Virginia Tech basketball preview The Citadel

#217 R.P.I. The Citadel @ #49 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:citadel-logo

Virginia Tech basketball is set to host out-of-conference (The) Citadel this Saturday afternoon down in a -hopefully- warming back up New River Valley at 1pm.

The Citadel is decent enough; at 7-up and 4-down; and they sure put on on offensive treat! What with seven games already, in which the Bulldogs have bitten off 1o8 points or more; with a season high of a Denver Nugget Doug Moe era 146! That’s a buck-forty-six in forty minutes –not in a octa-overtime or something farcical like that kind of game. As this Citadel comes to pour it offensively on and pour the Bulldog buckets in. Making this a smaller though very fan-friendly O.O.C. opponent that anyone could be forgiven for wanting to include in their regular season schedule. And yes, it may take a few points to teach these highly offensive Bulldogs’ a new, trick.

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Citadel Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#344 R.P.I. The Citadel @ #272 R.P.I. Virginia Tech 

The 4-7 The Citadel Bulldogs (yes, “the” is part of their official nomenclature title), come a barking at big bad Atlantic Coast Virginia Tech this Saturday afternoon down in a pre-Christmas bustling New River Valley.

The Citadel did play A.c.c. Florida State to within 11 and is really only three shots away from being 6-5 on the year. As this team looks a bit better than their real-time R.P.I. index ranking suggests, at least on paper.

As they have a pretty good G, and a couple of at least serviceable frontcourters down low behind that.

And as we have already seen, nothing comes easy for the 2014-2015 inaugural Buzzing Hokies. Nothing comes easy vs. any Military school who simply brings it on each and every possession of the the game of life. Never mind in an actually fun sidetrack that we civis colloquially refer to as a … sport.

The Citadel is no soft touch, the Citadel is no easy out…

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