Virginia Tech @ North Carolina basketball preview: (FREE!)

#148 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #31 R.P.I. U.N.C.

TV coverage: ESPN3, 12-noon, Saturday
Vegas line: VT+15
o/u= TBA
$-line: TBA

Too bad the Miami game had to last 40 full minutes. As after the opening 20, I was hoping R.Brown had snapped outta his funk. I was hoping that E.Green would continue right along, I am nearly Praying for a cure from the C.D.C. down in Atlanta for what does officially appear to be the most communicable strain of the lockeroom “zombie virus” of all-time. Two outta three ain’t bad; and yet one outta three was not enough.

High Heels…

And neither is two games above .5oo (11-9) and a beleaguered 2-5 in league play. Not if we wanna make the post-season that is, as I am still (somehow — someway) hopeful, that just like Phil Collins –against all odds; E.Green. J.Eddie, and Ro.Brown will all magically find their three-point stroke at the same time on the same night. [Read more…]

Your winning U.N.C. Eye in the Sky part II:

#4 Virginia Tech=24, North Carolina=21

The first half started out highly suspect, and the second-half nearly ended on a speed-dial to F.E.M.A. or in a O&M pigskin New River Valley disaster.


That’s my pet word for the day.
As that word described how and when U.N.C. actually played pretty doggone well.

In between Virginia Tech had the run of U.N.C. as they pleased and this one seemed comfortable enough with VT up 24-7 with just under 10 minutes to play. Then all hell broke loose and this one appeared to be on the verge of slipping away as VT suddenly needed to get a grip to close the show.

Right now VT has four wins by one full play (a TD) or less this year. In fact VT is 4-zip in close games which is about as good as it gets when you canvas the entire D-1 gridiron landscape year in and year out. That tells me that VT is a clutch football team when the sporting chips get big and blue. That is also most remarkable when you consider just how juvenile any given sophomoric football team does tend to be more often than not. That’s 4 dash oh in close games folks! Last time I checked that’s code for going 100% in the clutch.

That said, VT had to hold off a nearly clutch rally by U.N.C. on senior night 2011 at home inside of a downright frosty Lane Stadium last Thursday night on ESPN. VT did hold on, just barely; although you have to wonder what would have happened if U.N.C. had just made one of those two missed FGA’s and made this one a ~65 minute game. [Read more…]

Your winning U.N.C. Eye in the Sky part I:

#8 B.C.S. Virginia Tech=24, North Carolina=21

On a steel-gray November day, you hear the signature statico “click-clack” of O&M cleats and our beloved Hokies walk down the narrow emotionally claustrophobic tunnel that leads to Worsham Field to a 66,233 strong chorus of:



The initial five chords of Enter Sandman ring out and suddenly the mighty Hokie Nation is feeling no pain, never mind the 21f degree cold.

U.N.C. is about to get turked!

Well, at least they were, right up until our first play from scrimmage and then right up until the final 7 odd minutes of the game when all powder-blue hell truly did threaten to break loose as it looked like U.N.C. might have successfully fielded an on-sides kick-off attempt with 2:29 remaining.

VT might wanna consider issuing Dramamine tablets to help offset the effects of the emotional rollercoaster ride otherwise known as the 2011 Virginia Tech football season. Instantly down, then up for a good long while on the scoreboard and nearly back down, nearly all the way down to end the show.


This 2011 football season has not been for the faint of heart as this injury riddled Hokie football team with the thready training room pulse has fought until their very last breath all year long.

Hopefully, they have two more A.c.c. fights that lay ahead.

Thankfully, they now have nine days off. [Read more…]

Your 100% FREE-view U.N.C. game preview:

n/r North Carolina @ #8 B.C.S. Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: ESPN and ESPN3
Announcers: Rece Davis, Craig James, Jesse Palmer and Jenn Brown
Kickoff: 8:02 post-meridian
Vegas line: VT is favored by 10.5 points
o/u=47 total points
$-line: VT is a 3.8:1 favorite, U.N.C. is a 1:3.15 dog

“We’re in the driver’s seat,”
“We control our own destiny.”
-Danny Coale, Senior night 2011-

Bingo that, as VT’s 2011 gridiron destiny is wide open indeed folks.

Well, if by wide-open you mean 3-4 game from undecided and yet with everything still within VT’s very own O&M grasp, than you Sir are correct.

If VT wins out, VT will very very likely end up in the Orange Bowl vs. the final Big East champion, and yes, that brings you know who into play. That however is putting the nuclear cart before the fallout shelter horse. That said and in the meantime, VT will play one home game in their final five or hopefully six contests. Or one singular shot to see mighty VT scrimmage at home in the final 53 odd days of the season.

That said, U.N.C. might just have something to say about all of that, ditto upstart and 7-3 hooVa and looming mega big-time A.c.c. championship game rematch with the one team to actually beat Vah.Tech this season … the Clemson Tigers.

Cart—–>horse—–>did it again

Nevertheless, although Danny Coale may or may not still be open –well, he will probably be open vs. a leaky looking U.N.C. secondary on Thursday night- and yet Danny Coale is perfectly spot on correct. VT wins it, VT is back in it, and that sequence really should read: stop-over in Charlotte, and on to sunny So.Beach down in the sunshine state vs. you know who.

Unless of course U.NC. or france upset the might O&M wagon. [Read more…]

Regular Season and Bowl preview (part IV):

“Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” -Winston Churchill-

Raise the roof!
As the American debt-ceiling is propped up and lives to fight another day.
U.N.C. doing the right thing however is another animal entirely.
That said, this team does enjoy its share of “tiger blood and Adonis D.N.A.” Check it out…

1# Defensive-End (De)
#6 Defensive-End (De)

#9 Defensive-Tackle (Dt)
#8 Inside-Linebacker (ILb)
#14 Outside-Linebacker (OLb)

#8 Wide Receiver (Wr)
#62 Wide Receiver (Wr)
#70 Wide Receiver (Wr)

#21 Center (C)

#26 Guard (G)
#11 Quarterback (Qb) recruit in America two years ago.
#1 Offensive-Tackle (Ot) recruit in America two years ago
#7 Fullback opening holes for the #1 power Tb in the A.C.C. [Read more…]