Tech Thoughts: Virginia Tech football’s next Qb1?

Virginia Tech football just had a great N.f.l. day; and probably a pretty bad 2017 seasonal adjustment in R.A.T.T. Atlantic Coast Collegiate terms. Godspeed to our early entries!footballl-logo-vt

The Evans, Bucky, Ford, Sam, and 100% of the right-side oLine departures are a critical offensive-based talent downgrade. Make no mistake here sports-fans; you do not get better with 75% of your pitch-n-catch routine gone; 40% of your oLine gone, and 55% of your O gone overall. Still yet, someone has to win the Qb1 job, and what if that someone was actually not even on the 24060 campus this last fall? [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football is in the crickets chirping, tumbleweeds blowing, or doldrums riddled holding pattern otherwise known in WWI terms as the Sitzkrieg or phoney war right about now. The is the time of year where no news is good news and most any real news tends to be off-field at best, academic, quarrelsome or even worse than at that.

...wont' be long...

…wont’ be long…

There are now only sum 48 odd shopping days until your very own weekend Liberty pass is granted in gridiron terms. However, methinks that I’ve got at least one more real article left in my old-school 424 Shanks Hall 1987 compressed particle clipboard. So let us hop to it and do something about these high humidity dog days of summer with some real live Tech talk. As there are things that have emerged from spring ball that look like they could help make an efficacious difference late in the 4th quarter in a tight and hotly contest scrum of a football contest this fall. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech Football only has ~60 sum odd shopping days remaining until all of you are granted a weekend Liberty pass of sorts.

the new BIG whistle has a likewise big re-toughing job in front of him...

the new BIG whistle has a likewise big re-toughing job in front of him…

Personally, I, can’t, wait! I do likes me some hometown Pirate Three Rivers seams, and I loves me an epic boxing match all year round. Ditto some soothing Sunday afternoon touring final round golf –where you have no one left to blame for your slice other than yourself.

I for one however, still get a rise from the smell of freshly cut football field grass each and every year before the given training camp opens for business. There is nothing like it as there is still only one alpha team sport in all of America. It’s a rough business this football; it is a terminal contact business. It is not for the faint of heart, it is not bound by message board easily offended and habitually down-voting wannabe neverwasbeen opinions. It is bone-on-bone in the ultimate crucible of truth this side of the squared-circle. Ergo, I’m going to write a bit harder here, I’m going to roll things back to some of more old-school big east black-n-blue articlilzing days. If you are one of those… the tailgate is more important than the actual game softies? Do yourself -and me- a favor; and stop reading this particular article right now… I’ll gladly see you next time. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Bud practice Tua

will apply correcting, when needed!

Virginia Tech football has at least one more objective spring ball results oriented article in me. And then we get to the Logan Thomas is tall and rain is rumored to be wet style of more and less rinse, recycle, repeat; and less peculiar publishing later this summer.

This springs practice has come to a close; although and we did see some movement(s) across and up and down the orange and maroon depth-chart, there are still a few things to sort out, and some other things that just plain need some ironing out. Our beloved Hokies are in quest for some additional offensive line depth, defensive line depth, and linebacking help plus depth. We have two handsome potential stop-unit starters still in flux, possibly fluxed up and at the very best, those two are still suspended. And yet we did see some overall and individual improvements; in very particular to overall and individual pulmonary and cardio conditioning. So let us pick up where we left off with some individual nuggets and some collective broad-brush canvasing strokes sprinkled in here and there… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football thoughts: more spring ball..

#MoreSpringBallRightHere!coach tunnell

Virginia Tech football may be finished as spring practice 2016 went. However, there is at least one more page of individual baller a schematic outtake type notes laying right here in my 1987, 424 Shanks dorm room compressed particle board old-school style clipboard. So maybe I should do something with them; like maybe I should publish them?

Probably should, as someone took the time to run them down and someone really should corresponding take the time to thank their behind the scenes peep’s. As their way ahead of the other publications O&M learning-curve call’s this spring practice were nearly nonpareil. The early Motley rise, the spring long Lawson wane, some nifty net Gaines (if he returns); the emerging Osterloh, the always energetic Sam, the onus on pure pulmonary and cardio elite conditioning way back in January before off-season conditioning had even begun, et alii

I for one would say: “I’m impressed”, and I for one would like to say: “thank you” to all of them. Nevertheless, we have a bit more ground to cover as odds and Ends go so let us hop right to it. [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: Net discipline Gain(es) or an Alexander great talents L?


BOOM! outta here...

BOOM! outta here…

Virginia Tech acting summarily here folks! Check it out… do you see what I see? Or rather what I do not see? As I do not see Adonis Alexander nor Houshun Gaines on the Virginia Tech football Roster no more!

This gives some new meaning to swift justice, does it not? However, where do you come out on this? Do you discipline them? Do you suspend them? Do you kick them off the football team entirely for marijuana? Now, I’m not for pot, never having done any. However, last time I checked if you truly did crack a zero tolerance policy whip? Zero football players is not super far from what you’d have left. Though what’s a brand new head football coach-Fu to do as his first (public) major disciplinary decision is now firmly and resolutely thrust upon him? It is an easy call for some; unless of course it is not. So, what kinda call is it for you? [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts … spring practice part IV:


Lot going on in Blacksburg, Va. this past week and weekend. Some in memorial –God Bless o4.16.

Game on!

Game on!

Some things are always going on over on Slusher Beach as the New River Valley starts annually heating up.

And even some football to boot!

I have a lot more than this.

However, in the interests of having more objective off-season things to write about, this will suffice for now. As per always, there are some guys making a move, some guys just setting the pace and a few guys who need to get it in gear. Timely enough Bristol Motor Speedway short-track weekend pun, insert here ________ check!

As only 3 work days remain to make your O&M depth-chart, move! [Read more…]