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Your winning Old Dominion Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=31, Old Dominion=17 Virginia Tech football… won! The Hokies evened their 2019 docket at .5oo or 1 up and 1 down although they came up rather short on an underwhelming Vegas day as a 30 point homesteading favorite. As our Fighting Gobblers played well enough then hung-on long enough and finally did just enough to […] READ MORE

Your Old Dominion Virginia Tech football preview!

 #96 R.P.I. Old Dominion @ #26 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech returns home after a pretty deflating and 5-point favorite upsetting botched ascent via Chestnut Hill up in Beantowne, Mass. last weekend. The Hokies now get a homesteading shot at high-noon on ESPNU in what could very well be the upset of the 2010’s-decade rematch. VT-28 is […] READ MORE

Your Boston College Eye in the Sky is up!

Virginia Tech=28, Boston College=35 Very few called this one correctly… meā culpa, self-included. Although Eye did insanely manage to nearly call it double-perfect bassackwards. Personally, is how many are taking this one. And yet the next block or tackle I see Will miss, or the next catch I see Chris drop will be their very […] READ MORE

Virginia Tech Boston College football preview!

#24 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #51 R.P.I. Boston College: Virginia Tech visits Boston College as a now five-point betting favorite {sic: Vt-5} out on the Vegas big-board at 4 PM this Saturday on the start-up A.c.c. Network that you may or may not be able to see. The Hokies need this one and they need it pretty dang […] READ MORE

Tech thoughts V: 2020 recruiting… Cultural ca-ca-changes, SOS, and Tech-Tidbits!

Very grateful to you fine FREE gents this summer——>b.street!!! Presently, the scoreboard shows that we have been breaking records and that’s never a bad thing. So Thx at Coach God! And thanks for all the comments and replies and for pretty much: “representin’ and keepin’ it real”. Sans any and all TOS or suspensions or […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts IV: faux news from Jenny Craig… and RACE, matters!!!

Today’s word of the day is… Race! source: 1490–1500;  French | Italian razza verb (transitive). To raze. To cause to contend in a race; to drive at high speed; as, to race horses. To run a race with. noun. A root. (St.Alex’ bless— literary peeps, far-out; right?) The descendants of a common ancestor; a family, […] READ MORE