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North Carolina State Virginia Tech preview!

#47 C.B.S. Nc.State @ #18 C.B.S. Virginia Tech: Today’s word of the day is…  innominate /iˈnämənət/ adjective: (Latin). not named or unclassified. mid=17th century: from late Latin innominatus, from in- ‘not’ + nominatus ‘named’ or… midnight Saturday for one of these two teams with plenty of synonyms for: ‘unknown’. READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: Recruiting and program VecToring, part III:

Virginia Tech football has -amazingly enough- opened for inventorying type of business. The Hokies have broken August football camp in preparation for what may or may not yet be the 2020 regular season in highly irregularly and downright viral times. Accordingly, do leave your r-state or your b-state takes at the appropriate out-FOX-you or CNN’her […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: recruiting part II and Rb’s!

Virginia Tech football… seems to be, is trying to, and yet still may or may not actually open for September business in close to a few fortnights worth of weeks. The Hokies and the Atlantic Coast Conference are at least trying to ‘push through’, get there— and yet only Coach God knows how that one […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts part II: coach Fu’ is a good coach; it’s Tech that sucks!

Virginia Tech football… to 2020 A.D. be… or not to be? Personally? I do not have access to this answer in early July 2020. I -same as Coach Morpheus- do know however that: “…the answers are coming...” I just don’t know what the right/best answer is? Or what will be left/worst-case wise as well? Nevertheless, […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: … a regular season 2020, or 202(one) or an irregular 202(n)one?

Virginia Tech football 2020 (hopeful) primer 1o1! Virginia Tech football and pretty much the everyday happy-go-lucky fat-n-happy world as we know it are now all standing on our collective heads —and gettin’ shook for all we is worth. Personally, you, me, and this puny little third rock from the Sol System’s Sun are spinning. In more […] READ MORE

A.C.C. Tournament North Carolina basketball preview!

#111 R.P.I. North Carolina vs. #144 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns from a hard-way first half @So.Bend to nightcap the opening round of play down in Greensboro, North Carolina vs. guess (quasi-homecourt) who on Tuesday night? The Hokies must now face a team that has taken a staggering -and I’d have to presume record-breaking- eight that’s […] READ MORE