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Tech Thoughts: … a regular season 2020, or 202(one) or an irregular 202(n)one?

Virginia Tech football 2020 (hopeful) primer 1o1! Virginia Tech football and pretty much the everyday happy-go-lucky fat-n-happy world as we know it are now all standing on our collective heads —and gettin’ shook for all we is worth. Personally, you, me, and this puny little third rock from the Sol System’s Sun are spinning. In more […] READ MORE

A.C.C. Tournament North Carolina basketball preview!

#111 R.P.I. North Carolina vs. #144 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns from a hard-way first half @So.Bend to nightcap the opening round of play down in Greensboro, North Carolina vs. guess (quasi-homecourt) who on Tuesday night? The Hokies must now face a team that has taken a staggering -and I’d have to presume record-breaking- eight that’s […] READ MORE

Notre Dame basketball preview!

#138 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #1oo R.P.I. Notre Dame: Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns to close out their very final regular-season date to the 2019-2020 docket over in South Bend, Indiana. The Hokiebird just went Phoenix and rose right on up in a downright sharp-looking Senior Night effort vs. streaking Clemson to keep seemingly sagging O&M post-season hopes alive […] READ MORE

Clemson basketball preview!

 #89 R.P.I. Clemson @ #149 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball and Coach Mike Young play their first final home game of the year ever on a mid-week date vs. the team they (surprisingly) began the year against. The Hokies now field 15 up and 13 down and (same as us) struggling to manufacture post-season assuring wins Clemons […] READ MORE

Louisville basketball preview!

 #153 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #12 R.P.I.  Louisville: Virginia Tech men’s basketball sojourns over to the bluegrass state to play one of the two bluegrass state hardwood factory type of schools. This on a rarefied Sunday night regional Atlantic Coast TeeVee looksee at 6 PM on the ACCNetwork (check: local listings). The Hokies draw a Cardinal squad that is pretty well […] READ MORE

virginia basketball preview!

#36 R.P.I. virginia @ #142 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball now hosts archrival in-state and potential Commonwealth Cup revenue sport sweeping -and hateful- uva on Wednesday night at 7 PM on nationally televised ESPN2. The Hokies face the defending National Titlist who enters the fray at 19 up and 7 down overall, (or: .688, 11-5 and 4th place in […] READ MORE