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Virginia Tech football and the Hokie Bird pretty much just laid an O&M stinker of an egg last Saturday afternoon down in the New River Valley.



Per chance as oblong spheroids go, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets came into Blacksburg Va. and wrecked our afternoon of predicted fun.

I for one was way way off in this one; and nobody in the media -to my best knowledge- called this one correctly last week. Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech beat beloved Virginia Tech worse than the score showed in proverbial terms. So what really happened, what went ‘rong and what’s that I see up ahead around a certain (South) Bend? [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Georgia Tech preview

#52 R.P.I. Georgia Tech @ #21 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football returns home -finally- to Lane Stadium Saturday afternoon for a pivotal Coastal clash with pseudo rial Georgia Tech down in the New River Valley down on the Worsham Field turf.

This is a critical football game pending the Duke/U.n.c. outcome at the time of this typing. As we/Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University can nil afford a slip up and get cut down to size here, with the Heels nipping at our divisional heels in the A.c.c. standings. This segues us neatly into toady’s word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… levantgt-logo



intr.verb. le·vant·ed, le·vant·ing, le·vants Chiefly British

  1. To leave hurriedly or in secret to avoid unpaid debts.
  2. A cheap way out in a game notorious for happy hour or inexpensive shots themselves; depending upon your rooting point of view.

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Georgia Tech Virginia Tech basketball preview

 #135 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #4o R.P.I. Georgia Tech:

Technically speaking, our Tech is going to see their Tech in a hooping technology summit down in the ATL this Saturday afternoon at high-noon.GT hoops ball

And yes, I just gave new meaning to assonance itself.
; )

The other Tech here is hosting this one and checks in at 11 up and 6 down.

Actually both Tech’s check in at 11 up and 6 down, though I …meander…

So this one is, say it with me yet again: “pretty evenly matched.”

Said that last game.
Saying that again.

As prognosticinti check-marks are hard to come by in games like this.
Read on to find out… why? [Read more…]

Virginia Tech Georgia Tech football preview

#78 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #59 R.P.I. Georgia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… perishable


(ˈpɛr ɪ ʃə bəl)


  1. subject to decay, ruin, or destruction.
  2. something perishable, esp. food.
  3. only 180 gar-ron-teed minutes of FB’s hall of fame fb career remain!

“On and on and on and, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”
Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Tax-


Now, we, know…
and it is, almost, gone… [Read more…]

Georgia Tech Eye in the Sky (part II):

“Why pay for the milk when you are already getting the cow?”
-3o4 premarital advice on when to Marry-

This I never totally understood until I watched this film.

This brings me and neatly to the word of the week…



noun \kən-ˈsər-və-tər, -və-ˌtr;

  1. one that preserves from injury or violation :  protector
  2. one that is responsible for the care, restoration, and repair of archival or museum articles
  3. a person, official, or institution designated to take over and protect the interests of an incompetent
  4. an official charged with the protection of something affecting public welfare and interests
  5. is that what we (now) are?

 Are we a relic of our very own past??? [Read more…]

Georgia Tech Eye in the Sky (part I):

“We’ve got a lot of younger guys and we need them to play older, sooner.”
-Virginia Tech offensive coordinator, Scot Loeffer post-game-

Well, yah, that’s one way of putting it …or maybe we just need better guys, period?

And sadly, each part of the problem is a hindrance to the other. It ain’t the classical chicken vs. the egg. It is rather, two chickens that have now officially laid two eggs.

As it may have taken me getting towards 32 odd total games, though I have finally riddled this one out; and the fix is gonna be a painful one, or a very delayed one, when the O&M rubber does finally meet Spring Road.

As this once proud 10 win football program is precisely 2 games north of .5oo in its last thirty-two (17-15)!

Or just plain Jayne, average…

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Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech football preview!

 #51 R.P.I. Georgia Tech @ #38  R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

au natural Tech

Tech savvy 1o1…

The team that everyone wants to beat, and yet that nobody wants to play in on tap next. As the Wrambling Wreck of Georgia Tech with their whacky and likewise choppy Flexbone signature triple-option offense is back in Blacksburg Virginia this Saturday afternoon.

And yah; I know, I’ve never seen coach Paul Johnson and Cyrno Jones of Star Trek fame in the same room at the same time, either.

Frank may or may not have Trouble with Tribbles, though the rookies on the Bud Ultra defense are on the ‘rong side of the Flexbone Experience and Learning curves alike. And Virginia Tech sure just expended a whole lotta emotion bullets in the most recent 120 minutes of play.

Not to mention the fact that the other Tech (Georgia thereof) holds a major training room or health advantage coming into this one….

…is that enough however to pull the 8 point upset in the 24060?

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