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Your Georgia Tech hoops preview is, up!

#9o R.P.I. Georgia Tech @ #29 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball finally, prolly, or at least a nearly semi-definitely, maybe; returns to work this Tuesday night over in a slightly warming New River Valley… The Hokies now host 11 up and 8 down, (9th place .538 or 7-6 in the A.c.c.) Georgia Tech of all things ATL Delta hub fame. […] READ MORE

Your Miami basketball preview is, up!

#22 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #186 R.P.I. Miami:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball now turns nearly due south or a little So-by-So-East for what amounts to an Association -esque, or a mere 1,184.2-mile (prop plane) roadie. The Hokies will find out what they have left in the tank before catching a nice/needed nearly one full week off (F.S.U. cancelation, St.Nikephoros bless!) […] READ MORE

Your Pittsburgh basketball preview is up!

#15 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #135 R.P.I. Pittsburgh: Virginia Tech men’s basketball must be (straight) butter! The Hokies are on a… roll! As new role-players, next-man-(step)-up and the beat goes on no matter what happens over in Radford or anywhere else. At least so far… and here Eye had (mistakenly) thought Coach Young a worthy A.c.c. Coach of […] READ MORE

Your Virginia basketball preview is up!

#39 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #40 R.P.I. virginia: (now: uva=15th @ R.P.I. VT=32nd)  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns to a weekend jaunt over in C’ville Va. vs. you know hoo! (or at least we, were…) The Hokies (now) host 149.8-miles sojourning hateful archrival hooVa. hoo is o-1-4 in cancellations and postpones in order thus harshing 2020-2021 far. God […] READ MORE

Your Notre Dame baksketball preview is, up!

#32 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #150 R.P.I. Notre Dame:  Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns home after a roughed-up putting up in the Jiffy-Pop dome of Syracuse, New York. The Hokies prolly were due to bounce a bit in horse racing terms. And yet the Hokiebird went less than quarter horse and laid a flat roundball of an egg early […] READ MORE

Your Syracuse basketball preview is, up!

 #4o R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #81 R.P.I.  Syracuse: Virginia Tech men’s basketball plays with fresh-legs after yet another round of de’ re’ and scheduling Twister 2020-2021. (St.Nikephoros bless BeeCee). The Hokies now sojourn up to New York State to face the Syracuse Orangemen of virtual hardwood factory-fame. As the ‘Cuse has done a lot under Jimmy Boeheim for a long […] READ MORE