Virginia Tech football uva Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football opened up an entire gross, not a can, not a case, an entire 144 count or 12 dozen cans of vacuum packed Commonwealth Cup whoop-ass upside of the dweeby booHoos head on Saturday afternoon down in the New River Valley.

...this left a C'ville mark!

…this one left a C’ville mark!

The Hokies beat the damn breaks off of the university of virginia and if anything -and if this is actually possible- the Hokies beat uva worse than the final score showed. As Tech beat uva’s ass so hard and so long that I almost felt sorry for them; well; almost. As Mendenhall and company have shards to pick up after such a shattering total beat down curb-stomping defeat. Virginia Tech meanwhile resumes its rightful place in the Atlantic Coast Conference football championship game down in Orlando Florida vs. Clemson; whereas the cavaliers are left waiting on chess season or holiday zima 2.16 packs or whatever makes them feel sham important …after such an impotent day. As the Commonwealth gridiron gap has not felt this gaping in quite some time. [Read more…]

Tech Poll: …who is the Alpha Recruit of the 2015 class?

Interesting class, that was by all accounts very good, and about 1 more chip baller(s) awaySettled from being extremely good, maybe even outright great. Or a 20’something ranked national recruiting football class basically no matter where you look.

Nevertheless there is some rather alluring star-power in this rather top-heavy (pun intended, see: pic) on O&M paper 2015 Virginia Tech football recruiting class. (training-room,, off-field and Coach God all willing)

So who is your most intriguing prospect of the 2015 recruiting class?

Who is your Alpha? [Read more…]

Dwayne Lawson thumbnail scouting report:

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi!”

**** or 4-star rated dual threat Qb, one Dwyane Lawson of Sunshine State (Florida) by way of Tampa Bay, is bringing his version of Lawsonville to Blacksburg, Va.!

Here is what really bent my Eye on tape -per always- in our omnipresent website motto of:  here real men congregate and: “…speak truth to the power!

i.e. uncensored and unabashed…

As I saw several things I really did like in film-study, and a couple more than may need some, well, some time, some calories, and some reps. And prolly a r-shirt as well.

(read on to find out, what)

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Frank Beamer: HOF coach, gone quarter-horse or Thoroughbred recruiter?

So Signing Day 2014 has come and gone; and the results are in…

Virginia Tech just finished with the 31st ranked incoming college D-1 football recruiting class in the entire nation according to And with a measly 1 player in the ESPN top-300!

According to the Chris Horne’s TSL scorecard, once mighty Virginia Tech just managed to rake in a whopping 1 player outta the in-state or Virginia High school top-10! So allow me to put it to you directly and to put it to you thus…

…is Virginia Tech succeeding at failure, whereas uva is failing at success?

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Your FREE-view Georgia Tech preview is up!

#10 Virginia Tech @ #20 Georgia Tech:

TV coverage: ESPN 8pm Thursday night
Vegas Line: VT is a 2 point opening line favorite
over/under=49 points
VT is a 1:1.17 favorite, GT is a smaller favorite at 1:1.03

Well, here it is the A.c.c. Coastal Division game of the year folks!

As you can plainly see in the A.c.c. standings chart over on the right; Virginia Tech controls its own destiny. Beat Georgia Tech this Thursday night down in the ATL, and then beat hoo-Va up in paris on November the 26th and even a 6-2 Virginia Tech would still finish no less than one game up on everyone else in the Coastal Division standings. Win out and at 7-1 in the A.c.c. and Virginia Tech would blow the Coastal competition right outta the Atlantic Coast water.

However, taking an L down in the ATL would drop VT into a three-way tie with Georgia Tech, and france for first place in the A.c.c. Coastal in the all important L column, and one tiebreaker (i.e. GT’s ) would not favor the Hokies return to Charlotte when taken head-to-head.

That’s what’s at stake folks and the story lines entering this one are aplenty:

  • How much more beat-up can Bud Lite possibly be before Bud Lite finally taps out?
  • Which defense, schematically speaking, will Bud Lite deploy vs. the flexbone of Georgia Tech?
  • Can the Hokie offense rise to the occasion and control the game, or maybe even win a shootout should the aforementioned Bud Lite finally run dry?
  • Will the real Georgia Tech please stand up, please stand up? Is this the 6-zip season opening Georgia Tech that rose all the way to 12th in both national polls with a sizzling hot offensive attack? Is this the revitalized version of the Wrambling Wreck who just beat #5 Klempson 31-17 at home? Or is this the fugazi adaptation of Georgia Tech who recently was beaten at france and totally smoked out at Miami?
  • And oh by the way, this one most likely determines the Coastal Division winner –did I mention the Coastal Division winner yet?

Yah; this one is big all right; about as big as they come in-season in A.c.c. terms between two football teams who don’t exactly like each other on top of everything else. Yessiree, this one is the biggest party of the year and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Only thing is … who will win? [Read more…]