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The Grab Game part II, an @Boston College primer and a south going… DAX!!!

Virginia Tech is now only a bicentennial or Philadelphia hoops team… or 76 more shopping, training, practicing and hopefully winning days removed from facing Boston College up on the parquet football floor @4 pm on the A.c.c. Network. The Hokies (apparently— although my personal looksee could not verify this one) the Hokies apparently opened as a stunning […] READ MORE

Your 2019 Belmont Stakes preview is, up!

Well, one of the most bizarro Triple Crown seasons -ever- rounds the bend and heads for home this weekend at just beyond half-past-six late this Saturday afternoon over on N.b.c. and up north in New York  Here we go again horse racing fans as what has been a rather underwhelming crop of 3-year-olds just added […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: …to Qb or not to Qb, that is the question…

Virginia Tech football is done with spring practice ’19. However, we squirrels here at … are finally -Coach God and John J. Donna II willing- we are now finally done going Word Press nuts. And that means it is high time to get back to some cracking open some high-tech off-season football writings, analysis […] READ MORE

2019 Preakness Stakes and Wilder Breazeale preview(s):

God Bless John J. Donna II!!! (and thx @Will -freakin’- Stew‘ as well!) That apple-clapping and eraser polishing attempt aside… back to writing itself… Let’s take a looksee at the middle-rung on the Triple Crown trinary 3-step ladder and then a quickie of a Heavyweight Championship primer for Saturday night… Then -Coach God (and Word […] READ MORE

NCAA Tournement Preview Duke Virginia Tech

#1 R.P.I. Duke vs. #26 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball (rematches) with a likely to be pretty revancheful and therefore pretty upset looking Duke basketball team in the Sweet-16 over in the District in what could very well forecast as being a pseudo-home-game for the Hurrying Hokies. The Hokies did clip Duke inside our very own Cassell […] READ MORE

NCAA Tournament preview Virginia Tech Liberty!

#85 R.P.I. Liberty vs.  #26 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball is on to the Round-of-32 thanks to an NC2A game no.1 – triumph over Saint Louis on Friday night. As try as you might you still cannot spell VicTory less the Vee and the Tee. The Hokies now draw something of an overachieving Liberty Flames hoops squad […] READ MORE