Virginia Tech basketball preview The Citadel

#217 R.P.I. The Citadel @ #49 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:citadel-logo

Virginia Tech basketball is set to host out-of-conference (The) Citadel this Saturday afternoon down in a -hopefully- warming back up New River Valley at 1pm.

The Citadel is decent enough; at 7-up and 4-down; and they sure put on on offensive treat! What with seven games already, in which the Bulldogs have bitten off 1o8 points or more; with a season high of a Denver Nugget Doug Moe era 146! That’s a buck-forty-six in forty minutes –not in a octa-overtime or something farcical like that kind of game. As this Citadel comes to pour it offensively on and pour the Bulldog buckets in. Making this a smaller though very fan-friendly O.O.C. opponent that anyone could be forgiven for wanting to include in their regular season schedule. And yes, it may take a few points to teach these highly offensive Bulldogs’ a new, trick.

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Virginia Tech basketball Mississippi preview

#26 R.P.I. Mississippi @ #67 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball tips-off bright and early (@high-noon) vs. visiting South Eastern Conference member Mississippi, or Ole Miss -as they now want to be called- this Sunday afternoon down in the turned chilly New River Valley.ole-miss-logo

These Rebels are talented every bit as much as they are loquacious. mercurial and sometimes inconsistent alike. There is some measure of rebellious star power here every bit as much as there is a uncertainty as to which brand of Ole Miss basketball will actually show up? The six win front-running hard offensively charging Rebels who have only been beaten by #2 (Creighton) and#5 (Middle Tennessee). Or the version Mississippi that nearly got upset last time out by the University of Tennessee-Martin. So this is either a close to double-digit win or a toss-up, pick ’em, raw dogfight of an out of conference game. Take thy pick…

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Virginia Tech basketball Maryland Eastern Shore basketball preview

#318 R.P.I. Maryland Eastern Shore @ #49 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball returns home after a 3-1 National Basketball Association ‘esque nine day roadie with just 1 L on the season. And that L coulda been a Dub-a-u. However, if my aunt Kim had nuts and a bolt she’d be my uncle Tim. Such is the domicile of the modern sporting realm.mes-logo

The Hokies just played three pretty compelling and pretty tough opponents alike. Such is not the case this Wednesday night at 8:30pm down in the December chilling out New River Valley; let me assure you. As this Maryland Eastern Shore team is a lot of things and good is not one of them. Though they did break their win-column seal last time out vs. someone named Central Pennsylvania College, and yes, I did come up in the Keystone state and no, I have no idea what that school is west or even east of? As this one has trouncing, blowout, name that score and scrubs need P.T. too …written all over it.

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Virginia Tech basketball Wooden Legacy third place Nebraska preview

#47 R.P.I. Nebraska vs. #117 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:neb-hoops-logo

Virginia Tech basketball returns for the final game of the Wooden Legacy tourney after a day off to face what is addition via subtraction. As former Big-12 Nebraska is now in the 14 team Big-10 conference, having left the former Big-12 which now courts eight teams, behind. And yes, go fig’ on all of that?!?

The Cornhuskers are a 4 up and 1 down men’s hoops team -same as us- and they were tabbed by most pre-season magazines to be a bottom-4 team in the Big-10. Which is probably code for a potential post-season bid; albeit one south of the big dance. Nebraska is not quite the lumbering muscle bound Corn-husking team of yore, and that makes this one a closer match-up than some will think for this 4pm east-coast 1pm Pacific ESPNU tip-off.

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Virginia Tech basketball Texas a&m preview

#259 R.P.I. Texas a&m vs. #1o1 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball heads back to the court on a short Association ‘esque looking ~2o hour turn vs. Texas a&m on Friday afternoon on ESPNU/ESPN2.atm-logo

The Aggies do catch about +3 bonus hours worth of rest thanks to their earlier Thanksgiving Day afternoon run vs. overwhelmed CSU Northridge, who was the traveling bug to the a&m windshield. As aTm beat the breaks off of Northridge by the tune of a 95-73 everybody plays and the starters save their legs for Friday. Courtesy of an out of conference curb-stomping that left the Northridge holiday wishbone, wish-broke. As the Aggies buckled down and held Northridge to a parsimonious 28 points in the first 20 minute of running. Accordingly, this one just got a little tougher than I had previously expected; as one could expect fatigue to be an issue, here.

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Virginia Tech basketball Wooden Classic New Mexico preview

#13o R.P.I. New Mexico #1o3 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:n2l0sf7fsrlc6fugz46pgd0lp

Virginia Tech basketball returns to a left-coast Fullerton, Ca., Wooden Classic, 4:30 PM, ESPN made for Thanksgiving Holiday TV start vs. the 3 up and o down New Mexico Lobos.

This however is far removed from a surefire win; and yah; even though this may be a 34 hour and 2,408.6┬ámile road trip via I-40 West; it surly beats playing New Mexico in their own backyard. Which has been The Pit(s) for many a visiting team for many many a season. As the Lobos own -and I do mean: “own”- one of the top-3 home court advantages in the 349 populous men’s D-1 hoops regime. So a neutral court is a lot more inviting than the well fabled Pit. Still yet, this is nobodies gimmie, this is quality basketball squad out in New Mexico; and it will take a quality Hokie effort to win here.


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Virginia Tech basketball V.M.I. preview

#317 R.P.I. V.M.I. @ #38 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:vmi-logo

Virginia Tech basketball returns to its home court vs. Virginia Military Institute of Gen. George Smith Patton Jr. fame on Saturday at 7pm. Accordingly, to all the Keydets, thank you for your Service and I thank you for my freedom(s).

This however being the other revenue sporting contest for this Saturday afternoon; as the whispers say a lotta O&M eyes will being going ’round a particular South Bend earlier in the day. Nevertheless, Buzz and company have looked pretty decent, and then they looked pretty good so far. Are Buzz and company for real; and who are you and what have you done with the former run-n-gun v.M.i.? Keep on reading to find, out…

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