Your winning Virginia Tech @ uva Eye in the Sky: (part I)

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     On a post-Thanksgiving afternoon day up in hooVa, the Vah.Tech offense scuffled and the Virginia Tech stop-unit scarped its way to a full decade of dominance over hateful in-state Commonwealth Cup arch-rival uva.

This one was not pretty; nor have been the most recent 8 quarters of scrumming between these two Virginia D-1 rivals. This after 12 pretty damn one-sided quarters of in-state play that saw the Hokies rack up three head-to-head wins and an aggregate point total of 117 for and 20 against.

Gone are the days of Virginia Tech cracking uva good and hard. Here are the days of a Hokie in-state team that does enough or just enough to win in Commonwealth signature sport terms. Hence the most recent VicTorious 33 to 20 in-state tally.

Things have narrowed; or seemingly narrowed; and you sure as (bleep) have to wonder what the hell uva would do if they had a real live certifiable ball-coach with a real-live matching gridiron Staff?

     Actually,  you have to wonder how Virginia Tech will fare if Littlepage and uva ever did hire a qualified Minority candidate??? As that sound you’ve been hearing in the background is the contraction of what was once the so-called Commonwealth Gap –this due to the increasing talent at uva and the diminishment of the same in Burnt Orange and Chicago Maroon terms.

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Today’s word (or term) is … Heterosis Effect


  1. is the improved or increased function of any biological quality in a hybrid offspring
  2. An offspring  with traits that are enhanced
  3. evolutionary fitness
  4. uva and not VT???

1Q 15:00 remaining:
Those of you in the stands may not have caught this poser wannabe endzone routine; however, is CavMan trying to get all gangstar … like his coach? I mean, there is just nothing hard-ass about dressing up like this (or as the Hokiebird for that matter) and wanting to fight. Since half-past when has CavMan had this, much … spunk? {/doh!}

This D.J. makes it rain hate!

This D.J. makes it rain hate!

1Q 12:52 remaining:
Dee Jay Coles loves nothing better than stealing dumbass hoos! Just ask the odd-side or left-handed outside-zone call to Trey; and don’t ask #22’s of uva’s momma. She prolly does not like Dee Jay Coles very much.

And if you don’t believe that just ask the replay or the screen-cap to the right. Dee Jay be bringing the hate on uva! The anti-Mike London if you will…

(for the record; do I agry with all of this nonsense? Nope. Though you gotta score this round 10-8 in Mr. Coles favor; he puts his money where his mouth is and his mouth is straight butter ca$h!)

p.s. I’m not sure if Dee Jay’s leg/knee are Professional, though he surely is a Pro blocker.

1Q 9:39 remaining:
I’ll give the boohoo’s this much; they sure as (bleep) knocked the (bleep) outta our guys in and around the edge of the play; right up until they quit (one of two words I never say) and spit the bit. Notice #41 for uva with the first of what prolly is a record setting amount if in-coming steals on the day vs. #80 D.Knowles. I can’t put my hand on the TSL Bible and call any of this dirty. It was legal; strictly speaking; and it had a distinctly S.e.c. (bleep) you up mentality to it; again; right up until uva tapped-out, rode-bitch; and quit.

Such was the salty flavor of the hardest hitting Vah.Tech v. uva football game I’ve seen on film in at least a decade, maybe more?

...could have been worse!

…could have been worse!

1Q 9:16 remaining:
Not a pretty left-knee bend here outta Jarrett at the end of the left-side uva Qb keeper. This is how you blow a knee or maybe even pop a Quad’ on a cold day. (takes a very flexible guy to survive this)

1Q ~8 remaining:
Watch the endzone cam’ post-play, then watch Gaye -who just like Dee Jay- does not like uva; as he steals the uva right-Ot after the play.

 1st-half Duration:
A Qb pass, a KO reverse, and on-sides KO … was it Halloween or was VT only saving all of these gadget plays all year long? Or, just maybe, could it be that Virginia Tech felt that uva was getting too close for comfort and therefore Virginia Tech was pressing a just a little bit to make things happen? I don’t wanna call that “desperation”, so I won’t. However, I am want to call that “pressing”, so I did.

♩Friends, how many of us have them?♫

♩Friends, how many of us have them?♫

Really nice steal by #25 (Jerome Wright) of Virginia Tech right at the end of the S.Rodgers KO reverse on #22 of uva as well. Just had to be a nice angle here (somewhere) for a peal-back hit to occur … and there was!

1Q 0:27 remaining:
Ref’s let ‘em play in this one! And this and many other plays showcase such big and bold. Which I do generally favor … in a rivalistic situation whereby Gayle and Moses got their situation on!

1Q last play, 2Q first play:
What in the wide wide world of Sports did my poor boy Dadi do to piss uva off like this?!? As poor number nine-o (9o) got stolen twice on the final play of the opening stanza just like a pinball and then his sideline routine on the opening second-Q play was not much better.

2Q 11:42 remaining:
Notice the Farris-wheel and Gibby both with very smart looking pancake blocks downfield and pulling along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) proper on this odd or left-side Zone Stretch call to Trey. Now notice the difference in how uva scored their rivalry knock-down hits and how Virginia Tech delivered theirs. I’ll give you a hint; uva’s may not have technically been cheap shots; though they were a tad inexpensive at best. Virginia Tech’s on the other hand may not have been inexpensive, though they were aggressive shots … such was the difference between a kinda sporting 151 if you will, compared to uva’s Mickey’s Big Mouth.

Is this even legal?!?

Is this even legal?!?

2Q 9:34 remaining:
And I quote……”…this is a Virginia Tech defense that has 34 sexts coming into this game.” WOW! Just wow as Freudian play-by-play announcing slips go!

2Q 6:19 remaining:
Dear Coach Sherman: would you please be so kind as to ‘splain to me what these two Virginia Tech Wideouts are doing?!?

Dear Coach Moorehead: congrats on being named the Eye in the Sky Virginia Tech assistant coach of the year!

2Q 3:o4 remaining:

Symbology 1o1...

Symbology 1o1…

M, e, o, w!
M-e-o-w goes #5 of uva as this chicken-(bleep) mitch; has the audacity to get all pissy, that a rookie year Wr of Virginia Tech actually blocked him? And blocked him pretty damn well I might add. How in the world is that a problem in a terminal contact sport?!? Dear #5: if you can’t take playing tackle, maybe you should try playing tuba. Because try as we might; “football still ain’t called band” for a reason.

2Q 2:42 remaining:
Note the right-side uva KO return guys really retreating early on this one. Clearly Frank and company saw something on film. And this was an EPIC denying hit by #45 Joe Phillips on the one hoo (#2o) who did correctly play his key and diagnosed this attempt at trickeration 30 days after Halloween. (big PIC link)

2Q 2:18 remaining:
Total weak-sauce move by our very own Dee Jay Cole who drops an easy throw –his second of the day- and then drops his composure when he lobs the football back at #38of uva post-play. This is stoopid, unnecessary and it also cost an offensively challenged Virginia Tech football team 15 yards in reverse. As Gomer Pyle used to say: “…shaaaaame, shame, shame.” (big PIC link)

Remember what Arnold “red” Auerbach said D.J….
“Always instigate, never retaliate.”
As the Ref’s almost never see who had first(s)….

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