Virginia Tech basketball preview Notre Dame

#2o R.P.I. Notre Dame @ #46 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball remains ensconced in the nearly downright warmed up New River Valley this Saturday afternoon at 2pm to host BIG name Notre

The Irish are a pretty decent squad, checking in at a slightly surprising robust 15 up and only 2 down in a year that was forecast to be pretty good; though probably just short of, great. As most of my preseason wraps have Notre Dame in the upper third of the A.c.c., although there is a lack of agreement as to where or how high in Atlantic Coast terms specifically. The generic, overall, broad brush consensus seems to think that this is a post-season caliber team; though agreement as to which tourney of which ilk is again, hard to come by –as the hooping cognoscenti have some ranging opinions regarding these 2017 Irish. That being said, this game is at home, we have an advantage in rest, and  the 2016 Irish would have very likely beaten the 2017 Irish. So hopefully we are catching these Irish at just the right time.

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Syracuse

#164 R.P.I. Syracuse  @ #48 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns home after a truly beat-up looking -41 point double thrashing deficit out on the road.cuse-logo

The hooping Hokies will attempt to inflict some measure of gridiron revenge for their revenue O&M sporting brethren on Tuesday night down in a warming back up New River Valley. This may or may not be an easy thing to do, as the 10 up and 6 down Syracuse Orangemen seem to court a record that is chasing their statistical analysis. As in they have beaten the pants off of every little team they have played; every bit as much as they have truly struggled vs. nearly every single BIG name team they have faced thus far. This makes this a dicey game to call; as the Syracuse statistical variability here is far ranging, indeed.

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Florida State

#43 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #13 R.P.I. Florida State:

Virginia Tech basketball remains road-tripping after getting basically poleaxed by Nc.State after finally cracking the Top-25 in an embarrassing, routing, of a total L on Wednesday night down in Raleigh (Nc.).fsu-logo

Things may not get much easier with the always defensively durable Florida State Seminoles on tap Saturday afternoon at 2pm in Atlantic Coast play. The 2016-2017 Seminoles are a shinny looking 14 up and a mere one down (14-1) on the year thus far. Having only been beaten by Temple by one shot (86-89) this season. And in case you had not heard, Florida State is towering; I mean big, bigger, biggest, making this emotional rebound game a mightily tall order for coach Buzz and orange and maroon company as this 615 mile roadie may seem larger than that.

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Virginia Tech basketball Buzzing over upsetting coach K and Duke!

Virginia Tech basketball preview Duke

#8 R.P.I. Duke @ #55 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:duke-logo

Virginia Tech basketball takes to the court vs. *the* Atlantic Coast barometer or inches of hooping mercury this Saturday afternoon down in the New River Valley.

The Dukies -or the alpha team that everyone loves to hate- is coming to town and Virginia Tech roundball is about to find out just how good Virginia Tech basketball truly is. Or not; as this years Duke incarnation sure looks loaded for bear to me. Yes, the Plumlee era is finally over, my Lakers have Ingram, and yet don’t cry for me Argentina or anything Cameron. As the incoming crop of Duke recruit’s only amassed a hardwood constellation or twenty-seven, that’s (27) stars among them! Duke storms our Cassell at 12 up and 1 down have having been upset by a single shot by #7 Kansas. In what will be the A.c.c. regular season opener for each team; nonetheless who will win? Read on to find, out…

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Maryland Baltimore County

#224 R.P.I. University of Maryland Baltimore County @ #64 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns to play surprisingly 9 up and 3 down University of Maryland Baltimore Count on Belk Bowl Eve, at 7pm, down in the late 2016 A.D. New River Valley.umbc-logo

The Hokies host the Retrievers on ESPN Extra in what we all hope is nothing more than a glorified scrimmage or a Duke warm-up game this Wednesday night in Cassell Coliseum. That being said, Virginia Tech basketball and coach Buzz may not encounter a bigger textbook look-ahead trap game all year. And as we have recently seen, stranger Radford and Alabama State things have happened before. The students are gone, the sporting foci is certainly Razor-backed, and these Holiday Retrievers may or may not be wiling to just roll over for A.c.c. VeeTee and simply play dead. As Baltimore Maryland has a couple of kids that just may surprise you. Will they surprise -or even ambush- coach Buzz and company being another mater… read on to find, out.

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Charleston Southern

#326 R.P.I. Charleston Southern @ #52 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns to the court Tuesday night at 9pm down in the New River Valley vs. 4-up and 6-down Charleston Southern.csu-logo

The Buccaneers of Charleston Southern are pretty much a mid-range preseason pick in the 10 member Big South line-up everywhere you look. Fifth or sixth or middle of the Big South pack and yah; .400 as a winning percentage almost makes that moderate level of prediction read, oversold. However, a combined -71 point deficit in three blowout L’s on the road at Florida State, Georgia and Alabama is not helping matters, either. And yet the Buc’s have been within one or two makes of wining the other three L’s they’ve notched and they do court two pre-season all-conference candidate qualified ballers. So maybe these Buc’s are not that far gone as walking the .4oo plank seems; unless of course they are… read on to find out, which. [Read more…]