Orange Bowl Eye in the Sky part III:

At the risk of cowtailing anything any further, yah, it’s still true, Stanford beat the physical stuffing out of the toughest A.C.C. football team down in the Orange Bowl just over a month ago. That has not changed.

What (did) change in my analysis was seeing how pitiful our basics were upon further (film-study) review. Been a long lone time since I’ve seen a Virginia Tech football team only reach a C+ to B- zenith as fundamentals go during the regular season, only to see such fall right off the map as Bowl game basics are concerned.

That must change come this springball and if need be this August camp as well.

Does Frank Beamer need to electrify his football team and Staff alike by bringing in another over the top coach like Elmo’ (Phil Elmassian)?

Just like Rooster Cogburn: “I will have to weigh that.” I expect Frank is playing with his O&M scales right about now as well.

Though I do know this …
“Discipline is the ancestor of fundamentals.”

–Anonymous coach-

And no less than Rock’ himself questioned VT’s discipline pre-game.

High time we got back to some O&M True Grit.

Such however is a matter for the Eye in the Sky part IV to hold court over.
What’s the matter with the Eye in the sky part III is nearly code for: “everything”. As everything is precisely what went ‘rong down on So.Beach during the final quarter of play. [Read more…]

Orange Bowl Eye in the Sky part II:

Recall that as the second-half tipped off and opened for business, that this was nearly a dead heat.

Stanford 13
Virginia Tech 12

That’s a one point game; even if Virginia Tech would have to wait precisely seven more months until playing Appalachian State on o9.o3 to score again.

Last time I checked a one point game is nearly even.

So how did you really feel about VT chances heading into the intermission? Be honest. Was VT very much in a very tight halftime contest? Or was there Cardinal colored writing on the O&M wall?

Meh? I’ll say a little of both. I did not see a really synchronized VT offense up until this point in time. In fact I was seeing a VT offense with Wilson suspended for 50% of the first half, a R.Williams who managed to look the ‘rong way at just the right time on any and all blitz pick-ups; and a D.Evans who simply was not a good fit for Inside-Zone work against Fua and the kick-ass cadre of Stanford inside-Linebackers. I had also seen T-mobile making several electrifying plays and doing all he could do to keep VT in the game. I also saw VT execute exactly one first-half run with perfect 5×5 (five by five) blocking from the VT oLine upfront. So wait till you see the oLine assignment count think: the oLine grades– when I publish part III.

On the other hand, Graves and company had been feisty and combative enough early on; and yet I was a bit concerned if over-sized Stanford would begin to wear on them a little bit as the evening moved along. Sure seemed to be a whole lot of Hokimotion with Hokies jumping all over the place pre-snap in an all-out mental effort to match JimBo move for counter-move. As opposed to simply simplifying things and going back to a very vanilla or basic 4-3 set with Cover-2 and any of the three main varieties of Man coverage on the edges or on two of the three Stanford Te’s. So wait till you see the Tacking chart when I publish part III.

( Surgeon General’s warning, to PATT’s or wimminz preggers with PATT’s, reading the rest of this may be hazardous to your health)

Things were about to begin to shift, and shift and re-shift and then quadra-shift back into their original alignment; as Stanford took control of the line-of-scrimmage, seized Virginia Tech’s manhood and then humiliated Bud Lite to close the show. This one is not pretty and the part III one I will release in a week or two is is  nothing less than embarrassing. [Read more…]

Your Orange Bowl Eye in the Sky part I:

As Pittsburgh Stiller De Dwight White once told reporters after Earl Campbell and the Houston Oiler’s trucked the much vaunted  and downright dynastic -not too mention physically tough as they come- Steel Curtain defense way back in 1979:

“It wasn’t one of our better nights.”
-Dwight White-


Bingo that.

As I’ve not seen a Frank Beamer coached football team get physically slapped silly like that since our A.C.C. bad-blood feudal visit to wvu way back in 2003.

Hate to say it, and yet, Stanford did beat us worse than the score showed, and the Miami scoreboard read like an O&M beat-down, no matter how P.A.T.T. (positive all the time) you slice it. Per such, congrats to the 2011 Orange Bowl champion Stanford Cardinal. That praise rightfully bestowed…

Do recall that at the intermission this was only a single point football game. That does not read too too bad in and of itself, as the first-half of play was statistically close to even, even though there was a off-shore So.Beach undercurrent that suggested that VT was about to be swept out to sea. Some rather needy if not necessary calls by VT, a deluge of missed tackles and a totally manhandled interior VT G-C-G oLine later … and suddenly Stanford was dropping more than a few anchors along the line-of-scrimmage (LOS) on both sides of the ball. VT may not have been beat-down at this point in the game, yet VT was indeed starting to get beat-up.

The antithesis of the Miami game earlier this year as VT took numerous Hurricane haymakers right on the O&M chin and lived to tell the tale. In this one Stanford landed a couple of particularly devastating shots right on the O&M button after the midway point in the second quarter which staggered Virginia Tech and from which Virginia Tech never fully recovered. That’s not good and yet far more than just that; such is highly unusual historically speaking when you consider that you can count on less than both hands how many times you seen a Frank Beamer coached football team be the metaphorical nail that gets physically hammered by an opponent. You might even be able to rightfully number that using only one hand in Hall of Fame in-waiting Coach Frank Beamer’s illustrious O&M career.

Oh well … and accordingly, a caveat is now fully in order, this first half is not as lopsided as the second half of the Orange Bowl Eye in the Sky will be. So do try to bear that in mind if this Eye rubs you the wrong O&M way. [Read more…]

2011 Orange Bowl preview: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech!

#4 Stanford vs. #13 Virginia Tech:

2011 Orange Bowl: Monday, 03 January, 8pm on ESPN
Vegas Line: Stanford-3.5, O/U=57.5, $-Line: Stanford-175, VT+155

Several post-season pundits have anointed this as the best bowl match-up of this years bowl season -at least on paper- and I for one am more and less inclined to agree here in cyber print.

However the game is not played on paper.

This one will be played and decided down in the proverbial trenches as these are two characteristically smash-out, highly physically combative football teams. that will mutually “get after you” from the word go. If slugging, high-velocity, heavy contact football is your thing than I am inclined to tell you that you Sir have come to the right place.

This is 1980’s Michigan Wolverine football redux (think: the Bo Schembechler era with no less than one Jim Harbaugh at Qb) vs. Beamerball and the most physical football program from the Atlantic Coast Conference (A.C.C.). This one is a slobber-knocker, a donnybrook, or Piper’s Pit with two very physically rowdy football teams.

I don’t know about you, yet the pure throwback Rock’em Sock’em first-school football fan in me is highly anticipatory of this one. Never mind that it has my school in it; that would be biased and that is not my job. My job is to tell you about the game and I am telling you right now that this one is not gonna be politically correct, it won’t be for the faint of heart, and it ain’t gonna be kinder gentler football — not at all men.

“Buckle up.”
-Captain Kirk-

Yup, and while you are at it you might wanna buckle all four chin-strap snaps up good and tight — you’re gonna need it in this one! [Read more…]