Virginia Tech basketball preview Syracuse

#164 R.P.I. Syracuse  @ #48 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns home after a truly beat-up looking -41 point double thrashing deficit out on the road.cuse-logo

The hooping Hokies will attempt to inflict some measure of gridiron revenge for their revenue O&M sporting brethren on Tuesday night down in a warming back up New River Valley. This may or may not be an easy thing to do, as the 10 up and 6 down Syracuse Orangemen seem to court a record that is chasing their statistical analysis. As in they have beaten the pants off of every little team they have played; every bit as much as they have truly struggled vs. nearly every single BIG name team they have faced thus far. This makes this a dicey game to call; as the Syracuse statistical variability here is far ranging, indeed.

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Virginia Tech football Syracuse Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football did not have a good day as Fighting Gobbler ego went. Virginia Tech football did however have a great day for humility. As daddy Foster taught his son Bud, as Golf My Way by the greatest ever -Jack Nicklaus- teaches us all, you get too high or you get too low and bad things happen.

sportsmanship, 1o1...

sportsmanship, 1o1…

The golden-bear literally did say, hurry up and move onto the next shot, focus; and stop complimenting -or worry- about that last swing. Thing is, … the hiccup game someone said would occur before October ended, occurred vs. what seemed to be the most beatable October team. That’s not good sports fans. Although the game film opens up pretty decent for about 25-40 minutes of scrumming, and then things really got away from us and the 24060 whispers say that happy or hands-off coach-Fu ain’t. Read on to find out how/why… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Syracuse preview

#20 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #1o5 R.P.I. Syracuse:

Virginia Tech football hits the road for a 3:45pm Saturday afternoon date in Will’s much ballyhooed “Jiffy Pop Dome” in mid-state New York. The game is on ESPN and our beloved Hokies are a 20 point favorite in this one. Or in other words, good ole V.P.I. really should win this one and they could, -possibly even should- win this one going away. This segues us neatly into today’s word of the day…cuse-logo

Today’s word of the day is… opus.

ˈəʊpəs; ˈɔp-)

noun, pl opuses or opera (ˈɒpərə)

  1.  an artistic composition, esp a musical work.
  2. (Classical Music) (often capital) (usually followed by a number) a musical composition by a particular composer, generally catalogued in order of publication:
  3. a seminal musical piece.
  4. Saturday at 3:45pm?

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Syracuse Virginia Tech basketball preview

#125 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #42 R.P.I. Syracuse:

 Virginia Tech goes National Basketball Association roadie and stays out on the road for this one in a very professional looking itinerary of two games in three nites all away from your very own 24060 home.cuse hoops logo

Syracuse is an interesting team as the tale of the tape goes.

16 up and 8 down is prolly on tempo for be declared post-season good looking; though which post-season is that one code for? As the ‘cuse is a .5oo (5 & 5) men’s hoops team in Atlantic Coast play.

Or in other words?
Syracuse is prolly Virginia Tech at full strength.
Or maybe even just a 1/2 a notch less than Buzz on full deployment.

Still yet, we are up in their “Jiffy Pop” lyte version or their much vaunted Carrier Dome; and let us hope that the ugly Pitt game does not carry over or Syracuse will at least carry on, and they may even get carried away.

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Syracuse Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#75th R.P.I. Syracuse @ #251st R.P.I. Virginia Tech:


Well, I was gonna post some pre-Atlantic Coast Conference intra league game thoughts here…


Not so much.

As whatever post-presence, rebounding, and shot-blocking -not to mention attitude- just got itself suspended for the duration.

PEACE-out Joey Van. Z!!!
HELLO getting posterized and made to ride, bitch!!!

WOW, just, wow.
: (


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Syracuse @ Virginia Tech hoops preview:

#16 R.P.I. Syracuse @ #77 R.P.I. Virginia Tech 

If there is such a thing as a thin looking and even a bit hobbled #2 team in the land, this contemporary Syracuse team is surely it. 14 up and zero down is pretty dang tight; some would say perfect. I would say that the 5th best team in Turnover Margin (+6.5 tpg) is a tough match-up and I would have said a match-up that is easily outta our reach.

And yes, being the 13th ranked team in team defense in ppg allowed (59.8 ppg allowed), and likewise being the 9th best team in terms of steals per contest (9.7 swipes/game) would seem to agree. However, and as odd as this sounds, Syracuse did not look (quite) like a true #2 team on the way to being anointed a #1 seed come March Madness.

At least not to me, and at least not on paper; as this is one paper thin ‘Cuse rotation sans the services of  DaJuan Coleman (no relation) baller (ankle) up-front who is said to be “QUESTIONABLE” for this one. And you have to wonder if coach Boeheim will wanna risk him vs. seemingly lowly Virginia Tech? [Read more…]