Pittsburgh Virginia Tech basketball preview

 #116 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #35 R.P.I. Pittsburgh:

My hometown, the 412, Upper Saint Clair, the Orange Belt, South Hills, the Tubes, Century III, the Kabuki and Bimbo’s pizza parlor!Pitt logo

Great peeps, great Pirate and Stiller City of Champions times.

My how the times have changed.

Exit Hugh Green, Tony Dorset, Dan Marino, Johnny Majors; and enter Jamie Dixon? Quick, is that a Pitt player or a coach?

See what I mean?

As Pitt will always be no better than 4th banana behind the Stillers, the Stillers, and a Pens/Pirate tie when their are Stargell stars up in the sky.

That said, Pitt has been very decent in both revenue sports for a while. And they are closer to their Big East roots in style of play and physicality than the rest of the A.c.c. is. Remember that… [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: bourbonstreet vs. Will round #3!

“…to leverage VT’s popularity into improved, Top-10 level recruiting…

Will freakin’ Stew‘-

Okay Will… I’ll play; like what?

Today’s word of the day is: how

howTSL recruiting logo



  1. In what manner or way; by what means:
  2. In what state or condition:
  3. To what extent, amount, or degree:
  4. For what reason or purpose; why:
  5. With what meaning:
  6. By what measure; in what units:
  7. Frank was magically gonna do this… how?

I wanted to answer up here, separately: My biggest regret is that once Frank made VT good, he lacked vision to make VT GREAT. He stuck to the things that got him there, instead of building on them.

Probably where he really, really failed to reach for greatness was to leverage VT’s popularity into improved, top-ten level recruiting. He stuck to what he knew: boots-on-the-ground, relationships-with-high-school-coaches, in-state-oriented, family-style recruiting.

One mo’ time sports-fans…………………….how???

[Read more…]

Your FREE-view Elon preview!

Our Hokies return to seek refuge in their Cassell after having played 10 solid quarters ofEpic this hoops team is not. basketball down in Puerto Rico; but only going 1-2 overall for their troubles.

That’s not good; but fortunately neither is Elon. wvu blew them out 45 and some place called Tennessee-Martin worked Elon by almost 30.

So feel good that we will win. But we do have some work to do before a made for TV showdown with Big-10 stud Whisky. [Read more…]

Your FREE-view quasi consolation game preview!

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Simply put………………that did NOT taste good!Seton Hall hoops.

When will all opposing game-winning slop shots stop finding the net?!?

I got concerned when Xavier got back in it and cut it to 2 points right before intermission; but we did deserve to win that game. So now we must try to move on to Seton Hall; a former National Championship game participant and pretty decent big east hoops squad.

The big question here is who is better? The even bigger question however very well could be……where is our collective psyche after taking a 50` crack Musketeer shot right between the O&M eyes??? [Read more…]

Your FREE-view Xavier preview!

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Nice opening round win over Fairfield folks.NC2A tourney team right here folks.

Clearly a better offensive showing than I had expected; though I had our opponent nearly nailed down. So will the real Hokie offense please stand up? Is Allen a real deep-ball threat? ADV sure liked being home and Delaney can score.

But how will we do vs. such a solid and very sizey Xavier team? Have we won our last game of the Puerto Rico Tourney?  Read on to find out… [Read more…]

VT up in the Mecca of all-sports arenas!

Gotham, The Big Apple, the NYC, and VT in the Madison Square-Garden house!

This is a very big deal folks. This is the house that “Clyde” Fraizer and his signature lambchops used to roll cooler than kool bell-bottom right on through. The house that helped make Ali great. The house that has hosted more Tite Fights than any other. The house that has seen more conventions, circus’, events, games, services and a whole lot more. There is MSG, then there are all the rest. But who will win b’street? [Read more…]