2011 Orange Bowl preview: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech!

#4 Stanford vs. #13 Virginia Tech:

2011 Orange Bowl: Monday, 03 January, 8pm on ESPN
Vegas Line: Stanford-3.5, O/U=57.5, $-Line: Stanford-175, VT+155

Several post-season pundits have anointed this as the best bowl match-up of this years bowl season -at least on paper- and I for one am more and less inclined to agree here in cyber print.

However the game is not played on paper.

This one will be played and decided down in the proverbial trenches as these are two characteristically smash-out, highly physically combative football teams. that will mutually “get after you” from the word go. If slugging, high-velocity, heavy contact football is your thing than I am inclined to tell you that you Sir have come to the right place.

This is 1980’s Michigan Wolverine football redux (think: the Bo Schembechler era with no less than one Jim Harbaugh at Qb) vs. Beamerball and the most physical football program from the Atlantic Coast Conference (A.C.C.). This one is a slobber-knocker, a donnybrook, or Piper’s Pit with two very physically rowdy football teams.

I don’t know about you, yet the pure throwback Rock’em Sock’em first-school football fan in me is highly anticipatory of this one. Never mind that it has my school in it; that would be biased and that is not my job. My job is to tell you about the game and I am telling you right now that this one is not gonna be politically correct, it won’t be for the faint of heart, and it ain’t gonna be kinder gentler football — not at all men.

“Buckle up.”
-Captain Kirk-

Yup, and while you are at it you might wanna buckle all four chin-strap snaps up good and tight — you’re gonna need it in this one!

2011 Orange Bowl Top-10:

  1. First. Contrary to publish believe by other VT web authors, this is actually the 1st year for the Cardinals in the 3-4 defensive set. (BONUS: this is actually Andrew Luck’s 1st first bowl game ever; as he was out of last year’s Sun Bowl with a busted finger) (DOUBLE BONUS: Stanford has only played in one Bowl game since 2001) (TRIPLE Bonus: VT is the only D-1 football school to ever win 11 straight after a o-2 opener!) (QUAD BONUS: VT is 1st in Turnover Margin in the nation at +18, Stanford is only third at +14!)
  2. Second. As in Tyrod tends to take off in the 2nd quarter of play. Netting nearly 200% more yards in the second stanza compared to the other three quarters over his career.
  3. Three. As in only 3 D-1 football schools have been to 18 bowls in a row! (VT, Florida, Florida State) (BONUS: Stanford scored 369% more points than their opponent’s did in a blitzkrieg of first-halves on the season!
  4. Forth. All-everything Pivot (Qb) Andrew Luck gives Stanford a shot at no less than a record breaking 4th Qb to be chosen #1 overall! (For 1 FREE month of TSL Pass: who are the other three?)
  5. Five. Stanford placed 5 guys on the all-PAC-10 first-team (all on offense mind you); along with two first-string specialists (Kicker and Coverage-man), along with 4 second-string all-PAC-10 guys and a whopping thirteen Honorably Mentioned Cardinals! </w0w>
  6. Twenty-six. VT is 1-26 all-time vs. Top-5 ranked football teams. : ( (BONUS: 462 points is the most points ever scored by a VT football team in a given football season) (DOUBLE BONUS: VT is out-scoring opponents by 246% in the final three quarters of play on the year!
  7. Seven. The VT Rushing Defense is finally down under the 4.0 allowed mark, at least in our last three games where we only allowed 3.7 per carry. Still on pace to be the third worst Frank Beamer rushing defense of all-time however.
  8. Eight. Stanford is allowing 8 points per game in their last five contests including pitching two shutouts in the process!
  9. Ninth. Stanford’s dLine and Secondary were both ranked 9th best or next to last in the PAC-10 preseason!
  10. Zero. Well, at least there is a 0 in 10, as Stanford had zero kicks and zero punts blocked on the year.

Stanford Orange Bowl Primer:

  • Stanford is much better on defense of late. (think: the last month of the season) And they were pretty dang good to begin with. 26th for for the season; yet 6th best in their final month as Total Defense goes! Oddly enough however; they did NOT have a single all-PAC-10 stop-unit performer despite playing on a third-best run-stuffing National level during the last month of the season. Go fig’?
  • Now recognize that the Stanford offense is the most balanced we’ve seen in a long long time. More, smoother, and better passing than Alabama, with the best oLine we will have seen in the last 4-5 years. 6 of their Top-7 blockers were second-string all-PAC or better (4 were first string). Stanford ran the ball almost 130 more times than their opponent’s did. Luck is not a pure runner nor is he a dual threat Qb strictly speaking. He is smart, heady, has EPIC field vision and is just barely fast enough while never quite being slow; bit of a plodder if you will. Kinda runs like C.Holt did in that he lumbers at times in lieu of baseball slides with such a thick set muscular frame. Though bear in mind that he lumbers for 9 yards per carry and he will NOT duck out of bounds. He looks to initiate contact. Watch this vs. our smallish secondary whom Luck out-weighs with right-mass by a staggering 45-60 lbs. per man! </unreal>
  • To continue the offensive theme, how about fewest Sacks allowed by an oLine for not one, two consecutive seasons despite departing four starters (three of which were all-PAC-10); two quality utility type back-ups, one guy declared ineligible for a hardship and how about having a new oLine Coach in each season! Have you ever heard of that? Me neither and whatever Stanford is paying current oLine Coach Dreveno it ain’t too much.
  • Other than Punting, the Stanford Special Team’s were rather nice (Punter is in flux as the Cards dealt from the bottom of the deck and played musical chairs here to end the year). Very well coached in fact as special teams go as these Cards certifiably play mistake free if not spectacular special teams football. Stanford enjoys a Kicker who was 1st-team all-PAC-10, the Cards had no blocked kicks allowed all season long, and a nifty Punt-Returner. Not to mention the 1st-stringer Gunner (coverage specialist) for the entire PAC-10.
  • Stanford had the least Fumbles I’ve ever seen breaking game-tape(s) on opponents’ for TSL.com. (with only 11 on the year; and I only saw three in four games)
  • Don’t wanna offend any visiting Stanford guests; though I don’t wanna ignore this recruiting nugget either:




N/R (not ranked)

  • Those are the national rankings out of high school of four out of the eleven Stanford defensive starters. Never seen that one from an A.P. fourth ranked football team heading into a B.C.S. bowl before – and in case you did not realize it by now … that is transitive verb code for coaching(v). Jim Harbaugh and his Staff can and have coached this Stanford football squad all the way up from a 4-8 record three seasons ago to being 11-1 this season when JimBo (part Jim, part Bo Schembechler stylistically) took over the head coaching reins on the heals of a 1-11 Stanford football season in 2006.
  • Sources close to Stanford say that Chris Owusu -a difference maker at Wideout and KO Return, 4 TD’s there alone- who has been dinged and dented all year long. with a concussion, ankle and now a trick knee, is likely to play in the Orange bowl. #81 lead the Cards in yards per catch despite only playing in five games this season.

Stanford Offense: (multiple Pro, with Jumbo sets and play-action passing)

Sets: Pro, I, Spread, Pistol, Jumbo and or H-back looks, 2, 3 and 4-wides.

Have any of you ever seen all-world Stanford Qb Andrew Luck and Gheorghe Muresan in the same room at the same time? Thought so, nor have I.

Though I have seen him on film (five times now) and while he is the glamorous poster-boy and potential #1 overall N.F.L. draft pick this spring for the Stanford offense, it is the Stanford root-hogs upfront that are the straw that stirs the Cardinal drink; and they are the ones who have my OPT outcome digits officially concerned. Looks like they have Bud Foster a bit concerned as well, as we have elected to field a run-max stocking stuffing defense for the 2011 Orange Bowl this holiday season. With J.Tyler taking over at Mike and B.Taylor sliding over to the ‘backer spot – as I can assure you right now, that second-layer shifting was in no way shape or form code for a poorly veiled attempt at improving our pass-coverage to combat the Cardinal aerial assault. In fact, if anything, we may have just invited Luck and company to try their luck on isolation based patterns to the Cardinal Te’s or Rb’s in one-on-one match-ups vs. our second layer of pass defense.

Still yet, this 2011 Orange Bowl is all about the battle between Bud Lite and JimBo upfront. Down in the trenches, mono-a-mono John Wayne True Grit style. Jeff Bridges may have been a Fabulous Baker Boy indeed, though he is no Duke and VT had better be prepared to duke it out bone on bone with Stanford upfront if we wanna win this one. Why you ask? Because … Stanford has:

  • 3 first-string all-PAC-10 oLinemen
  • 1 second string all-PAC-10 oLineman
  • 1 honorable mention all-PAC-10 oLineman
  • 1 first-string all-PAC-10 battering-ram blocking Fb (who also starts at Lb mind you)
  • 1 second-string all-PAC-10 Te
  • 1 honorable mention all-PAC-10 Te

Damn! Think those Stanford-8 might just be code for being able to block the Bud Lite front-7? I do, and if I were JimBo, I’d simply line-up full time in the Jumbo two Te set and chin-check Bud Lite to see if Bud Lite has the whiskers to stand up to that kinda all-star pounding for 60 minutes straight. All the while sprinkling in just a little play-action deception based passing to iso the VT Mike, ‘backer and Fuller (if we see him) in one-on-one coverage(s). I’m not gonna sugarcoat this one, as I am not Mr. Poppins, I don’t eat sweets and I always say “no thanks” on dessert. If we do not stop Stephan Taylor, he of 1,023 rushing yards, much less his even tougher, more physical downhill back-ups (Wilkerson and T.Gaffney) we Sir are a four-letter word that begins with the letter “s” and ends in “hit” out of luck.

As passing goes, the Cardinal do not motion all that much pre-snap, or at least not as much as basically everyone else I’ve seen on film post J.M.U. has. Lottsa short to intermediary quick passing work between what I will call the hash-marks extended, or say the middle 40 yards of the field horizontally speaking. Not so much for sideline routes; making these Cardinal the antithesis of our very own Coach O’Cain. Lottsa play-action, and it is highly disguised play-action with genuine and therefore hard to decipher salesmanship on the alleged hand-offs to would be Stanford ball-carriers as Luck actually drops back to pass.

Stanford offensive position/unit rankings:
Qb=A+. Could be the best Qb in college football, as Luck is a very accurate passer with a nice lofty downfield touch, now mix in epic rushing vision, and just enough speed for 9 yards per carry and you have the Lex Lugar or “the total package” of D-1 Qb’s. (if needed: the heir apparent back-up -though very highly touted (VHT)- looks raw, however the 5th-senior is at least experienced)
Rb(s)=B+. To be fair, I actually view the back-ups as the tougher match-up here. D.Taylor has great balance, and some moves and some speed. However he is just not as physically punishing as the Cardinal Rb substitutes — much less O.Marecic who is the best blocking Fb in the entire PAC-10. I’d give them (Rb’s) a higher letter grade in fact if one of the physical rushers was starting.
Wr’s/Te’s=B+. Well, more like the highest possible B+ with mega experience (4 of the top-5 are seniors, other is a junior) everywhere you look. Besides #81 (Owusu) there may not be a game breaker here. Though there are indeed five very precocious and mistake free pass-catchers at Stanford, almost two Jeff Kings, two Coale’s, and one mega Boykin if you will.
oLine=A+! See above. Lottsa pulling, a bit more man-blocking, best Zone-timing I’ve seen this side of the Denver Bronco’s and a superlative blend of power with just enough footwork and quicks to be killer good; no less than the third best oLine we’ve seen in ~4 years.

That’s a few bricks north of a load folks. Stanford may not be the mauling T.Rex sized Miami oLine that gave us such a fit upfront down in Miami. They are not quite as electric as the powerhouse Alabama oLine and Rb(s) combo went. Just a volt and a half short upfront and several volts short of the mega powerful Ingram and Richardson in the Crimson Tide backfield. That said, Stanford may very well be even more talented and even more of an all-star team as pure Coach God given blocking ability terms compared to Miami or Alabama were when you Σ or sum up the cumulative talent in the Top-8 blockers for the Cardinal and compare them vis-á-vis. You do that and you quickly arrive at eight outta eight maths; and eight might just be enough to qualify Stanford as having a superior Top-8 set of blockers (Jumbo 2 Te set); even when compared to the monstrous Miami oLine and the devastating Alabama single back sets. Phobic much? You should be, as I am very concerned by the #1 ranked Time of Possession (TOP) team simplistically and even more importantly (Miami: are you listening? ) patiently sticking to their ground attack and rolling Bud Lite right on up upfront along the line-of-scrimmage (LOS).

Stanford Defense: (3-4 base with a few 4-3 looks)
Notice that Oregon ran the Read-Option quite well vs. a very good Stanford defense a couple of months ago. Oregon is great like that, most pending national championship teams are, no news there. What was interesting to see was that Stanford (mostly) keys the Bell-Play and therefore at times fails to account for the keeper outside the 7 hole (going left) or the 6 hole (going right) by the Duck’s Qb who ran for 117 on the day if you need him. Well, here’s the thing, T-mobile has been handing the vast majority (think: ~85%+) of our Read Option’s off to our Tb(s). We may however have backed into a good thing here however, with Wilson suspended for 15 minutes and R.Will and his lame hammie likely to pop at any moment. T-mobile may have to run a bit more to keep D.Evans fresh, and last time I checked Stanford had troubles with this and T-mobile was pretty damn good at the same. (that remind you of a certain 4-3 base defense, that likewise typically does not account for a rushing Qb? It should, A.K.A. Bud’s 4-3 Gap based system – very similar vulnerabilities between these two in fact, and remember that on designed Rushes for Luck)

I had read (before I found it on film) about the Stanford Cardinal morphing into a 4-3 defense from time-to-time. (see: right) What I can tell you is that as the playing=field compressed (i.e. in or approaching the Cardinal defensive Red-Zone, or in a probable rushing situation) you will see more and more of the Stanford 2009 base 4-3 look. You will also see more man-to-man as well from this 4-3 set, a good deal more in fact compared to a more mix-n-match Zone look with Man underneath or 1-Free or rolling-Man with Cover-1 looks behind that in order to give opposing Qb’s something to think about from the 2010 base 3-4 Cardinal set. The Stanford defense on the balance was very physical, all the more so when you consider that they were really playing a 2010 3-4 N.F.L. (think Baltimore Raven’s look) base defense with less than fully converted 4-3 2009 stop-unit parts.

The Stanford defense was also very very well disciplined and quite heady (as one would expect from “the Harvard of the north-west”) as assignment football goes. If you tell them to defend the A-Gap, you won’t see Stanford student-athlete’s ad-libbing or freelancing into the B-Gap just because. This is a stop-unit that you must out-athlete, as it will be tough to out-physical or out-coach(v) them most of the time. On top of that I also saw a very good tackling defense, a football clinic regarding: see-what-you-hit, wrap-up, drive, hello dirt. The only thing that I did not see was mega athletes. Which is not to say Stanford was slow, or lacked quicks, or was overall pedestrian or vanilla in terms of mobility or pursuit. Their collective speed is above average, say C+ to lowest possible B-, ditto their raw athleticism. However, last time I checked that is indeed at least a full letter-grade south of say a T-mobile, a Wilson, a healthy Williams and even the thundering D.Evans. Not to mention a Boykin, a Coale, or a Davis. VT does enjoy a real live cross-training edge here if you will. What VT very likely will not enjoy however is our opening 15 minutes of offensive scrimmaging; if we attempt to establish our power-rushing attack vs. a very stocky and hard to move bowling-ball Ng, and two over sized spark-plug De’s. The Stanford dLine at its very worst occupies blockers – which frees up no less than 3 and most often 4 Linebackers to flow to the football and makes plays a couple of yards off the LOS. The Stanford Cardinal are not heavy run-blitzer’s by nature, hence they were only 95th in tackles for a loss (TFL). They do however read-n-react exceptionally well, great mid-field vision, prodigy football I.Q.’s and very big, blocky, T-bone steak looking Linebacker’s. Stanford will blitz more in obvious passing situations, and they can “get after” your Qb. Note that Stanford only had 50 TFL on the year, 28 of which were sacks. See what I mean? The Cardinal are quite content to sit back and give you 3 yards per rush and then have you give them the football right back when you punt on 4th and one.

Stanford defensive letter-grades:
dLine=A-. Pretty dang good! In fact I (incorrectly) thought Stanford to be a couple of years beyond the switch point to a 3 down-lineman defensive front-3 in the 3-4 defense on film. Ng is very good, De’s are no comparable to him. Depth is decent, not bad and not great. And their best dLineman from 2009 is now a Linebacker!
Linebacking=B. Flat, middle of the road B. They are an A in every way except athleticism and a few pass-coverage foibles. here and there. We won’t be Inside Zoning this crew very well at all. Life on the edge or corner is another animal however.
Secondary=B-. As you can see, I view the Stanford D as better upfront and slightly lesser the further away from the line of scrimmage that you move. The Cardinal secondary is basically the Cardinal Linebacking crops in redux; minus some size in the middle. (though do be fully awares that a B and a B- ain’t half shabby for being the ninth out of ten ranked PAC-10 Linebacking and Secondary units way back in August according to Phil Steele).

Stanford Special Teams:
Good Kicker, a little guy (5`8“ 180 lbs.) with a big leg and senior year dialed in 90% accuracy and clutch performance capabilities – just ask U.S.C. and ‘Zone State how that tastes. Just ask Notre Dame if they miss senior N.Whittaker. Punter is a bit young (D.Zychlinksy), he is big, he is strong, and he did beat out the 9th ranked junior Punter straight outta high school in front of him. So I suppose that D.Z. has some kicking game, even though he only had to punt 29 times this year! The PR guy (D.Terrell) was honorable mention all-PAC-10, the KO Return guy (and stud Wr #81 Owusu) is honorable mention all-World with 4 career KO returns for touchdowns! Only bugbear here was in coverage. The Cardinal was only 82nd best in KO Return coverage and a 109th ranked sieve in Punt coverage. That’s not good, yet the rest of the Stanford special-teams were good indeed. (Special Teams letter-grade: B-, because Hosely and when he gets back, Wilson could do some real live damage here)

The biggest (so to speak) August Camp weigh-in news is what?

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Conclusion(s), X-factor(s), illation:
Fox Mulder and I sometimes tend to see things the same way; even if we are seeing things that are not necessarily there. Accordingly, I caught an interesting one from a coach who would prefer to remain anonymous in a recent skull session pertaining to the Orange Bowl and our/VT’s chances in such. Pretty shrewd point that had never mentally caught up to me until a recent convo’ occurred where we were kicking Bowl prep around and any potential advantages that the grizzled Bowl game veteran (one Frank Beamer) might enjoy over Johnny come lately JimBo. This coach informed me that I had omitted any and all considerations of just how much our defense would improve with what effectively amounts to a mini-me spring-practice. Why? Because as I was so adroitly informed; it is actually younger players that improve the most during an elongated B.C.S. bowl run of practices vis-à-vis more seasoned ballers. Your Tyrod’s, your Rb’s, your three-year starters at pitch-n-catch are all about as good as they are going to be for the 2010 duration. They have already mastered all that they will be for this given season. They are ripe, ready, and good to go. Their muster-call has been answered by this concluding point to what amounts to no less mathematically than their third campaign. For some it is their forth season and for a few that’s code for being a r-senior or fifth year fully matured and fully practiced O&M baller.

The 2010 Bud Lite stop-unit? Not so much. “They have a ways to go. Promises to keep and many miles to go before I sleep.” As the poet once put it. A.Hop, B.Taylor, Hosely, Whitley, Collins, Gayle, D.Hop, Exum, Fuller, Tariq and Jack Tyler all stand to benefit appreciably from so many first-string reps during the countdown to the 2011 Orange Bowl as Hokie prep’ goes. They are seasons plural away from their O&M ceiling no matter how NATT you slice it. As good as the 2010 VT stop-troops objectively were and as much as they bettered themselves to close the season … there is real subjective hope that with all this bonus practice time they can take at least the next full defensive step – and don’t die of O&M shock if at least a couple of ‘em take O&M strides; plural.

Fourm Guide:
In my book, now would not be the worst time to give Jim Grobe a ring if I were Frank Beamer and company. Coach Grobe is about as solid as they come as head coach’s go; he was just on the low-side of fielding another set of fully matriculated fifth year Wake Forest Deacon parts this season.

Why do I say this? Because oddly enough; such diametrically geographically opposed left-coast and east-coast teams both played and beat the dickens out of A.C.C. brethren Wake Forest this campaign. The much vaunted Fourm Guide itself predicts a 13 point Stanford victory prima facie. To borrow from Coach Corso: “…not so fast my fiends” as further investigation suggests that that 13 point margin is a bit inflated in a pro-Stanford manner. VT won the first-down battle head-to-head vs. Wake by an ass-whopping and game owning 35-9 margin; where as the Cards only decked the Dec’s by a 28-21 first-down margin. The VT secondary play was noticeably better; even though the Wake ground-troops ran well enough on both football squads: gaining 207 vs. Stanford and 254 vs. Virginia Tech all on the ground. The Dec’s however did turn the football over twice out in California compared to zero turnovers in Blacksburg. On top of that, Wake hung with Stanford for a bit longer to begin the game and seemingly to close the show which the hidden Beamerball metric otherwise know as Time of Possession (TOP) eloquently illustrates. VT conquered TOP vs. Wake to the tune of a 41:26 to 18:34 advantage dominating the Dec’s with a total package of O&M domination. However only 27 seconds separated TOP in the Wake vs. Stanford contest. Such included the Cardinals enjoying a 13 yard short-field off of a heinous Wake INT throw deep in their own territory and an entirely unnecessary RUTS (running up the score) TD gallop with ~5 minutes left in a blow-out game when the proverbial “fat-lady’s” vocal cords were already warmed-up and worn-out. This did not even include the JimBo fumble challenge in an attempt to gain yet another short-field to end the match that was several notches beyond unnecessary at this stage of the contest. All of which conspires to tell me that the Fourm Guide is a bit top-heavy in Stanford’s favor this time; and it also tells me that JimBo will show VT no mercy and RUTS on us … if he can.

So who wins?

I can tell you this right now, up-front, Will and Chris are correct, at least on paper. No matter how their honest candor was subsequently rated. Stanford should win this Orange Bowl football game, at least more often than not.

Recall when I used to assign the upset odds at the end of each pick. How many times out of 100 could the underdog actually engineer the upset? I dropped all of that because what difference did it really make when you know VT will win 10 games every season until the end of Frank Beamer’s time? What R.A.T.T. chances do a Duke, a big-M.A.C. and a J.M.U. possibly have vs. mighty Top-10 VT? </doh!>  Alright; so they (J.M.U.) did have a remote chance and we all got hosed and took a major cold-water walk-up call bath back during the second week of  September. And that that is precisely why we have the word “upset” in sports. Upset was the proper name of a horse who somehow ran down the legendary Man of War pony way back at the turn of the nineteenth century in Bluegrass Country. I for one expect Stanford fans to be pretty upset in this one. Accordingly, and after weeks of thoroughly breaking Cardinal film, I rightfully set this one at: Upset Odds=39%. Consequently; exactly why VT will win however is a pretty tough sell…

Freaky, lucky, fluky plays: a tipped pass, any version of a return vs. Stanford’s porous Punt and Kickoff coverage teams. Coale is still open! The very first ever O&M four-leaf-clover straight outta the VT Horticulture Department. Whatever. VT has been very fortuitous all year,in huge big picture stratetic ways. UNC gets suspended. Ball game. Miami goes insane and stops running the ball. Ball game. F.S.U.’s rushing attack is functionally crippled with a rookie Qb at the helm. Ball game. Nesbitt breaks his wrist after going up 14-zip. Ball game. Why should that stop now? And do remember that we are one of the very few schools that teach never just fall on the loose ball in order to simply gain possession. We preach advancement; go for the gusto and Que up the Sports Center intro theme…

Speed Kills! Just ask fellow A.C.C. brethren F.S.U. how they ran away from the rest of the plodding A.C.C. for years. And while you are at it, you might wanna ask Stanford about Oregon’s speed. VT has speed to burn and even the Stanford tree can not get so high as to deny this remark. Well, maybe the Tree can burn enough tree to get that high, though most other Stanford visitors can not successfully debate that one.

Ann Arbor, San Francisco? Yup, sure seems to me like JimBo is packing his bags as I type, I’d wager that he is 60 minutes away from being done with the Cardinal. Frank also holds nothing short of an epic Bowl and big-game experience advantage. Maybe Stanford went too hard or too soft in their bowl-prep? Takes a few years to riddle that one out. I don’t see how any of that helps Stanford, just as much as I don’t see how any of that hurts Tech.

Halftime show: ok, so I’m reaching a bit. That’s what happens when you see what I’ve seen from the Stanford offense on film. Though IF I were Frank, I’d make sure I had a view of whatever visceral, tasteless, and politically incorrect garbage the hoo-Va, errrrrrrrr, ahhhhhhhh, I mean the Stanford marching-band will spew during the Orange Bowl intermission. Seriously TSL, be prepared to be very angry with the Cardinal marching band!

Senior Leadership 1o1: Graves, Rock, Warren, Friday, Morg’, and somebody nicknamed T-mobile! Right there’s the reasons why we will somehow, someway, manufacture an Orange Bow win. Be that by a Chicago-Maroon hook (-n-ladder play) or via an Orange (helmeted) crook. We are stealing this one.  T-mobile will crack the century mark on the ground and I have it on solid authority that we are gonna try to big-play Stanford through the air. Go get some Boykin! “Run Danny Run!” Even then, this one is an even game. This one could very well be an overtime affair that’s all knotted up after 60 minutes of scrimmaging folks. Though I’ma gonna stick to my T-mobile guns and say that my boy Wilson scores 12 points and we do something, anything, in classical and College football Hall of Fame in waiting Beamerball terms to maintain contact and stay within striking distance and weather a Cardinal colored 1st Quarter storm. This one will not be for the O&M faint of heart, VT will be chasing for most of the game me. If you have a bad back, lean back from the edge of your proverbial seat. If you are an Electrical Engineer from Randolph, this one is for you as this one is going to go right down to the wire. Keep you TSL.com defibrillator fully charged and on “stand-by” at all times. Hold your message board tongue and trust in the fact that Man of War was indeed beaten, and that Stanford will be beaten, just don’t get too upset if VT does not take the lead until the game-clock finally reads 0:00 remaining.

Don’t know about you, though I for one can not wait to Eye in the Sky diagram that play!

To borrow from the contemporary sizzling hawt Far * East Movement dance-club bump …
“T-Mobile is feeling so fly like a G-6, l,i,i,i,ke a G-6, like, like a G-6!”
Hokies by 6.……..

Virginia Tech=36, Stanford=3o



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