Virginia Tech football uva Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football opened up an entire gross, not a can, not a case, an entire 144 count or 12 dozen cans of vacuum packed Commonwealth Cup whoop-ass upside of the dweeby booHoos head on Saturday afternoon down in the New River Valley.

...this left a C'ville mark!

…this one left a C’ville mark!

The Hokies beat the damn breaks off of the university of virginia and if anything -and if this is actually possible- the Hokies beat uva worse than the final score showed. As Tech beat uva’s ass so hard and so long that I almost felt sorry for them; well; almost. As Mendenhall and company have shards to pick up after such a shattering total beat down curb-stomping defeat. Virginia Tech meanwhile resumes its rightful place in the Atlantic Coast Conference football championship game down in Orlando Florida vs. Clemson; whereas the cavaliers are left waiting on chess season or holiday zima 2.16 packs or whatever makes them feel sham important …after such an impotent day. As the Commonwealth gridiron gap has not felt this gaping in quite some time. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football virginia university Commonwealth Cup preview

#119 R.P.I.  france #37 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football returns to Lane Stadium for the final time this regular season. Saturday afternoon at high-noon to take on prīmula in-state rival, the university of virginia cavaliers.

This however has not been much of a rivalry, at least not for the last decade and change. As Chris Coleman told you -and as some of my people told me; last year- London’s recruiting (in-state) had really soured in the last couple of seasons as “their boy” fell capriciously out of “their” favor. Such brings us to the Curious Case of Bronco Button. I mean Bronco Mendenhall, as Littlepage continues to do the most zeta, or anti-Whit, or the worst possible athletic directing H.R. job this side of … well, this side of absolutely nobody else. This brings and segues us neatly into our word of the day…common-gulp

Today’s word of the day is… juxtaposition


(ˌdʒʌk stə pəˈzɪʃ ən)


  1. An act or instance of placing close together or side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast.
  2. The state of being close together.
  3. Milton’s: Paradise Lost, Charles Dickens’: A Tale of Two Cities.
  4. Littlepage and the word: brain.
  5. This imported quarterhorse Bronco and the 7-5-7.
  6. The Commonwealth Cup and… uva.

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uva Virginia Tech basketball preview

#119 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #5 R.P.I. virginia:


The lowercase alpha team that you all love to hate is on tap and up next!uva basketball

And I’m pretty sure they are none to happy regarding what happened in the New River Valley last time out.

Get back.

As last time it was virginia that took the hurt end of the 7o-68 very upsetting sized O&M flavored stick.

And ouch some mo’, as #7 nationally ranked uva is the real deal. 19 up and 4 down overall and 8-3 in Atlantic Coast terms.

As Tony Bennett and uva don’t make many -if any- mistakes. You want this one you had better go on and take it. Carpe le` hoo.

Although taking this one in the hoo-house is a different animal,  entirely…

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virginia Virginia Tech basketball preview

#4 R.P.I. virginia @ #142 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:


After the last 2.5 Vee.Tee basketball  games?uva basketball

Kan’t say I’m looking forward to this one; and then there was a Jalen Hudson sighting –of all things?!?

As Frank Beamer may have indeed owned uva in men’s football; however that very same uva has courted no less than a hooping lease with an option to buy on Virginia Tech. As coach Tony Bennett -to his credit- is no doubt the Bud Foster of men’s D-1 hoops.

This is one tough pack-line nut to crack folks. And the Forum Guide per wvu predicts that Virginia Tech will get done out by a backbreaking 41 points in this one!


And ouch some mo’, as #5 nationally ranked uva is the real deal. 11 up 1 down thanks to a second-game hiccup @George Washington by two shots, says so. uva is good, uva is dead to rights solid and uva don’t make many -if any- mistakes. You want this one you had better go on and take it. Carpe le` hoo.

As Christmas is over and Tony Bennett teams are typically NOT in a giving mood.

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virginia Virginia Tech Commonwealth Cup preview

 #79 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #83 R.P.I. virginia:

Today’s word of the day is… rival.




(...and this used to be a pretty good fight; NO really!)

(…and this used to be a pretty good fight; NO really! It (once) was…)

  1. One who attempts to equal or surpass another, or who pursues the same object as another; a competitor.
  2. One that equals or almost equals another in a particular respect
  3. uva?!?
  4. plu-eee-ze!

Geographic proximity not withstanding, don’t you need to be an actual threat to win the game to be (rightfully) considered one’s… rival?

Or does that make too much… sense?

As this has been about as uno-dimensional or 1-sidded rivalry as there can be this side of wvu vs. Penn State way back when.

Now, and that being said, uva has been closer of late, and they have had their chance’s, plural, in recent campaigns. The Commonwealth Gap has narrowed thanks primarily to an O&M sag and no thanks to anything in particular coach Dream has done at uva.

Has the Commonwealth Gap narrowed, enough?
Read on to find out…

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university of virginia Virginia Tech basketball preview:

#221 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #3 R.P.I. virginia:

#2 overall, and 26 hyphen Duke (26-1) uva is up next up in The John. Where the 14-1uva hoop ball inside the Atlantic Coast Conference hoos will look to flush all things Virgina Tech.

uva is a very good basketball team and coach Tony Bennett is a men’s hoops Bud Foster corollary coach.

Gonna take a lot to beat uva on the road over in C’ville Va., as you have to think the cavaliers will remember how close our last outing vs. them truly was, and wish to do something about that on their very own home-court.

hoowever, uva is pretty dang beat-up in their starting backcourt, so if there is such as thing as catching the #2 ranked team overall … this is it!

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virginia Virginia Tech basketball preview

 #2 R.P.I. virginia @ #235 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

The team you all love to hate is up next as the #2 nationally ranked virginia cavaliers invade our very own Cassell Coliseum for this early-bird Sunday (1pm) afternoon tip.

In case you live under a rock, or have recently been hit in the head by a rock, this just in… at 17 up and nil down? uva is pretty damn good men. Perhaps even coach Tony Bennett’s (no relation) best incarnation yet.

And if there ever was a Bud Foster of men’s hoops, Tony Bennett and his much vaunted pack-line defense are surely it! As virginia just held Georgia Tech to 28 points. For, the, game!

Not for a given half of play –for the enter 40 minute men’s hoops contest.

oui-oui, me neither, as this one is not looking favorable indeed, although at least we still have football. As beating virginia in men’s hoops is prolly gonna have to wait.

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