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Tech Thoughts: spring practice Vol. III: Qb1, Qb2, and Qb3!!!

Spring Practice Volume III: Virginia Tech football is in recess, intermission or on a V.T.C.C. ‘esque furlough. At least as the always mandatory “voluntary” off-season workouts, S&C, skeletal drills and varying preparatory girds go. (and Coach God be merciful on the knee injury power outage in Watts; dang; and Godspeed!) The 2018 Hokies are approximately […] READ MORE

Your 2018 Preakness Stakes preview!

2018 Preakness Stakes (G1): $1,500,000.oo Preakness weekend is upon us and upon the tight turning Pimlico Race Course, over in B-more or Baltimore, Maryland. Stakes racing at its finest as a pure and quite deliberate… dash for the cash goes. As this one is basically the 40 yard dash in T&F terms. This one is […] READ MORE

2018 Kentucky Derby preview (FREE)!!!

The 2018 Kentucky Derby: Kentucky bluegrass, Sun dressy mad-hatter she bleu-bloods, and man’s game he sized bourbon; all hosting the first weekend in May down at “ old Kentucky home.“ Derby fans rejoice, as unlike last year, it looks to this humble scribe like we have some real live talent set to run for the […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: Spring Practice part II, and a not so Great Scott…

Tech Thoughts: spring practice 2018 The Virginia Tech Hokies have finished spring practice 2018 and per always, behind the scenes whispers, vibes and hints abound. Everyone is undefeated at the moment as not one of the now 129 2018 D-1 has yet to L a game. Clearly this is the easy feel-good time of […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: spring practice 2018: Dt’s, Cb’s… b.street gets defensive!

Spring Practice 2018, Virginia Tech football kicked off spring practice about a fortnight ago give/take. So it is high time to get back into the oblong spheroid swing of things —Masters weekend timely pun insert (____), here; check! That attempt at mixed sporting levity aside, I decided to take a (quick) look back in […] READ MORE

Virginia Tech Alabama NCAA Tourney preview

#42 R.P.I. Alabama vs. #51 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech men’s basketball tries to keep it’s third season alive and get dat damn NC2A work; after a downright gutting Catch-44 or –27 point swing in the final 15 minutes when while miles ahead vs. 2 point fave Notre Dame in Atlantic Coast Conference round no.2 […] READ MORE