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Your V.M.I. basketball preview!

#2o3 R.P.I. Virginia Military Institute @ #23 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns to play on Thursday night over in a chilling-out New River Valley vs. former Southern Conference (alike) archrival V.M.I. The Hokies are home from the Thanksgiving holidays after a stellar Air Force Tourney in which there is truly much to be grateful for. Like… […] READ MORE

Your South Florida basketball preview is up!

#252 R.P.I.  South Florida vs. #188 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns to the hardwood to take on the South Florida Bulls of the Tampa area fame to close out the Air Force Reserve Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off 2020 made for TV Tournament. The Hokies get their second Uncasville, Connecticut run in right at 22-hours or on an […] READ MORE

Villanova last sec hoops preview!

#6 R.P.I. Villanova vs. #233 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball has an opt-in game vs. the mere #3 in most national men’s basketball Division-One polls. The hoopin’ hardwood Hokies have a real live opportunity here. To prolly get worked is the R.A.T.T. only thing to say. Tho’ time is a wasting… and this is a born of […] READ MORE

Radford basketball preview!

#338 R.P.I. Radford @ #220 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball opens the 2020-hopefully-2021 Regular Season @Home vs. the recently pretty dang competitive Radford Highlanders. The Hokies host their fellow New River Valley D-1 men’s hoops squad Wednesday at high-noon on the A.c.c. Network Extra/ESPN3 thingy. Last season RU went 22 up and 11 down overall with a sparky 15-3 conference […] READ MORE

Your Pitt Eye in the Sky is up!

Virginia Tech=14 Pittsburgh=47 Virginia Tech football… is down. The Hokies ain’t what’s up!!! “One king in one land is peace.” “Two kings in one land is… war!” —Robert the Bruce As the O&M Locker-room is officially at… war!!! When asked during the post-game on Saturday night if he would consider making a change and becoming the team’s […] READ MORE

Your Pittsburgh football preview is, up!

#53 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #66 R.P.I. Pitt: Today’s word of the day is… funambulist! Fu‘·nam·bu·list (fyo͝o-năm′byə-lĭst) noun. mid-Latin. One who performs on a tightrope or a slack rope. Latin fūnambulus : fūnis, rope + ambulāre, to walk. This V.Tech football program for every single second of the next 180 sporting minutes. READ MORE