Virginia Tech basketball preview North Carolina

#38 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #9 R.P.I. North Carolina:

Virginia Tech basketball travels down to Tobacco Road to take on big bad North Carolina basketball on the Thursday night ESPN flagship telecast at 8 o’clock.

The North Carolina Heels are a shinny looking 18 up and 3 down on the year and riding high checking in at 1st place in the Atlantic Coast Conference standings at 6-1 thus far. U.n.c. has been beaten by two traditional powerhouse ranked teams (#6 Kentucky 1oo-1o3 and #13 Indiana 67-76).  U.n.c. did get upset by fellow A.c.c. Georgia Tech 63-75 a little over a fortnight ago. U.n.c. does own two ranked wins vs. #16 Wisconsin 71-56 and in-conference #9 Florida State 96-83 just last week. However, U.n.c. is really good, they are still improving and yet they still seem to have a clunker of a game left in them …possibly, two. That rightfully said, U.n.c. is just a dickens of a match-up nightmare for Buzz and Co. down low, and nobody will want anything to do with these slightly limited though very large Heels once the pace of post-season play slows down in U.n.c.’s favor.

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Virginia Tech football North Carolina Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football went down to Tobacco Road and came back with a soaking wet 34-3 win over homesteading #17 North Carolina down on Tobacco Road. On a sloppy field with simultaneously sloppy play.

...not 1/2 bad, for something (2 INTs) that has never happened; before; now.

…not 1/2 bad, for something (2 INTs) that has never happened; before; now.

To me, anything and every can and probably will happen when you play a football game right on the edge of a Hurricane (Matthew, God Bless). As the presence of the absence of the still concussed star Tb (Hood) of U.n.c. mucked up my Carolina digits a bit –although I don’t like U.n.c. and you can see the byproduct of said motive in the final paragraphs call. Thank you coach God insert _____here, check! That being said, methinks the goodness, or possibly even the greatness off this 2016 suddenly pretty dang handsome looking Virginia Tech football team hangs by two threads; as it hangs precisely by #4 (on O), and his pal #57. The health of #4 + #57=our gridiron margin of error, and it also exactly equals the rest of our, year. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football North Carolina preview

 #25 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #12 R.P.I. North Carolina:

Virginia Tech football -now nationally ranked at #25- travels to face likewise nationally ranked #17 North Carolina this weekend at 3:30pm on A.b.c./ESPN2 and simulcast on ESPN3. In what could very well be a soggy bottom precipitous day? Which segues us neatly and rapidly into today’s word of the day…tar-heel-logo

Today’s word of the day is… elemental.




  1. Of, relating to, or being an element.
  2. Fundamental or essential; basic. Of or relating to fundamentals; elementary.
  3. Constituting an integral part; inborn.
  4. Of such character as to resemble a force of nature in power or effect
  5. See what I mean? (Presuming this Hurricane does hit | may St.Matthew bless!)

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North Carolina Virginia Tech basketball preview

#4 R.P.I. North Carolina @ #1o9 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

#2 in the national rankings and year-in and year-out Atlantic Coast stallwart of m.Jordan, James Worth et al fame comes to town on a very white Sunday nite down in the chilly New River Valley.UNC Basketball logo 4

U.N.C. checks in at a nifty looking 17 up and only 2 down

As only hosting Northern Iowa (by 4) and Texas (by 2) have had anything whatsoever for a richly deep N.Carolina squad thus far this campaign.

These Heels may not quite have a single-shot superstar Jordan or Worthy this year. Nevertheless they’ve got a a buncha Perkins’, McAdoo’s and the like. As this years incarnation down on Chapel Hill is sick with depth.

Gonna take a lot for a smaller and thinner Hokie squad to pull the upset here, although at home -and with Buzz and company trying to make sucha big 6:30pm deal outta this one- there is a shot. All the more so if U.n.c. will kindly overlook little ole V.P.I.

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Virginia Tech North Carolina football preview

#12 R.P.I. North Carolina @ #73  R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… gone!

The Coach Next flavor du jour=???

The Coach Next flavor du jour=???


(gôn, gŏn)

Past participle of go1.


  1.  Being away from a place; absent or having departed.
  2. Missing or lost: My watch is gone.
  3. No longer in existence; not part of the present: “The biggest catastrophe was the lack of wildlife. The great herds were gone” (Tom Clynes).
  4. No longer available; used up: All the rice is gone.
  5. Past; bygone.
  6. No longer alive; dead.
  7. Frank Beamer in 180 minutes or less!

“On and on and on and on you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…”
-Big Yellow Taxi-

While the TSL message boards continue their boundless infatuation with the incoming coaching  flavor of the day, we here in reality land, we don’t like ice cream, we do however love Frank. As we’d love to send this man out a winner vs. quite possibly the hawtest team in the land.

However, much as we’d (all) love that, is that reality?
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Virginia Tech North Carolina basketball preview!

#242 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #9 R.P.I. North Carolina:

Virginia Tech gets cast in the Atlantic Coast spotlight Sunday night television game vs. mighty North Carolina this weekend down on Chapel Hill.

U.n.c. enters this contest nationally ranked at #15,  …at 13 up and 4 down on the year. Having been beaten by Butler, Iowa, all-world Kentucky and Notre Dame. U.n.c. has however already beaten nationally ranked Ohio State, Louisville, Florida and U.c.l.a. Shew! Talk about a brutal opening docket; geez!

Nevertheless, these T.Heels are pretty damn battle tested and very likely TECHnologically savvy.

 As our R.A.T.T. chances here are pretty south of good. [Read more…]

Your winning North Carolina Eye in the Sky (part I):

Listen, when bourbonstreet “gar-ron-damn-tee”‘s a Hokie VicTory, bourbonstreet gar-ron-damn-tee’s a Hokie Victory! Lesson learnt, as my tally of 35 points was about as spot on as it could be, although missing U.n.c. by 1-and-half plays was not so shiny.

sky-blue ZING!

sky-blue ZING!

That being said, we are 4 up, 2 down and that’s not very far off the pre-season pace most of the prognosticinti set for all of us. If it is off at, as some shrewder readers surely tabbed us as a .667 team at this very moment.

Or in other words, someone still needs to beat Gah.Tech twice, and yes Virginia Tech and Frank need this OPEN weekend like a “dead man needs a coffin”. And yes, I still have no idea what my late father meant when he said that.

Though I do have sources who hint that BYE has a very tough defense. So do not expect many (if any) Hokie points to be scored this weekend.  That attempt at comedy aside, we do need some downtime as our list of walking wounded reads about as lame as it possibly could. As we are objectively down to our 4th string Tb as I type.

Although the first 30 minutes were not too shabby, even if Frank did take his foot off the O&M accelerator a coast home a bit in Division metaphorical terms.

And yet, tell me we are not guilty of: “…straining out the gnats and swallowing the camel”
-The Book of Mathew-

…read on to see what I mean.

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