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Tech Thoughts IV: faux news from Jenny Craig… and RACE, matters!!!

Today’s word of the day is… Race! source: 1490–1500;  French | Italian razza verb (transitive). To raze. To cause to contend in a race; to drive at high speed; as, to race horses. To run a race with. noun. A root. (St.Alex’ bless— literary peeps, far-out; right?) The descendants of a common ancestor; a family, […] READ MORE

The Grab Game part II, an @Boston College primer and a south going… DAX!!!

Virginia Tech is now only a bicentennial or Philadelphia hoops team… or 76 more shopping, training, practicing and hopefully winning days removed from facing Boston College up on the parquet football floor @4 pm on the A.c.c. Network. The Hokies (apparently— although my personal looksee could not verify this one) the Hokies apparently opened as a stunning […] READ MORE

Your 2019 Belmont Stakes preview is, up!

Well, one of the most bizarro Triple Crown seasons -ever- rounds the bend and heads for home this weekend at just beyond half-past-six late this Saturday afternoon over on N.b.c. and up north in New York  Here we go again horse racing fans as what has been a rather underwhelming crop of 3-year-olds just added […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: …to Qb or not to Qb, that is the question…

Virginia Tech football is done with spring practice ’19. However, we squirrels here at … are finally -Coach God and John J. Donna II willing- we are now finally done going Word Press nuts. And that means it is high time to get back to some cracking open some high-tech off-season football writings, analysis […] READ MORE

2019 Preakness Stakes and Wilder Breazeale preview(s):

God Bless John J. Donna II!!! (and thx @Will -freakin’- Stew‘ as well!) That apple-clapping and eraser polishing attempt aside… back to writing itself… Let’s take a looksee at the middle-rung on the Triple Crown trinary 3-step ladder and then a quickie of a Heavyweight Championship primer for Saturday night… Then -Coach God (and Word […] READ MORE