Boston College visits V.Tech in hoops

After two very nice, very game wins, our Hokies are in the middle of a three game home-stand vs. Boston College. That’s a BC team that has won exactly one game since the middle of January; or is in other words…slumped. But BC is 1 game above .500, and therefore does still entertain some NIT or CBI hopes. But who will win? [Read more…]

The Technotrioic hoops classic tips off, in a battle of the Techs.

But that was a helluva a gut-check win to have trailed for the majority of the game, and beat a Maryland team that many thought was peaking, on the road in College Park Wednesday nite. So props to SG and crew for shaking themselves and coming correct in a tough road win. But now we catch a Gah.Tech team that is in serious stay at home post season danger if they do not close with a barrage of wins or win the ACC. So what should we expect in this one? [Read more…]

“Winners never quit . . .” -Vincent Thomas Lombardi-

But last weekends post game quotes turned this here Maryland game into a pure make or break affair for the rest of the year. I’m real serious when I typed that, if this potential problem is not solved by Maryland, letting it fester to try to lance it at Home only means it will grow larger for the insalubrious delay. This is now the proverbial swing game, after a failed drug test courtesy of BALCO, a swing game on steroids. We either show some stones, or we might have to wait until Fall 2008 to win another hoops game folks. But what I’m looking for is a gutty, scrappy Hokie effort. That might make the homestand a winning one no matter the Terrapins result. [Read more…]

After 6 days of some mucho needed O&M R&R, our Hokies retake the court @ #5 ranked UNC.

If there actually is a good time to catch the soon to possibly be defending 2008 NC2A tourney champs, that would be right about now. As UNC is so injury plagued at point-guard that the Center of Disease control is thinking of asking fabled tobacco road to say “Ahhhhh”. But still, we are the underdogs, and with good reason, as Roy Williams has a #1 Tourney seed on his hands these days down at Chapel Hill. But can we win, is there any hope b’street? [Read more…]

After a typically ugly Wolfpac game our Hokies return to the Cassell, to play THE U.

One thing I’m sure about this game is that I’m surely glad this game is in the Cassell, and not being played on the road down in ole Coral Gables; as our O&M hoops crew has won 22 of its last 25 at Home, and Miami has only won 3 times as the Visitor in more than the last calender year. On top of all that, is Seth Greenberg making a bit of an ACC Coach of the Year case or what? [Read more…]

Congrats on completing our first hooville sweep since the 1963-64 calender sports year.

But da Wolfpac is ready to take a bite outta us, and they have already bitten us 5 straight times. So even though beating france for the 3rd major revenue sports time this year is a hellUVA a thing, can we finally break thru vs. the NC.State Wolfpac? Because we really do need a Road win to close out the year, and that’s not likely to happen @ UNC.

There is a log jam within +/- 3 L’s of 6 ACC teams currently ranked 3rd thru 8th in the ACC. I doubt all 8 get their NC2A tourney tix punched, so this game is vital, but who will win this ACC basketball game b’street? [Read more…]

Are we catching france at just the right time? Or do they get some le` payback?

I do have to view this as france will be pretty pissy for our Commonwealth Cup Rivalry game. They had their chance(s) before Dron flushed them up in their John. So nobodies Zima bender can make that taste too good, and this might possibly be $$ (sean singletary) last shot at us. Ergo, there might possibly be a motivational edge here favor of the beretheads, as I expect we have to beat le` A game to actually, what’s that word? Electrolux? Shop-Vac? Sweep? Oui. To sweep france in major revenue sports for the year. But will we sweep france???

[Read more…]