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Your South Carolina State basketball preview!

#333 R.P.I. South Carolina State @ #24 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns to the Cassell Coliseum court to face -and prolly pistol whip- now 2 up and 8 down, though fresh off of a major VicTory over Voorhees (New Jersey), South Carolina State on a Sunday 1 pm matinee on the ACCNetwork and streaming over on ESPN3. The Hokies face […] READ MORE

Your VMI hoops preview!

#255 R.P.I. Virginia Military Institute @ #18 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball hosts the Keydets of Gen. Patton’s Virginia Military Institute fame for something of a revival of the old-school hardwood Oyster Bowl with dunks. The Hokies face a former in-state rival who is 5 up and 4 down on the year at 7 pm Wednesday night […] READ MORE

Your (12th game); Marshall football preview!

#54 R.P.I. Marshall @ #63 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Today’s word of the day is… shew! sh•ew /SHō/ (circa early 1800’s), Californian/American verb old-fashioned archaic variant spelling of: show. to establish the validity of something. Ex). informal expression of emotional relief. last Friday evening ~ 7:45 pm. this Saturday @4 pm??? READ MORE

Central Connecticut State basketball preview!

#142 R.P.I. Central Connecticut State @ #26 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns home after a rugged trip to (un)Happy Valley where Big-10 (slower) tempo and (oversized/physical) style of play was just not their thang. The Hokies dropped their first L of the year to a likely post-season team of some manner or another. And now faces a […] READ MORE

Penn State basketball preview!

#16 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #81 R.P.I. Pennsylvania State:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns to the court after doing you know hoo on the gridiron and after a truly smothering performance after that out on the hardwood. The Hokies brought Bud Foster over and he coached Buzz’s D from the gangway up above. Or something like that, as holding an opponent […] READ MORE

Your 1.5 decade old, Commonwealth Cup champion Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=34, france=31 (overtime) V.Tech football‘s >>> culture >>> uva’s football’s The Hokies summoned enough heart to light the Cowardly Lion and the Tin-man’s chest on fire alike. Enough heart to open their very own cardio clinic! And caused enough drama to nearly stroke me right on out. Seriously, Jerry West and Eye are the worst […] READ MORE