ACC tournament preview Wake Forest Virginia Tech

#112 R.P.I. Wake Forest vs. #227 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

ESPN2 3pm tip-off:
Vegas number: VT+4.5


      Virginia Tech is precisely a mere 5 straight A.c.c. tournament wins away from coach Buzz’s first O&M NC2A March Madness tournament auto-invitation!

Or, maybe not so much.
Maybe even prolly not so much.Wake Logo

Though at least 13-16 overall, 5-11 inside the A.c.c., and the #11 2015 A.c.c. men’s basketball tournament seed is not entire beyond out depth.

Don’t believe me?
Just ask 1 single solitary shot back on o1.31.

Because that is precisely and merely all that separated Wake Forest from Virginia Tech.

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Virginia Tech @ Wake Forest: basketball preview (100% free!)

#165 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #168 R.P.I. Wake Forest:

TV coverage: 2pm, ACCN
Vegas line: VT+6
$-line: bet $1 on VT to win $2.2o, bet $2.6o on Wake to win $1

Deaconesses 1o1…

Coach J’s boys hung around and messed around with Duke for a very solid looking first-half on Tuesday night. Coach J’s boys have won two of their last four when not playing a team ranked sixth best in the nation; or higher. Coach J’s and his boys have been experiencing some measure of betterment for weeks. Improvement, progression, development, enhancement, call it what you will, though do call it the close to the 2012-2013 Virginia Tech men’s basketball regular season. This from a team that damn sure could have easily let go the 9 game L streak rope; and they could have let go easily at that.

That brings us to today’s word. Today’s word is: confidence…



  1.  full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing: We have every confidence in their ability to succeed.
  2. belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance: His lack of confidence defeated him.
  3. certitude; assurance:
  4.  a .6oo finish to the VT men’s basketball season over its final five games!

As I for one am entirely confident that there is a world of difference in a 3 up and 2 down finish; when compared to the obverse of the same. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Atlantic Coast Conference tourney game no.1  [Read more…]

Wake Forest @ Virginia Tech basketball preview: (FREE!)

#115 R.P.I. Wake Forest @ #122 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

TV coverage: 2pm Saturday, A.c.c. Network and ESPN3
Vegas line: VT-4
$-line: bet $1.55 on VT to win $1, bet $1 on Wake to win $1.35

Wake Forest is 9 up and 6 down right now and was picked middle to slightly south of middle of the A.c.c. pack just a few months ago. Wake also played on Tuesday night and was basically spanked out on the road by the Clemson Tigers by 16 (60-44) – this after the Decs had been rounding into (better) forum having gone 5-1 in the six games previous to that. All of that posits to me that the Dec’s are prolly a lesser post-season caliber basketball tournament team at this stage of the 2012-2013 game. The Dec’s have one of if not the best two-punch combo inside the Atlantic Coast (Harris + McKie) this year; and they have several talented freshmen in their most recruiting class. What they don’t have is ideal size and they do have a gap in class rank terms between the big-2 and the rookie year inaugural season V.H.T.’s (very highly touted’s) with only one junior year baller on this seasons squad.

These Dec’s are not unbeatable; although someone must guard C.J. Harris and Travis McKie and make someone else beat J’s boys this Saturday afternoon down inside Cassell Coliseum. On the other hand, our Hokies finally snapped outta their post-wvu funk on the road at Georgia Tech last time out. Even if you could argue that they are 10 minutes (two OT’s) removed from being on a 1 since December 1st schnide as well. [Read more…]

Your winning Wake Forest Eye in the Sky part II:

Virginia Tech=38, Wake Forest=17

Happy 65th birthday Coach Frank Beamer!
God Bless you and all that you have done for Virginia Tech and the entire New River Valley.

Now, returning to our regularly scheduled TSL programing … the second-half looked better on film. I suppose that’s non-plus after seeing Virginia Tech spot Wake Forest a o-10 lead. After that, VT out-scored Wake 28-zip and more and less salted this one away.

Logan Thomas executed several stud throws in the final two quarters of scrumming. In fact, one or two of ’em were so studly that only a handful of N.F.L. Qb’s could get away with the same. Then he had three passes that hit VT Wideouts between the numbers in right in the hands dropped and suddenly what was a “good enough” game could have been a very good game at the least.

(EDITORS note: Time To Throw analysis and actual editing to follow once I make it home, as this weeks Eye is stuck in traveling incognito) [Read more…]

Your winning Wake Forest Eye in the Sky part I:

#16 Virginia Tech=38, Wake Forest=17

“Good enough.”

That’s how someone described this 21 point A.c.c. road victory down at Winston-Salem in a game that saw VT chasing by a 10-zip margin with just over 21 minutes played vs. the upset minded Wake Forest Deacons on Saturday night.4 way tie for 1st!

As nice as this Hokie road-win was, VT left a good 14-21 points on the field this weekend in Carolina as VT came out a bit flat overall, downright nearly critically physically beat-up on defense and something less than crisp on offense to begin this contest.

Our health did not get any better on Saturday night either; although our in-game performance index slowly yet surely climbed in the right direction for most of the night, or at least for the final 40-odd minutes of scrumming vs. the Wake Forest Deacons.

Right now, to me, and this is a backwards looking departure from the standard sports writing norm, the one thing that this youngling 2011 VT football club needs is rest, not reps. That will have to wait another 15 days before we can afford to give the boys some real-live downtime and some much needed Training Room R&R after we play at Duke.

As for now, VT has another 8 quarters of what we all hope will only amount to glorified scrimmaging on tap before VT begins what Vince Lombardi once coined to be: “the BIG push” with back-to-back Thursday night dates at Georgia Tech and then home for North Carolina after that.

Right now, the Virginia Tech football team that I just saw playing on the road and spotting the Deacon’s a 10-point head start will have a tough time catching up to both Gah.Tech and to U.N.C. in consecutive weeks. That said, the Virginia Tech football team that I just saw is nowhere near its 2011 ceiling, if it can only breakthrough in terms of well-being or outright health. Sometime, anytime or in the meantime before November the tenth and our nationally televised date down in the ATL on ESPN prime-time Thursday night football gets here. [Read more…]

Your 100% FREE-view Wake Forest preview:

#17 Virginia Tech @ #32 Wake Forest:

TV coverage: ESPN3, 6:30pm
Vegas Line: VT is favored by 7 points
O/U=49 points
$-line: VT is a 2.7:1 fave, Wake is a 1:2.3 underdog

A let-down trap game?

A game played way way up in Ichabod Crane’s neighborhood of Sleepy Hollow?

Yah; kinda, and maybe even pretty much, as this one has ho-hum, or workman like effort, or a business no thrills like approach written all over it. Think of something along the lines of our recent trip up to Huntington WV, from which Coach Grobe hails.

Yah, Virginia Tech really should win this one. As you just can not say with a straight face that VT enjoys less top-44 talent than Wake Forest does.

Though Wake Forest is better than you think; maybe even a good deal better than you think and they are surely catching VT at the right time for this one gentlemen. As there is no doubt in my mind that Wake Forest will be jacked all the way up for big bad VT; although I’m a bit undersold on seeing an all-out high-octane O&M effort. Kinda tough to ante up and kick in when you have as many walking wounded as we do.

Ergo, don’t die of O&M shock if our beloved Hokies win this one by single digits, or maybe even by a single play. [Read more…]

(17-8) Virginia Tech @ (8-19) Wake Forest basketball preview:

#65 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #245 R.P.I. Wake Forest:

TV coverage: Tuesday 7pm on ESPN2

Vegas line: Wake+14.5, O/U=145

Murphy’s O&M Law 1o1:
If VT basketball can go ‘rong — it will.

Seth’s very own J.M.U. pigskin Waterloo in hoops terms.

The script has now been written, no, make that more like recited twice by Coach Tony Bennett. Such reverberated was loud and clear on Saturday afternoon up in paris; and I for one expect other(s) to now begin to borrow a page from the HooVa stall-ball or Slowtime Tony Bennett script. Why would they not when VT obviously struggles mighty whenever our basketball offense is throttled down or left to red-line while stuck in first-gear.

That was simply not a fun basketball game to watch. U.V.A. (to their credit) made slop-shot after slop-shot and hung “H” after “H” on VT what would have been an audacious and highly entertaining game of H-O-R-S-E if this one had been contested on a play-ground near you. Such was not our fate however as the dirty buggers otherwise know as the french stole –or more like ripped- both Commonwealth hoops contest from us this season. The packline defense of Tony Bennet may be the opposite number of Walt Harris in football or something of an NC.State redux from a few years ago. I was ready to type out: “I wanna see france in the A.C.C. Tourney”; then I read the Box Score and experienced a moment filled with more than a couple second-thoughts.

Again; to their credit; the dirty french has done nothing short of control tempo vs. Virginia Tech for all save about 8-10 minutes of play out of our 80 collective minutes of scrimmaging this year. That’s the bad news; the good news is that Wake gives up 77 points per game on average. There are not 13 teams in the A.C.C. – if there were Wake would be thirteenth. The kicker is thus … how long can you afford to keep the pedal to the O&M metal if you are a six-man basketball team like Seth’s is after the unlawful news regarding Mr. Jarell Eddie’s possession of a controlled substance. [Read more…]