Maryland opens our remaining all in-conference docket inside the Cassell:

But who will win? Can we get a ACC win this year in fact? I suspect the answer is “yes”, but I do further suspect that we can count our ACC wins on one hands worth of fingers when this year is all said and done. I was leaning towards taking Maryland. As I plan to give a long hard look at any ACC team that has a good or a upperclassman heavy backcourt. But reports suggest that…… [Read more…]

VT is in the Aeropostale Tourney championship game, vs. St.John’s with…..

…..Chris Mullin, Bill Wennington, and of course, Lou’s famous sweater. Oh wait. That was 25 odd years ago? Yah; there is that, and how things have changed at St.John’s. But it’s still a quality D-1 hoops name that carries some real live basketball cachet, and this would still be a major Tourney championship scalp to take for such a nubile Hokie hoops team, playing what is really only a Road game. But will we win b’street? [Read more…]

VT opens it’s 2007-2008 confernce docket @ Wake…..

….and this is nobodies gimmie folks. Wake is a stellar 6-zip at Home already on the year. Though it can be said that the D.Dec’s lack a signature win, as they have beaten 5 patsies, and a down Iowa, against being 0-2 vs. the S.E.C. But who will win? [Read more…]

Will Vah.Tech ring the Liberty bell tonite???

In the Association, this is called the proverbial “get-away-game” for Liberty (last game on the Road for a while). But n0t for VT. That’s the entire key here to me (as we must face Wake 2 days before Christmas), but Liberty is off until 28 December 2007 A.D. [Read more…]

Yet another UNC, this time it’s UNC’G, or UNC-Greensboro who invades the Cassell….

A Southern Conference team, from our very own former all-sport genealogy. But who will win, and why? Here are a couple of things that strike me right away about UNC’G and our very own hoopster Hokies……. [Read more…]

The Hokies finally play JoePa up in Happy Valley!

Errrrrrrr, ahhhhhhhhh, well, kinda, sorta, a little bit. But it is PSU, and it is on ESPN2’s made for TV hyped up ACC vs. BIG-10 Challenge…… [Read more…]

VT up in Klondike country vs. Directional Washington….

Time to flex my hoop’ology, Orange and Maroon style. But can we will? Was Elon that good? Are we that underdeveloped? Read on to find out…… [Read more…]