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Virginia Tech East Carolina preview

GAME CANCELLED! East Carolina has bailed out on this one… says they do wanna play, later on… stay, tuned!  #90 R.P.I. East Carolina @ #22 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech will play a football game where whether or not the game is actually played takes a serious backseat to the weather (itself). Personally, it’s not even worth […] READ MORE

Your winning William and Mary Eye in the Sky!!!

Virginia Tech=62, William & Mary=17 Virginia Tech football did what a bigtime power conference team is supposed to do when hosting a buncha Hostess cupcakes. Virginia Tech football treated them, poorly! The Hokies did about as much and as well as you can hope for, less one epic #11 Wr from William and Mary and one […] READ MORE

Virginia Tech William and Mary football preview

#162 R.P.I. William & Mary @ #24 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech football stands in at 1 up and nil down and that means that Virginia Tech football stands a fair to middling chance at being a perfected 5-o when we finally get the Fighting Irish of big bad Notre Dameto come home to Blacksburg, Va.! And yes, […] READ MORE

Your (full) upsetting and winning Florida State Eye in the Sky!!!

Virginia Tech=24, Florida State=3 Virginia Tech football just went 615 miles all the way down to Tallahassee Florida and then just went 616 power punches upside the Seminoles head(s)! Well, maybe more like 600 jabs and a few well timed/well-placed power shots here and there… The Hokies closed as an eight and a half point […] READ MORE

Qb1 part IV hooked on Fu’phonics… and a Kingly Rb?

Quarterbacks part IV (and some newbie VT Rb love): Virginia Tech football (finally) breaks pre-season camp after *the* seminal off-season from hell in just a few days time. The Hokies are set to begin some Seminole prep’ and you could easily tell last week at media day that one Atlantic Coast Coach was surely most eager to […] READ MORE

Qb or not to Qb, that is NO longer the, question…

Quarterbacks part III, and an off-field Audit 1o1: Virginia Tech football has just officially posted its most ruckus off-season in a good 15 years— and according to my abacus and my sources, this off-season ain’t done just yet. Personally, I figured I had better fashion something in response to all of this acerbic off-field juju […] READ MORE