Absolute VicTory Eye in the Sky (part I):

“bourbonstreet, you mercurial, indescribable, esoteric lying S.O.A.B!

Stop fibbing all over  TSL.com!
Lying is for rugs!

You did NOT call this upset three weeks ago.

You called this upset four weeks ago!!!”

Go b.street! Go b.street! Go b.street!
Go b.street! Go b.street! Go b.street!

No Respect
All-in, the box!

p.s. my apologies, clearly my knowledge of OSU football needs work!

1st Q 12:12 remaining:
7 in the box, 8 in the box, 9 in the box? Yea; maybe, on occasion anywho, however, have you ever seen all 11 in the box?!? I’m typing about all eleven guys within five yards of the Ohio State LOS (line-of-scrimmage)! Can you say: The Rodney Dangerfield defense? As coach Foster was showing the Buckeye’s Qbs (Barrett) “…no respect“, as in none, as in nil, as in nadda. Not mention this is secondary “trust-max” taken to the 100th percentile and nearly beyond.

1st Q 7:38 remaining:
This odd player packaging of Williams on a goaline quick-pitch to the even or to the right side did have one fun element on an otherwise mostly cloudy play. Watch big #63 Gibby at right-Ot with the very first ever fall-down-steal as he basically accidentally gave a completely prone #83 the left-De of Ohio State a “macho man” Savage mid-rope elbow drop right in the (bleeping) hoo-ha as Gibby’s block was eventually shed by the Buckeye OLb. O, u, c, h pic link!

1st Q season remaining: (two things)

  1. first up, if we keep this modified 4-3 forward facing, hard charging blitzy 5-2-4 Eagle look? The way to attack these signature island coverages is NOT with in-line or linear pass routing. No Flys, no Zooms, no Gos, no Streaks or any other version of a pure 180º north-south route. Instead, attack it at an angle! Force our guys to turn their hips on that island and see if you get any separation; as there is precious little (if any) help behind these 3 or 4 Island covers.
  2. Because this is such a >>> or FF (fast forward) loaded box-set, our Fs and/or Rover are nearly helpless to maintain leverage inside-out. i.e. you gotta run off-Tackle and beyond vs. Bud Ultra to take full advantage of our Fs and Rover who have adequate yet not exactly Track & Field star quality speed when they must, via such a shallow alignment, scrape inside-out. Nearly ALL of the Oh.State offensive success took full second-half advantage of these Euclidean  inherit tendencies

1st Q 5:o3  remaining:
Ahhhhhh-ok, so why did #8 Bonner just have to steal our very own #96 Marshall downfield in pursuit of the broken containment on the Barret naked odd-side or C-Gap rush over to the left?!? This one will make for some fun intra-team film-smack, and I get you wanna hit someone; though we don’t need any Hokie-on-Hokie crime either, folks.

game#2 season remaining:
WAR Chase Williams!!!
This is about as improved of a set of tackles as I’ve seen on tape from game-to-game, ever!
Color me impressed –and Chase, take this the right way bro’; at a downright gutty 213 lbs.?
I did not know you had it in you. Though I damn sure do, now.
Chase played fast, Chase played quick, Chase was extremely literary in reading his run-keys and Chase was chaste on his tackling indeed. Nice improving young man! Keep it up!

1st Q 0:47 remaining:
Is the double Wingback set a tip of the hand on the Wildcat (Bucky) Qb keeper or at least a Read-Option look? I wonder | and time will tell. (EDITOR’s note: further film-study suggests: “Aye, that be true”)

"The, lo', ri-der..."
“The, lo’, ri-der…”

1st Q 0:25 remaining:
Notice the increasing amount of great Scot counter or crossbuck misdirection sets as his finally fully installed offense emerges and evolves; week-by-week. Now observe that is is none other than #88 Te Mallack (orange) who gives this play its countering left-to-right initial movement in front of the right-to-left (maroon) Mars’ Williams countering scamper for six! Finally, see just how patient Mars’ Williams is on this carry; you typically do NOT see that kinda maturity from a kid in his rookie season of voting folks.

2nd Q 10:13 remaining:
Was this that bad? Well, no, not quite or at least not exactly. Though why bother with this move on an endzone incomplete as #8 Bonner got away with a mild one if you are a Hokie-fan and a medium one if you are a Buckeye-fan, via his head-slap on the downed #5 for Oh.State. Again, was it that bad? No. Could you get flagged for this -all the more so on the road- yes, yes you sure could.

Brewe rolling steal

2nd Q 6:27 remaining:
Not that we cynically pass blocked all that well on this one folks, as Brewer was rolling even or right-side for his life. However, if you are the C and you just have to get beat on a pass-rush, you might just as well go right ahead and steal the left-De of Oh.State who was 3 full gaps over if you can. At least the Ferris-wheel did record a knock-down block while allowing a Qb pressure all at the same time. (pic)

2nd Q :59 remaining:
Let’s see … Lo.FM (Long-Field management situation), Qb under 4-man Playboy ‘esque full-frontal pressure, Qb throwing off his back-foot on an N.B.A. ‘esque fade-away-J, and the Qb was hit on the play and knocked on his wallet just for good measure.

What’s the best you could Realistically All The Time (R.A.T.T.) hope for here men? Throw it up into the stands on 2nd & 10?

6-points you say?

Me neither!

Never seen this absolutely unique statistically oddity; until now——->b.street

Longfield Management: (Lo.FM

Virginia Tech=33
positive: |||| |||| |||| |  (3 VT TD’s, 3 OSU penalties)
Swiss: ||||
negative: ||||  ||||  ||| (2 VT penalties)

brew crew
Took way more than 12 for the team!

“the” Ohio State=37
positive: |||| ||||  (1 OSU TD, 1 VT penalty)
Swiss: ||||
negative: |||| ||||  |||| ||||  ||| (3 VT INT’s; one returned for 6 big points, 1 OSU penalty, 2 VT TO’s)

Brewer may be a little wild at times, he may engineer a play or three in reverse, though he’s damn sure one other major thing: a freakin’ WINNER or downright certifiably clutch. Or both –take thy pick. As our star Qb, and yes folks, make no mistake, he’s a bona-fide star already …as our star Qb scored 21 points on Lo.FM situations whereas the all-everything Ohioan high school baller wet the Buckeye bed for 3 costly INT’s and one of them went for -7 points in reverse. Or in other words, puny, little, fallen Virginia Tech outscored big, bad, heavily favored Ohio State 28-zip on the final Lo.FM tally! Never ever have I seen that demonstrative of a BIG play game-ending spattering of 100% single-sided Lo.FM plays in either sides favor. Not once, not ever, and frankly it’s not even close; either.

Observe the two defensive timeouts that some would have me say that Foster and company “burned” or maybe even outright “wasted”. As you might just need them in a football game, out on the road as a 19.5 point underdog just 10 days ago, in what very much was a 1 play game with exactly 2:29 seconds to play. That’s fair enough, to a point; though it also reveals something deeper, something inside a rather hardened Virginia Tech mindset. As Frank and company were leaving nothing to chance! If you are a stud t-freshman (A.K.A. leading rusher as a Wr; cue Deon Newsome) and you could r-shirt, you play! If you are last years leading rusher attempting to come back off of a severely snapped-twig when you could medically r-shirt, you play! If you are an almost basketball puny looking Cb, who honesty does warrant a year of Gentirification and prolly should r-shirt, although you could help the team out on punt-returns at 161 soaking wet Lbs. (via Greg Stroman); you play!

Do you see a pattern here folks? There is no tomorrow in Blacksburg Virginia anymore men, there is only right now! As try as we all might courtesy of fallen human-nature, “someday” is just not a day of the week.


 READ the closer from the preview up above again; F5 your last week mind…

“Tune in, Tech on, Buck out!”

Tech roadies for OSU
“Wherever you go that’s wherever you are…” -Patrick O’Leary-

As someone obviously knew something; did they not?

As in they knew Virginia Tech and Frank Beamer had gone all-in and had been all-in all summer long. As Frank (or some initial or refugee Staffer) must really have some kinda Buckeye rub here. Frank and company plum got after the Buckeye’s and yes we wanted this one way more than they did. This one burned, this one sizzled and that was merely at practice all week long. Urban sprawl, Urban renewal, Urbanization my ass! In the most heartfelt all-out Hokie effort I’ve seen on tape since the double meltdown speech @uva …Virginia Tech came loaded for bear and stuck these uppity BIG10 Buckeye’s right where the sun don’t shine!

As this was a Brut aftershave kinda game. Virginia Tech is now 13-o when I wear three coatings of “big-game” Brut and the Klitschko brother’s are 17-zip themselves. As there was nothing “vanilla” about this Ohio State I-64 rocky road.

In point of fact this one was less parts BIG10 and more parts late 1990’s high-risk high-reward big east. When Virginia Tech always showed up locked, cocked and ready to rock. We take your two to land our one, ready to salt your earth and if you don’t like that, step too! Take thy best shot.

Now go Mark Twain “…and realize that it is time to pause and reflect.”

Mr. Samuel Clemmons his ownself said that regarding whenever he found himself on the side of the majority; he realized that it was time to pause and reflect. As this new day dawns I see most of the media scrambling to upward adjust or spin their remaining view on twenty-fourteen Virginia Tech football. This is the reflective privy of the late to the party less than prognosticinit. Such is the privilege of the domain of those giving chase. Me? I’m comfortable with my pre-season calculus on this one and on the campiagn alike. This is still a very young football team by-the-bye men, make no mistake on that one. They are still rather near-side on the Experience and on the Learning Curves alike. This also tells us two things; yes “…Momma told me there’d be days like these” as we will prolly still freshman-up a game that we otherwise really should have won. Pitt’s Conner is a problem waiting to happen, and Florida State will be the rightful favorite as the defending National Champion in the A.c.c. title tilt.

That caveat firmly in place, this also tells us one other thing gentlemen… as great as last Saturday night was, those very two aforementioned curves also posit -and in no small way- that this current Hokie.v2014 football team is no where near its ceiling and that the 2015 sky’s the limit! Michael Brewer is the truth and for just as long as he remains standing, there is a long to medium shot that this is a darkhorse quad-play-off football team –if not this year; then next. You read that one here first,  …absolutely!

Buy or Sell: when we look back on 2014, VT just played their best game of the year @Oh.State???

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Virginia Tech=21, “the” Ohio State =7 (at intermission)




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  1. Last week you made one of your trademark vague/obscure/obtuse convoluted references to the coaches being stoked about some esoteric point of reference in the tOSU book of business (see what I did there?). Can you now reveal, in all it’s glory whatever that proverbial armour chink may have been?

    1. They studied the Clemson 2nd-half film and how Boyd mixed it up with quick passing medium to short and never let OSU settle in. Though we did not quite get the running game super on track as we were gonna target their suspended D-Linemen. JohnathanG has been a slow moving disappointment here. Farris has been hit-n-miss and the rest have been ok or above. Te blocking has generally been great and J.c.c. is the lb. for lb. blocker of the team!

      Good question.


  2. With the many years of ineffectiveness on the O side of the ball, I think it will keep them hungry- good things to come- going to feed off this Victory. We have the perfect Qb in place, he’s a winner and this should bred to the rest of the O. They want to pull their own weight and doing so this makes Bud able to take more chances on defense- scary thought!!

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