A.C.C. Tournament North Carolina basketball preview!

#111 R.P.I. North Carolina vs. #144 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns from a hard-way first half @So.Bend to nightcap the opening round of play down in Greensboro, North Carolina vs. guess (quasi-homecourt) who on Tuesday night?

The Hokies must now face a team that has taken a staggering -and I’d have to presume record-breaking- eight that’s Ocho or (8) freaking OT’s or extra innings of work to put down thus far this Revenue Sport academic year! And yah; me three on me neither on that one way back at about half-past-three on the 19th of October 2019 A.D. Still yet, we get to play downright shocking 13 up and 18 down North Carolina for our Tuesday first-day troubles. The T.Heels went 6-14 or  .3 in A.c.c. play this season. Good -or should I type: bad- for last place in the Atlantic Coast Conference! Nevertheless, what you wanna know is… who is gonna win and by how much, right? So, read on… to find, out!

North Carolina Head CoachRoy Allen Williams: age=69, 884–251 (.779) overall,
and 466–150 (.756) at North Carolina.
$800,000.oo base
($60,000 expense account, $1,937,000 Learfield contract, $2,150,000 supplemental compensation, $340,000 Nike, +incentives, +a 2027 extension!)

free bowl of soup… it looks good on you.”

Baller Williams lettered in basketball and baseball at T. C. Roberson High School in Asheville, NC all four years. In basketball, playing for Coach Buddy Baldwin, he was named all-county and all-conference for two years (1967 and 1968), all-western North Carolina in 1968 and served as the captain in the North Carolina Blue-White All-Star Game. Williams has stated that Coach Baldwin was one of the biggest influences in his life. Williams went on to play on the freshman team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and study the game under legendary coach Dean Smith. When Williams was a sophomore at Carolina, he asked Smith if he could attend his practices and would sit in the bleachers taking notes on Smith’s coaching. Williams also volunteered to keep statistics for Smith at home games and worked in Smith’s summer camps.

After coaching golf and hoops in high school for five years; in 1978, Williams came back to the University of North Carolina and served as an assistant to Coach Dean Smith until 1988. During his tenure as an assistant coach, North Carolina won the NCAA national championship in 1982, the first for Smith (and Roy); and second for North Carolina. One of Williams’ more notable events came as an assistant coach when he became instrumental in recruiting a nobody who was already cut from his H.S. team, some kid named… Jordan. After that, taking over at Kansas, his Jayhawk career was riddled with wins (28 per year on average!); conference titles (9); and more a few recruiting foibles as well. Since getting home to U.n.c. coach Williams has notched two national championships (2oo5) and (2008). Coach Williams is the only basketball coach in NCAA history to have 35o or more victories at two NCAA D-1 schools {sic: Kansas and North Carolina}. Coach Williams is the only coach in NCAA history to have led two different programs to at least four Final Fours each; wow. In 2oo7, Coach Williams was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Coach Williams’ teams have made the post-season 29 outta 30 times. He was won a stunning 15 different coach of the year awards nationally or in-conference combined. He has won 23 total regular season or tournament conference titles and put 39 kids into the Association.

Coach Williams chairs a $10 million-dollar U.n.c. basketball endowment and Roy had surgery on September 19, 2012, to remove a tumor from his right kidney; St.Elmo’ Bless.

Daddy Williams is married to Wanda Williams. They have a son, Scott (ex-UNC Pt.Guard), a daughter, Kimberly (dance school owner), and three grandsons

U.n.c. at a glance:

  • 12th best in rebounding margin!! (pretty much the same, )
    (really strong on offensive glass, 8th best in o-Rebounding)!!!
  • 112th in swats. (noticeable decline here, )
  • 282nd in FT percentage O! (not good tho’ got a bit better since we saw ’em, )
  • 311th in 3-point percentage O! (a little better tho’ still suspect here, )
  • 296th fewest turnovers forced on D! (decent betterment in this one, )
  • 311th in FG percentage O! (a bit of an uptick tho’ still nothing great, )
  • 3 hurts listed. (Coach God thrice bless)

Heel Returning Starters=1

North Carolina Strengths:

  • Garrison Brooks goes as a 6′9″, 235 lb. as a third-year frontcourter from Auburn Alabama who prolly broke some S.E.C. hearts down south when he went north to Carolina. Garrison was a scoring and rebounding machine in high school who was (barely) the Alabama State player of the Year runner-up. Brooks has a first-school Big-E (Elvin Hayes) face-up and shoot game and he will block shots; (plural). As Brooksy leads U.n.c. in board-work at 8.8 rpg and his 16.7 ppg is second-best. As 54% from the floor was expected although his 29% long has calmed down since we saw him last. As this is a probable overseas caliber Four and a solid interior player who has rebounding acumen. As the only real issue is foul-trouble from the lone returning starter for the Heels here.
    (UPDATE: a mixed guy, some ups some downs,  grade overall)
  • One #2, one Cole Anthony who is nearing the end of his rehab after undergoing knee surgery last month —was merely the no.3 baller overall and the #1 Pt.Guard of his recruiting class. That’s all… he sucks; cut him right now! Other than that, the 6′3″, 190 lb. rookie year nugget from NYC by way of the hoops factory otherwise known as: Oak Hill Academy (Va.); is not ½-bad. Neither is his genetics… as in ‘yes’ he is related in that his old man, Mr. Greg Anthony, only won an NC2A championship with U.N.L.V. in 1990, and was only an 11-year N.b.a. veteran who still holds Running Rebel career records for assists and steals! That’s all, he sucks too. What does not suck however is Cole’s already team-leading 19.6 ppg, his surprising third best 5.7 rpg, his team-leading 4.1 apg, his team-leading 1.4 spg. Cole’s netting, however, needs a little tightening up, what with 36% from the floor, 35% behind the 3-point line and 68% at the charity stripe. Granted… tho’ the rest of his floorshow is about as productive as you can be to only be 9-games into your collegiate career. Additionally, being a USA Today first-team All-America and Virginia Gatorade Player of the Year 2019 is none too shabby. As is his FIBA U18 gold medal. The book says c.Anthony to be an attacking One with a great first step. He is an explosive player with skillz at both ends of the court. The only knock I did find was he had a scholastic rep’ for needing to be more team-first. That and his shooting needs a bit more depth… tho’ this guy is a Pro’. In point of fact, he is listed as Lindy’s #1 A.c.c. Pro’ Prospect for all of 2020. So, there you go… (UPDATE: the old word is: “early February” here… Cole has been back for 11-games in total).
    (UPDATE: had been a streaking player until the Duke game where he mostly struck-out, ⇔, grade fits best)

    NOT a dull boy…
  •  6′5″, 173 lb. and final year off-G, Brandon Robinson is basically your seniority leader if only per class rank default. Although he is also your 11.9 ppg, 3.1 rpg and 2.5 apg guy who does a lotta little-things medium-well. However, Brandon just finished with 12 points in 32 minutes a week removed from sustaining minor injuries when the car, he was in was struck by a car operated by an impaired driver. Dang… St.Boniface bless. b.Rob is also the men’s basketball representative on the Student-Athlete Advisory Council. He enjoys the ‘bling’ of a National Championship ring from his rookie year at U.n.c. He gets you 36% long and 1.a spg and he was merely the AAAAAA (6-A) Player of the Year down in Georgia a handful of years back. Robinson’s old-man is a 24-season High School head hoops coach; so, you know roundball is in his blood and the 1-5 whiteboard has been poured into his head. As he had a shooter’s tag coming outta the Peach State that he willed/worked into a defender’s tag while mounting Chapel Hill. Might be a fringe overseas candidate for it if he wants the work.
    (UPDATE: nothing bad-bad, tho’ down across the board sans one single metric, )
    (UPDATE2: listed as: QUESTIONABLE for Tue.nite with a chin/head ding. St.Atticus bless)
  • Fr. Armando Bacot is a 6′10″, lengthy/rangy looking P/F Commonwealth refugee (Richmond, Va.) at 232 lbs. Bacot led IMG Academy to a prep national championship in 2019 and he was also a member of the U18 USA Basketball national team with Cole Anthony and Coby White, winning a gold medal with the same. Before that, he won the 2017 VISAA Division-I state champion at Trinity Episcopal School. Bacot is said to be a true internal player and nobodies stretch-Euro-F. Bacot has excellent hands and excels on the defensive glass (1o2 d-reb’s already). Armando drops you 9.6 points per nite with 8.2 rpg and he leads the way in SWAT team work with 1.2 send-backs on 47% overall. This kid’s prolly a Pro’, although it does look like he could add another 10-15 lbs. and fill in a bit more upstairs to me.
    (UPDATE: relatively on the level or flat since we faced Bacot last, ⇔)

North Carolina Weaknesses:

  • To say there is a lotta roster/rotational turnover here is to lip-service the whole shebang; so, to speak. Nevertheless, only one rotational guy we saw last (Gar.Brooks) has returned and even this supposed reload seems more parts retool to me.
  • What with ~45 ppg and a hurtful ~35 rpg all gonzo.
  • Likewise, this year’s roster wants for the signature matriculated senior year: “program players” (or glue guys) as Roy likes to put it.
  • Sources say that U.n.c. also wants for an: “offensive identity” thus far this campaign. The whispers also say that Roy has bemoaned his team’s lack of: “handling adversity” on the road this season. i.e. a LOUD Cassell would be harder to storm here, mucho!
  • As… Heel D >>> Heel O (at least thus far…)
  • Sterling Manley is done for the duration (A-scope on his right-knee, St.Nikhon bless). And so are his 6′11″, 250 legit big-man lbs. Also, doneski are his 6 ppg, 4 rpg and a swat on 56% in low-post relief.
  • Anthony Harris, a 6′4″, 190 lb. Woodridge, Va. in-state escapee is also out for the year (left-knee meniscus, St.Nikhon help here too). Gone are his sniper-like marksmanship shooting that generated 7 ppg on 43% long and 88% from the charity stripe.
  • Yikes!

Heel Bench: (depth still=a lot!)

As 10 different Heels have run in at least 12 games here and everyone -all seventeen; that’s (17)- of ’em have balled in at least six runs thus far. i.e. mega depth lives here and fatigue is NOT an issue for this many McDonald’s All-American issues.

Justin Pierce is a 6′7″, 21o lb. rarified Bill & Mary (grad)-transfer S/F to U.n.c. Pierce finds his way to 5.1 ppg and 4.o rpg as a kid who arrived with a label for being one of the most coveted transfers of the off-season. Pierce is a first-option kinda kid who shoots well and rebounds with authority. As this was a 15 ppg, 9 rpg and 41% behind the arc Tribal baller; and frankly mo’ was expected here. (not related to Paul BTW). Even if his 4.9-grade point average (out of 5.0 scale) is pretty much a .edu triple-double. Great on dat.
(UPDATE: just a scosche off though not all that much movement pro or con, )

Leaky Black -grate name- is a 6′8″, 195 lb. sophomoric bean-pole baller who has a history of left-ankle rolls (may St.Phillip make that alright). Leaky did pocket a title leading Cox Mill to the 2018 3-A state championship (Nc.) And he sure seems the highlight tape part. As a strong off-the-dribble guy who seems capable of more than 6.3 ppg and 5.1 rpg to me in pure athletic/kinetic terms alone.
(UPDATE: little better here, a patchwork effort from Leaky indeed, )

6′5″, 2o5 lb. Ryan McAdoo -yes, he is related- is an unusual r-Soph. season Florida Gulf Coast University to U.n.c. transfer basketballer. As Ry’ (same as Leaky) has that *it* or vertical look-n-feel to his game as a pure Three or S/F. His poppa-bear {sic: Bob} was merely the No. 2 pick in the N.b.a. Draft, was only the N.b.a. Rookie of the Year in 1973, the Associations’ MVP in 1975 and a five-time All-Star. Senior McAdoo -who was instant offense and rebounding off the Showtime pine- won N.b.a. titles with the Lakers as a player in 1983 and again in 1985. Accordingly, a lot is legacy expected here. (more than .2 ppg and .2 rpg (no typo’s) I mean).
(UPDATE: , has gone from not much to not taking off his warm-up since Jan.22nd)

Walker Miller is a 6′11″, 230 lb. third-season P/F by way of New Hampshire H.S. ball where he put up okay tho’ not necessarily @U.n.c. scholastic numbers. Walker is an honor roll student (UHC.edu props); he basically provides match-up length in relief (.4 ppg, .6 rpg) while not being listed in my preseason preview mags. (tho’ older bro’ (Wes) did win the 2005 national championship at U.n.c. and you have to wonder if this was a nepotistic take?)
(UPDATE: is still playing, tho the delta (Δ) is nominal for this kid, )

6′10″, 259 lb. Brandon Huffman is one flexing/mean-mugging guy who would prolly make one helluva a cooler/bouncer if he wants the after-hours bar-scene work. Seriously, this dood looks 35 (years old) and Huffman is nothing if not physically filled in like cement. As this was a kid with some serious Deadliest Catch type hauls as an Anchorage, Alaska native. Where Huff’ earned first-team all-state honors in Alaska leading West Anchorage to a 4-A state title with monsta rebounding and blocking high school digits (17.5 rpg, 4 bpg) alike. Though only with 1.3 ppg, .9 rpg and 1 bpg on 67% right now.
(UPDATE: more offensively efficient player, tho’ even everywhere else, )

(point being… this is a towering T.Heel team and a very tough match-up in the half-court)

Upsetting U.n.c. for the 2nd-time as a 4-point underdog is all about, what(s)?

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of 'heels who could shoe @Tech=10?

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is… that precisely 149-miles (slightly So. by So.-East) separates Virginia Tech men’s hoops from its 17th win or from its (.5oo, evening) 16th L.

Then about ~23 hours will separate Virginia Tech from a possible post-season qualifying 18th win vs. Syracuse on Wednesday night.

As both teams are at least theoretically within our Atlantic Coast Championship grasp. Seeing how we have already gotten a handle on each of them once in 2019-2020 regular season terms already.

Though there I go again… putting the orange-cart out in front of the maroon, horse!


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a far more normalized looking relatively mere 7-point t.Hell Tech Triumph. When taken pro capita this works out to a virtual sister kisser of a .466 point VomiT. (it should be Forum Guide noted, however… that U.n.c. and VeeTee traded round-robin common-opponent punches right up until the end of the year when the heels were playing a little better and the Hokies were playing a little, less.

i.e not too far removed from qualifying for my pet phrase of: ‘two ships passing in the nite’)

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… V.Tech is barely up +1% in shooting percentage margin (only on D); with V.Tech also up a useful +7% in 3-point percentage margin (5/7ths of which was on marksmanship alone), and yet North Carolina is up a rather substantial looking +10 in rebounding margin on the glass for the duration. (see: notes down below…)

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… in shooting percentage margin the Heels are up +1% (with U.n.c. netting much better and heating up on O although still user-friendly enough on D); with the Gobblers, up +3% in 3-point percentage margin (all courtesy of a starchier trifecta D), and yet the ‘heels are now up a nearly controlling looking +12 in rebounding margin. (the caveat being… U.n.c. is only up +2 of late, whereas VeeTee has fallen into a 9 rpg Windex Work hole in each teams’ respective last 5-contests).

V.Tech is up ~3% at the charity stripe for the year.
U.n.c. is actually up +3 in R&R for the last couple of weeks.
North Carolina is a .75 neutral; whereas Virginia Tech is .3 as a Swiss.

  1. A cursory glance at the W-L record might suggest that the Tar Heels aren’t long for this tournament. But they’ve played some inspired basketball in recent weeks, giving Duke major headaches for the majority of their two meetings, dropping decisions to Notre Dame and Louisville by a combined three points and beating a pair of teams seeded sixth or higher in the A.c.c. tourney.
  2. F, Garrison Brooks (16.7 points, team-high 8.8 rebounds) is averaging 26.8 points and 10.8 rebounds over the last four contests. G, Cole Anthony (team-high 19.6 points, 5.7 rebounds, team-high 4.1 assists) has been a more efficient player recently, as he averaged 24 points on 58.9 percent shooting over the same timeframe.
  3. Garrison Brooks became the first Tar Heel since Antawn Jamison in 1998 to score at least 25 points in four consecutive outings after finishing with 26 on Saturday
  4. To say that Virginia Tech struggled on the road this season is a grand understatement. Only 27 teams had a worse first-half road scoring margin vs. Division I opponents than the Hokies, who came in at an abysmal 7.9 for the season. (this is at least a semi-de facto home date for the ‘heels).
  5. Hokie  G’s Radford (10.4 points, team-high 6.4 boards) and Nolley II (15.6 ppg, 5.9 rpg) have been solid overall this campaign— although both players have failed to score 10 points in three of the last four games.
  6. The Hokies have made at least 10 3-pointers in three straight games and lead the A.c.c. with 305 —good for the 16th-highest total in the country.
  7. Ginkgo: The Heels did not have two of their top three scorers (Anthony and guard Brandon Robinson) available in our first meeting.
  8. U.n.c. has beaten Virginia Tech in 13 of the last 16 meetings.

The Call

No.81 Net Ranking North Carolina vs. no.80 Net Ranking Virginia Tech:

So, accordingly, to the Net Ranking-heads, this is one dang close one coming up at 7 PM on Tuesday night exactly 149-miles So.by.So.East down-n-out -to mix my sporting metaphor- in Greensboro, Nc.

“thx” @Coach God and all; tho’ Eye gotta wonder where they got that, idea?


7 PM kick-off!

As #14 seeded U.n.c. -to their credit- shook themselves, came correct, and rallied a bit to end what can only be canvased as a: “disappointing” looking 2019-2020 regular season campaign. Having won three runs in a row by 29-combined All Coaching Conference points prior to not duking it out successfully enough with archrival Duke.

Nonetheless, the ‘heels do have one rook-card to play… as our Hokiebird had better not lay a (premature, Easter) egg from distance in this one. What with #11 seeded V.Tech being a basically one-n-done looking 3o9th in offensive-rebounding whereas North Carolina is a stringent or starchy looking 27th best on the defensive-rebounding fiberglass.

As that was the one truest gulf of a metric between these two when taken head-to-head.

Which recommends in-game gaming in and of itself. As it should be clear during the first-half if our {sic: rookie} shooters have successfully taken to the foreign gym Greensboro Coliseum lighting, lines-of-sight, and rims/court alike or not.

So right ^there^ is your whole entire inductive logical assessment. (even more so if B.Rob’ sits).

A.c.c.ordingly, let us hope that our shooting “makes an ass outta” U, n, cee!



(59% confidence interval)

Virginia Tech=6o, North Carolina=76

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