Belmont Stakes preview!

2o2o Belmont Stakes Preview!

Belmont; the longest or Manute Bol leg of horse racing or where stamina, endurance, and perseverance counts up in the titular hamlet of: Elmont, New York most! As this final leg of 2o22 Triple Crown season is a testy test indeed if not in spades, plural.

Stakes racking is just like dat. Oats or Sugar Cubes with precious little tasty differentials in between. And here on the East Egg or Western End of Long Island, there are days when long odds do pay longest race of the year swell enough indeed. There are however also days when Daisy Buchanan bucks up and hangs Jake up road hard and all wet. F. Scott Fitzgerald country, Styrofoam hats, old-money, blue-bloods and not a good place to bet the under on S.P.F. itself. Nonetheless, what you wanna know is… who is gonna win and by how much, rights? So, read on… to finds, out!

Belmont Park Race no.11, Sat Jun 11th, Post Time: 6:44 PM ET
The Grade 1 Belmont Stakes
Dirt, 1.5 Miles, 3YO.
Purse: $1,500,000.oo
Beyer Par: 101 (ave.winning speed!)

Belmont minutia 1o1:

For Three-Year-Olds. Non-Lasix Race pursuant to 4043.2 (7)(e)(5) Lasix not permitted within 48 hours of post time. By subscription of $600 each, to accompany the nomination, if made on or before January 29, 2022, or $6,000, if made on or before March 28, 2022. At any time prior to the closing time of entries, horses may be nominated to The Belmont Stakes upon payment of a supplementary fee of $50,000 to the New York Racing Association, Inc. $15,000 to pass the entry box, and $15,000 additional to start. All entrants will be required to pay entry and starting fees; but no fees, supplemental or otherwise shall be added to the purse. The purse to be divided $800,000 to the winner, $280,000 to second, $150,000 to third, $100,000 to fourth, $60,000 to fifth, $45,000 to sixth, $35,000 to seventh and $30,000 to eighth. Colts and Geldings, 126 lbs.; Fillies, 121 lbs. The winning owner will be presented with the August Belmont Memorial Cup to be retained for one year as well as a trophy for permanent possession and trophies to the winning trainer and jockey.

Track Record: 2:24 minutes.


Paddock 1o1:

oddly enuff 1o1…

Lotta real or perceived horse-whispers are saying… Rich Strike navigated the Perfect Storm of a lifetime and -unlike George Clooney- got the (R.I.P.) Andrea Gail home snug as a bug and right as… rain.

I kan’t really say I really super disagry.

The pack did break just right out in front of Rich Strike along the rail. (i.e., the shortest and easiest trip in T&F). As a crack went seam and then the seam went gap. And then, however, this pony sure seemed like he truly turbo booster wanted that damn work. As that Derby finishing kick was something outta C.G.I. Disney Black Beauty or whichever horse flick you prefer. Meaning… it typically takes a computer graphics artist to simulate that one on such a real to life stimulating level.

So, Churchill Downs lightening did strike once… the Q&A you have to R.A.T.T. ask yourself… is… can it strike, twice?

If “yes” you have at least one Show bet to play.

IF “NO” you have to consider Rich Strike struck out and then give the distancing column in the spreadsheet some excelling study. Plus, some marriage to the speed column to boot.


That one is your call… tho’ mo’ often than not I’d be inclined to call an 8o-1 KD Champion a nonce, or a one-off-fluke. Nevertheless, that was damn sure some hearty heart that this cardiac kid runner displayed “down the stretch” the first {sic: place} Saturday of May.

And it is pretty hard to (fully) ignore that… although most years I would council that you do.

Who wins the 2o22 Belmont Stakes???

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Macro Stables:

  • This is an okay Belmont field. It is not a suck or flimsy field; every bit as it is not a terribly top-heavy much-vaulted field either.
  • This would hint at ‘trying’ something here— as there is no true-blue-ribbon obvious cock-of-the stud-fee walk in this one to me.
  • A couple of kinda goods, a couple of kinda B— to C+++’s, and a few averages (with no real bottom-feeders, sans maybe Golden Glider) is centrist or middleocore just like dat.
  • FROM Excel spreadsheets notes: per: the 7. horse: Golden Glider… “just the best distancing horse here”… dig it…
    • That all being squarely struck… check this… Per the Daily Racing Form’s standardized metrics/ratings/formulas… Distance Ratings range from o to 48o, with a rating of around 32o considered average. These 2o22 Belmont is a Marathon, not a sprint mounts’ you ask? How ’bout a most narrow horse distance rating is: 268 ¦ the (seemingly) longest horse distance rating is only: 337. Or maybe the lowest possible C+ long-range rating, maybe? Or, in final words… this long, longer, longest Triple Crown leg you asks? It only averages out to a 1-finger nightcap or a shortie of: 3oo! Or, a tricentennial distance rating for the entire set of entrants that tallies 20-points below average or an uppercase C- at best, or at, most!huh?
i.e., could a runner run away early to midway on, and just hold on the rest of the, way?

mid-script… the average Speed ranking for this one you asks?
95! (And, and, and… Eye took that off of each quadruped’s career BEST speed number, only!)

i.e., only Rich Strike has tied the historic winning Beyer number, and only We The People has exceeded it (by a mere 2-points)!

micro fables
  • Ergo, therefore to wit… and up 4u-n-change for the season thus far?
  • You could dabble a bit here if you catch a wide hare and wanna pony up just a scosche.

Me, however?

Not so much, our bed is made, turn the H20 heater down and chill out. Publish a 2o22 profitable “THX” @Coach God; per already having shown out…


The queer part being… there is D.N.A. Talent to be found here, it is just that most of these 2o22 Belmont runners have yet to find a way to put it all together. And in this marathon -not a sprint- you have to wonder if someone does (finally) reach for their ceiling? Or, if this one is rather more of a, you win via being the one making the least misQ’s and merely running the most consistent race sans any thoroughbred greatness flavored day?

The Call:

…right now, if you asked me? (And you did via reading these very words…) Go Monty Python and: “Run Away! Run Away!

As I gots ‘chase-speed’…

’cause when I’ma being chased?
Eye’s fast… sometimes, even, very!

So, I’ma ’bout to unit count pull up a bit…

🎼”Go oooooon, take da money and run!” 🎵
—Coach Stevie Miller


  • We The People, to Show (o.5u)

  • Rich Strike, to Show (o.5u)

  • Will The Winner Lead Wire To Wire?
    No-35o. (1.5u).




Belmont Stakes winner=???
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