2017 Preakness Stakes preview

2017 Preakness Stakes Preview:

giddy up!”

Preakness fans the middle -and shorter- leg of the 2017 A.D. Triple Crown season is upon us up in Baltimore, Maryland! This Saturday afternoon at  ~6:48pm post-time, the Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming steps off as a heavy heavy betting favorite vs. the typically smaller or about half-Kentucky Derby sized Preakness field of runners. As there are some that say Always Dreaming is rather dreamy indeed. Be that a nightmare, (pardon the equine, pun), for the rest of the field or a Dexy Midnight Runner one-shot wonder we shall see; so…

Stake your claim to this weekends Preakness winner and a Black Eyed Susan (or three); down in the comments section down below… or read on to, find, out who will win on Saturday afternoon…

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Best I can tell, here is what I can tell you re: this kinda thin looking 2017 A.D. Preakness field…

  • Yah; there’s no way around it, Always Dreaming ‘caps out as the legit favorite here. Although do recall that someone who DID have A.Dreaming ‘capped #1 last time yet also had 4-5 other pony’s within credible striking distance. And I will  drop you this little nugget as well… I had A.Dream’s pegged as a 5.75 rating, spreadsheet wise, initially. Though I went back and looked at some different speed numbers (non-Beyer) and lowered a couple of metrics accordingly. That admission firmly in place… this is a very good horse; that still has me wondering if he is truly great? And a Preakness win vs. something of a decaf’ field may or may not lend much credit or dis’ thereof to any of that.
  • This is a 50% fresh Preakness field As five horses in ten did not run a couple of weeks ago at the Derby –where A.Dreaming (1st), Looking At Lee (2nd), Classic Empire (4th), Gunnevera (7th), and Hence (11th) are all on an N.B.A. ‘esque short-rest two week turn. (mid-script: this is a slightly smaller Preakness field, even by recently narrowing middle-leg standards)
  • IF, Always Dreaming gets upset here? The proverbial house may be pretty dang upset as well as Dreaming looks likely to go off at less than even money. And that means if there is an upset here; there is surely value down the board; possibly great value at that.

  • Likewise, and to mix my paddock metaphor… IF you are feeling your oats, there is some real enticing pricing for any truly froggy Win players with a staggering 80% of the Preakness field listed at 10:1 or better.
  • Or to put it another way… there are some very sporting to decent value(s) for the silver Place or the bronze medal Show in any of you.
  • (All odds to: Win): Multiplier at 30:1, Cloud Computing at 15:1, Gunnevera at 15:1 and Conquest Mo Money at 22:1 all represent a dancing a gig’ payday, if any of them do hit.

    so far this is *the* alpha ride.

the skinny…
If you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- yah; mea culpa, in lieu of one of my brasher mo’ excitable picks; Always Dreaming looks like the credible horse to beat here in a less than overtly credible Preakness field.

Nonetheless, and same as M.J. and da Bull’s pumping the Seattle’s, Phoenix’s and Utah’s (twice) of the over matched world… you beat whomever is in front of you and leave the asterisks and water-cooler harangues to the history books and to the never-was-beens respectively.


Accordingly, although this is not a bumper crop of three year olds none of that is Always Dreaming or Team Dream’s fault.

This Kentucky Derby winner is likely to win here thereby setting up the made for T.V. Triple Crown chase that will make the N.B.C. network suits euphoric —and then the grueling long-range Belmont Stakes will test Dreaming as much as anything else.

the Preakness pick(s):

  1. Always Dreaming to Show (4u).
  2. Multiplier to Show (1u).
  3. Conquest Mo Money to Show (1u).

Who wins the 2017 Preakness Stakes???

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Preakness Stakes=Always Dreaming




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