Virginia Tech @ Maryland basketball preview:

#223 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #78 R.P.I. Maryland:


Maryland is 10-4 in College Park and 15-14 overall, so this is a must win game for any Terrapin post-season chances what with rugged looking season closing home date vs. uva up next. As the Terrapin margin of error is officially 40 minutes, and some would have me say it’s actually (already) less than that.

So whatever the homesteading Terps best shot is, that is the shot that I expect coach J’s and company to catch right between the O&M eyes on Tuesday night at 8pm. And yet there is something vaguely Miami about this Terrapin hoops squad. I’m not saying we are surely within their range, though they are not quite beyond our depth; either.

This is not exactly an offensive juggernaut of a Maryland hoops team, though they are fully healthy (no injury report); and we all know that the host Atlantic Coast Conference team tends to win about 7 times in 10. There is that…

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Maryland @ Virginia Tech basketball preview:

 #81 R.P.I.  Maryland @ #221 R.P.I. Virginia Tech 

 This is gonna be a very abbreviated hoops preview; due to a burst hot-water heater and associated soaked up electrical ills here in the 3o4.

Though I did look Maryland over; and briefly….

My contrite apologies on that…

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Maryland @ Virginia Tech football preview:

#71 R.P.I. Maryland #41 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is…short

short  (shôrt)adj. short·er, short·est

  1. Having little length; not long.
  2. Having little height; not tall.
  3. Extending or traveling not far or not far enough
  4. This preview, post-wvu VicTory parties; extraordinaire; as try as you might err-fan, you still kan’t spell victory without Vee.Tee!!!

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Maryland @ Virginia Tech basketball preview: (100% FREE!)

#69 R.P.I. Maryland @ #15o R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: 9pm Thursday, Raycom, ESPN3
Vegas line: VT+5
$-line: bet $1 on VT to win $1.80, bet $2.20 on MU to win $1

Well, the one thing I know after the last two men’s basketball games, is if they had only been 60 minutes in combined totality; Virginia Tech would have finished a totally handsome 2-zip as opposed to o-2. As I recall, only one person was positive enough to pick us to upset the basketball factory otherwise known as U.N.C. last time out. That person was within E.Green (yet again) going 1 for Life on game-winning shots –recall he did win an A.c.c. tourney game on one in 2011- or one E.Green shot away from painting the town Chicago Maroon and being correct.

Coach J’s called that improvement and I for one am inclined to agree; however, I’d agree even more if we had split, much less swept. Which rather effortlessly segues us into today’s word…

al·most  (ôlmst, ôl-mst)


  1.  slightly short of;
  2.  not quite;
  3. nearly:
  4. VT’s last 85 minutes of play

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