Virginia Tech basketball preview Notre Dame

#2o R.P.I. Notre Dame @ #46 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball remains ensconced in the nearly downright warmed up New River Valley this Saturday afternoon at 2pm to host BIG name Notre

The Irish are a pretty decent squad, checking in at a slightly surprising robust 15 up and only 2 down in a year that was forecast to be pretty good; though probably just short of, great. As most of my preseason wraps have Notre Dame in the upper third of the A.c.c., although there is a lack of agreement as to where or how high in Atlantic Coast terms specifically. The generic, overall, broad brush consensus seems to think that this is a post-season caliber team; though agreement as to which tourney of which ilk is again, hard to come by –as the hooping cognoscenti have some ranging opinions regarding these 2017 Irish. That being said, this game is at home, we have an advantage in rest, and  the 2016 Irish would have very likely beaten the 2017 Irish. So hopefully we are catching these Irish at just the right time.

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Virginia Tech football Notre Dame Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football went to up to historic, fabled, even legendary Note Dame and came home with the hard-fought and ultimately hard-won triumph.

VT is #1!

VT is #1!

Try as the Irish might, they still can’t spell victory without Vee Tee! As this was one helluva a grim, gutty, and ultimately gimpy come from behind cardiac kids Hokie win up in South Bend. This indeed was a helluva a win, although it was a costly win in particular in forth quarter terms; as an already wounded Virginia Tech got dinged-up, dented and then saw poor Mars’ Williams season come to a harshing end as football continues to be the paramount or Alpha terminal contact team sport. Still yet, we did win, we showcased tremendous guile, grit, guts and a downright gamey attitude and it took all of that and more to pull this 17 point deficient outta the bogus leprechauns fire. Read on to find out how Virginia Tech football did it, and at what, cost… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Notre Dame preview

#29 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #80 R.P.I.  Notre Dame:

Virginia Tech football -FINALLY- gets to play Notre Dame, in … wait for it, in the game of, I believe it is pronounced: “football”!nd-logo

Precisely what we needed to pick this tired looking team back up mentally –or so we all hope.

I for one welcome playing Notre Dame, @Notre Dame, in Lane, on Mars. So what? We’ve been waiting for this rotational game for how many years now? Thing is… once I started reviewing my pre-season magazines’, I occurred to me just how highly ranked a now four up and six down or .4oo and quite literally right up against their post-season margin of error Notre Dame truly is. And this segues use neatly into today’s word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… frangible



adjective. (late middle English)

  1. Capable of being broken; breakable.
  2. both Notre Dame and Virginia Tech?
  3. …or just

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Notre Dame Virginia Tech basketball preview

 #111 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #39 R.P.I. Notre Dame:

The team that everyone wants to play -in particular in football- and yet does not often get beat -in either sport- is up next and on O&M tap.Irish hoops logo

Notre Dame checks in at 12 up and 5 down overall and 3-2 in A.c.c. play.

And I’d have to say that is 72 golf or just about on par with where most of my pre-season magazines tabbed the Irish this time out. As a solid, maybe even good mid to lower mid-tier Atlantic Coast program this campaign.

The Irish are well rounded, they do not make mistakes, and you will have to go to South Bend and carpe de game. As Christmas is over, Winter is setting in, and this is typically not a team that is in a giving mood.

Nevertheless, this is also a team that is not quite as good as it was last year; and that does bring Notre Dame within range; if barely.

Read on to find out if this one will be,… rangy enough?

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Notre Dame Virginia Tech basketball preview

#4o R.P.I. Notre Dame @ #245 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

#8 ranked Notre Dame finally comes a Revenue Sport calling to a somewhat downtrodden debuting Buzz Williams Cassell Coliseum this Thursday night on ESPN3. That should make for something of a wake-up call or at least something of a hawt tix to have down in the chilly New River Valley.

Notre Dame enters our Cassell at 17 up and 2 down, have been beaten by Providence by 1 point and by hateful u.v.a. by a couple of shots.

As this is a pretty good basketball team with pretty good balance sans pretty good size.

Not the biggest Irish Setter in the fight; although there is some fight in this well coached Irish dog.

Love to see us win here, or at least love to see the Fighting Irish take us a bit lightly; as we are due to play a good game and some would say we played better than expected Sunday night down @U.n.c.

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Virginia Tech @ Notre Dame basketball preview:

#193 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @

#1o1 R.P.I.  Notre Dame:

Notre Dame was ranked 19th nationally in my pre-season Lindy’s basketball almanac of a preview magazine. They did have 2 all A.c.c. candidates (Grant and Atkins) and Mr. Atkins was listed as the best play-maker in Atlantic Coast terms. Now they are sans poor Jerian Grant for classroom reasons; and suddenly Notre Dame is looking more and more N.I.T. every day.

The Irish are an above average offensive squad and a nearly average defensive club under underrated head coach Mike Brey. You can see this when you observe that Notre Dame is mutually 8th best in assists and likewise 8th best in assist to turnover ratio; which is pretty damn fine when your leading scorer and backcourt star (Grant) is done for the duration.

So this is a pretty serviceable Notre Dame basketball squad. They are well coached, they do not beat themselves; and yet they are not quite so lofty as they were prior to Grant Lee(ving) (Civil War fans, see what I did there) the team. As Notre Dame has now dropped 3 in a row and 4 of their last 6; and is only a simple 4 shots removed from having dropped all 6. This is a good Irish side that got off to a good start and has now been reduced to being above average.

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