Qb or not to Qb, that is the… question.

Fu springs

2017 officially opens for… business.

Very curiously enough, spring has officially sprung down in the -warming as I type- New River Valley. That means nights on Arnold’s back poach or over on The Balcony (T.O.T.S., to the younglings among you). It also means biology lab on Slusher Beach, going to the river or to the falls.

This also means pigskins get pumped up, re-inflated and are flung on the au natural practice field or inside the synthetic Beamer Barn. Likewise, this further means another Qb derby is underway down in the 24o6o. Our third in four years if you are keeping score at home. As multi year starting, Qb1 rein holding annualized Pivots (Canadian Football League for: Qb, eh) –are becoming fossilized in the modern-era of basketball on grass, quantum specialization, and a game that keeps speeding up no matter how much the rule-book keeps trying to slow it down. Though what are the powers that be, that comprise the still somewhat new O&M junta, actually seeing on-field? Read on to find, out… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: Virginia Tech football’s next Qb1?

Virginia Tech football just had a great N.f.l. day; and probably a pretty bad 2017 seasonal adjustment in R.A.T.T. Atlantic Coast Collegiate terms. Godspeed to our early entries!footballl-logo-vt

The Evans, Bucky, Ford, Sam, and 100% of the right-side oLine departures are a critical offensive-based talent downgrade. Make no mistake here sports-fans; you do not get better with 75% of your pitch-n-catch routine gone; 40% of your oLine gone, and 55% of your O gone overall. Still yet, someone has to win the Qb1 job, and what if that someone was actually not even on the 24060 campus this last fall? [Read more…]