Virginia Tech football Miami preview

#32 R.P.I. Miami #37 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football hosts ESPN, the Bristol broadcasting company at 7pm on a made for (national) telly audience as about seven point Lane Stadium favorites vs. Miami.

This after both Atlantic Coast Conference Coastal Division football teams were beaten last week –and the week before by arch rival Florida State if you are the ‘canes. And this yet again segues us effortlessly into this Today’s word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is…nfl-u-loto




  1. The act or an instance of plucking.
  2. Resourceful courage and daring in the face of difficulties; spirit.
  3. The heart, liver, windpipe, and lungs of a slaughtered animal.
  4. just ask ~11:30pm and see one of these two Coastal Division stalwarts season looking all… plucked, up!

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Tech Thoughts: bourbonstreet vs. Will round #3!

“…to leverage VT’s popularity into improved, Top-10 level recruiting…

Will freakin’ Stew‘-

Okay Will… I’ll play; like what?

Today’s word of the day is: how

howTSL recruiting logo



  1. In what manner or way; by what means:
  2. In what state or condition:
  3. To what extent, amount, or degree:
  4. For what reason or purpose; why:
  5. With what meaning:
  6. By what measure; in what units:
  7. Frank was magically gonna do this… how?

I wanted to answer up here, separately: My biggest regret is that once Frank made VT good, he lacked vision to make VT GREAT. He stuck to the things that got him there, instead of building on them.

Probably where he really, really failed to reach for greatness was to leverage VT’s popularity into improved, top-ten level recruiting. He stuck to what he knew: boots-on-the-ground, relationships-with-high-school-coaches, in-state-oriented, family-style recruiting.

One mo’ time sports-fans…………………….how???

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Eye in the Sky public scrimmage#2, Techbits…

Despite the ever growing (or tightening) O&M whisper, vibe, hint, and sourcing omertà, here are several things that have indeed, caught my Eye thus far this 2015 training camp.

Individual medley style this time.NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Russell Athletic Bowl - Rutgers v Virginia Tech

As I see several individual baller things’ that I do want to hit upon before we get to Labor Day night.

And I likewise do see a couple of things I’d like to see cleaned up.

So let us R.A.T.T. hop right to it. As unanimous Associated Press #1 in the galaxy “the” Ohio State is only really a fortnight away.

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Absolute VicTory Eye in the Sky (part I):

“bourbonstreet, you mercurial, indescribable, esoteric lying S.O.A.B!

Stop fibbing all over!
Lying is for rugs!

You did NOT call this upset three weeks ago.

You called this upset four weeks ago!!!”

Go b.street! Go b.street! Go b.street!

Go b.street! Go b.street! Go b.street!

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William and Mary Eye in the Sky (part II):

“Hokie Hokie Hokie hi!”
“Tech Tech V.P.I.!”

Fun film to watch and it has been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of pronouncing that in my header after some L’s in our initial contests, or some very upsetting looking first or second games in the last handful of seasons.

Virginia Tech did precisely what you are supposed to do to a D-1aa football program, as we handed Bill and Mary their healthy visiting check pre-game and then proceed to force-feed this Tribe knuckle sandwiches all-day after that!

This is precisely how a big-time host treats a small-time visitor, and one has to wonder if the “kinder gentler” days of Frank Beamer and company are now officially a few bull-in-the-ring or Oklahoma Drills behind? [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts: 2014, a higher ceiling or a lower floor? (part II)

VR Ring

Bling-Bling baa-bee!

P.A.T.T.’s rejoice and N.A.T.T.’s do what you do best, despair …as this one is not gonna be very R.A.T.T. of me.

This one -just like the game of life- is all about extremes. The middle-ground need not apply here. Nothing about a normal, routine, ho-hum day defines you. Woke up, car still started, traffic was ok, your work day went according to schedule, family running smoothly, regulation TV, in bed on time, a solid nights sleep. Rinse, recycle, repeat, –and I just learnt nothing, as in zero regarding y, o, u. Something rattles your cage however, something takes you outside your comfort zone and suddenly we go way beyond single-blind in classical scientific method terms in a hurry. Now I get to observe what you are really all about, now that you are outta your element. You both adapt and overcome, or end up overcame.

Last time we canvased the lower extreme case situation and took a flooring approach to the 24060 or Blacksburg Va. in 2014 football sporting terms.

Life isn’t always fair, sometimes you get the bull, and sometimes you get the horns. So with the horny part outta the way in part one, let’s try a more uplifting, utopian, or P.A.T.T.reeotic look at 2014 here in part II. So here’s our mostly sunny forecast for 2014, within the limits of foreseeable common sense…

Sunshine, puppy-dogs, and dopamine galore, all while the hawt girl at the end of the bar really is giving you the big-eye……… here’s what happens if the 2014 football season goes great! [Read more…]

Tech Thoughts v.o1.16: VT oLine setback … in years!

LSU hlemet

Geaux Jeff

As someone ghosted on the subscribers message board over 4 weeks ago … it has now been objectively science-fact confirmed, that coach Grimey would indeed be the very first Virginia Tech assistant coach to go. This was nearly unanimously poorly received and nay-sayed on TSL; right up until it forcibly was not…

…and yes, Jeff was the least great Virginia Tech fit. Namely, because he is now an adopted Louisianian State fit. Ergo, let the Virginia Tech offensive-line rebuilding process, begin anew, once more, all over again…


It’s a grimey job, though someone’s got to do it. Only caveat is … this is now a multi, and I do mean multi –as in plural, very plural- years of a job. Why however is what you should be asking yourself and therefore holding myself and my feets to the scrutiny fueled fire? [Read more…]