VT’s popularity into improved, Top-10 level recruiting…

Will freakin’ Stew‘-

Okay Will… I’ll play; like what?

Today’s word of the day is: how

howTSL recruiting logo



  1. In what manner or way; by what means:
  2. In what state or condition:
  3. To what extent, amount, or degree:
  4. For what reason or purpose; why:
  5. With what meaning:
  6. By what measure; in what units:
  7. Frank was magically gonna do this… how?

I wanted to answer up here, separately: My biggest regret is that once Frank made VT good, he lacked vision to make VT GREAT. He stuck to the things that got him there, instead of building on them.

Probably where he really, really failed to reach for greatness was to leverage VT’s popularity into improved, top-ten level recruiting. He stuck to what he knew: boots-on-the-ground, relationships-with-high-school-coaches, in-state-oriented, family-style recruiting.

One mo’ time sports-fans…………………….how???

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Independence Bowl preview Virginia Tech Tulsa

#78 R.P.I. Tulsa vs. #73 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… Legend.




  1. One that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame:
  2. Frank Beamer,
  3. Frank Beamer,
  4. Frank Beamer!

Way back in 1993, Shreveport Louisiana kinda reminded me of either Eastwood Every Which Way movie… not quite as cow-poke Hokie-Tonk.

A legend is... born.

A legend is… born.

Although it had a more laid bare, rugged side to it. Bet you coulda (still) have found some Olympia on tap back in 1993 down there. Bettcha you coulda found some blue-collar guys who know how to blacken eyes, too!

(chimpanzee named: “Clyde”, optional)

On the other hand, Indiana reminded me of a solid, Big-10 football team that would be hard to beat. Frank reminded me of a guy who had hung on -and just barely- after a less than auspicious Virginia Tech head coaching start. The Independence Bowl even vs. Radford High School was a big big deal. Virginia Tech went bowling every handful of years, or once a decade or so way back in those days.

We were totally thrilled to be there, even in Shreveport.  Now the Legend returns…

There and Back Again
-Bilbo Baggins-
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Tech Thoughts: Will said, b’ said, round#2 “ding!” and JuCo Qb Evans!

I normally don’t share things from the pay-side –as that’s just not the way to be.

However, when our very own Will -freakin- Stewart wrote this…

TSL new shake

TSL’s new shake…

There were a lot of things being done poorly with regards to VT football the last few years. A lot. It happened because no one was holding anyone accountable for anything anymore, and no one was demanding excellence.

The school president was dealing with fallout from the 2007 shootings, so he wasn’t holding the athletic director accountable. The athletic director was ill, so he wasn’t working full-time, didn’t have much energy, and wasn’t holding anyone accountable for anything, including the head football coach. The head football coach was winding down and not doing a lot of recruiting or holding people accountable for things. And so on down the line.

A lot of people did a lot of good things around here for a while, but it all started to break down a few years ago.” -Will Stewart-

You just know somebody had to write something back.

After all, here is where real men congregate and speak truth to the power!

So someone finally spoke up; and here is what they had to say… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: a thumbnail sketch of Tulsa in the Independence Bowl


Camping World Indy Bowl logo

60 minutes remain in Frank’s Hall of Fame career!

That’s about what the Golden Hurricanes be folks.

They are fun to watch.

They are made for TV.

Bristol Suits everywhere will rejoice as Tulsa scores a lot and liberally gives up pretty much the same.

Boxing Day 2015 (A.K.A. the 26th of December), at 5:45pm, 2 teams with a combined 12 up and 12 down record will mix it up in Frank Beamer’s final football game …ever!

Talk about coming Independence Bowl full circle, as Shreveport La. is where it all began vs. Indiana, way way back when!

You excited yet? [Read more…]

virginia Virginia Tech Commonwealth Cup preview

 #79 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #83 R.P.I. virginia:

Today’s word of the day is… rival.




(...and this used to be a pretty good fight; NO really!)

(…and this used to be a pretty good fight; NO really! It (once) was…)

  1. One who attempts to equal or surpass another, or who pursues the same object as another; a competitor.
  2. One that equals or almost equals another in a particular respect
  3. uva?!?
  4. plu-eee-ze!

Geographic proximity not withstanding, don’t you need to be an actual threat to win the game to be (rightfully) considered one’s… rival?

Or does that make too much… sense?

As this has been about as uno-dimensional or 1-sidded rivalry as there can be this side of wvu vs. Penn State way back when.

Now, and that being said, uva has been closer of late, and they have had their chance’s, plural, in recent campaigns. The Commonwealth Gap has narrowed thanks primarily to an O&M sag and no thanks to anything in particular coach Dream has done at uva.

Has the Commonwealth Gap narrowed, enough?
Read on to find out…

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