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Today’s word of the day is… motivation!

1st ballot Hall of Fame coach ... and an even better, man!
a 1st ballot Hall of Fame coach … and an even better, man!




  1. The act or process of motivating: the coach’s effective motivation of his players.
  2. The state of being motivated: students with a high level of motivation.
  3. Something that motivates; an inducement, reason, or goal:

Because if you do NOT wanna ball all out till the bitter end for this kinda human being?!?
You suck!

Go away.
Go fast.
And stay gone…

Bstreet speaks
“…all good things…”
  • @Georgia Tech,
  • Frank’s final home game ever vs. U.n.c.,
  • and @arch rival uva for Frank’s all-time finale.

Just in case you 3 schools don’t get it?
All me to put the rubber to the road, for yah…

You 3 are about to get your asses whooped!

Because right now the rally cry and the motivation is all for Frank!

1Q 8:14 remaining:
IF you studied our play-calling matrix, ever since the Furman game, you could just see the O&M writing on the retiring wall; something was stirring. As the straw that had stirred the red-state or G.o.p. Virgina Tech offensive drink for 29 years as a coach and 4 years as an all-conference Cb baller was just a little different this year.

Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat!

A fake play or trickeration before 1pm on halloween; in a o-o and expected low-scoring, outright  toe-to-toe slugging match of a conference football game?!?

LOL! Who are you and what have you done with Frank Beamer?

I don’t know about you, though I likes me an aggressive ball-coach –go on with your bad self and have a little fun on the way out.

#20, just, missed!

1Q 6:46 remaining:
I hope those of you who have never balled can actually understand, no, I hope you can actually appreciate the degree of high high difficulty on this one.

As this is one sick sick sick throw from my boy Qb12. As m.Brewer is a professional passer who makes 1-3 awe inspiring professional or Sunday throws each and every Saturday afternoon; all while trapped in a weekend warriors softball body.

Take a good long hard look at how close this one was to being deflected by #20 the Boundary-Cb of Bee.Cee. Yes sports-fans, it may be cliche to type this, nonetheless: “football is a game of inches” indeed. As Michael Brewer hits passes week-in and week-out with about an inch or two to spare. Best sideline thrower I’ve ever seen at Virginia Tech in (point of) fact.

"Bulltrue!" ; )
“Bulltrue!” ; )

4Q 14:15 remaining:
How this is not a fumble I just do not know? As we/Virginia Tech endured a 14 point fumbling swing-vote on the Tuaman fumble return for 6, and the incredibly bad called that negated the Eagle’s lawful fumble return for 6. As a wide old Hispanic idiom teaches us all: “some days you get the bull, and some days you get the horns” and coach Steve Addazio and Boston College had to be feeling pretty horny after this one. As this one really could have been a 17-10 game at this very moment; and I can surely understand why B.C. fans were calling “bull(s—)” on this.

Game Duration:
Buy or Sell:  …the Tuaman is (actually) starting to play better?

RENT, on a 7 day or week-to-week: because yes and no is the correct answer here, and the breaking of the @Boston College tape, and to some extent the @Miami game film bears this out. And here is the screwball oblong kicker, none of this is the Tuaman’s fault! Same as m.Jordan kayoing very decent tough not quite all-time N.b.a. Finals teams way back in the 1990’s. You beat who is in front of you, and if you have NO block(s) to defeat? You suddenly look a whole helluva a lot better than you may or may not actually be; thorough no fault of your own.

2nd & Goal and nobody blocks the Mike-Lb?!?
2nd & Goal and nobody blocks the Mike-Lb?!?

Case in point, did anyone else notice not only all the shield and turn-blocking Boston College uses –that someone did in fact preview; did anyone else notice the old-school Wham plays al-la richrod @wvu way back in 2003 with q.wilson at Tb?

Lotta doubling down G-c on the odd or left-hand side, or c-G on the even right-hand side from the F’n Eagles with a release (sometimes) to chip east or west. And let me tell you, not only does that leave the Tuaman untouched; …and which Mike-Lb does not look better when unblocked and relatively free to diagnose the play and flow to the football? Observe as well, that Maddy and Barron in particular have been much more durable Gap-fighters, Dadi has come on in the last 10 quarters of ball and the wild man otherwise known as Deon Clarke has (finally) found some measure of self-control and therefore self-Gap-integrity in our signature Single Gap based defensive scheme, and all of that conspires to grant the entire stop-unit a better run “fit” or overall shape in its own right. (amazing how the Foster-“fit” slowly yet meticulously tights up like a font-6 vice in October-November each and every year)

Or in other words the front-6 not named the Tuaman is what is authentically playing better; ergo, a rising front-6 tide raises all Polynesian boats. The thing I did not get on breaking tape is why did Boston College not mindlessly target the Tuaman? Try as we might, football still ain’t rocket-surgery men. And it will be v-e-r-y interesting indeed to see how and how often coach P.J.’s 1st option -or the Fb/Qb belly-play- targets the Tuaman from the Georgia Tech Flex-bone ground assault? Yes this may be me being guilty of putting the cart before the horse, yet again. Although that plus the rookie secondary guys vs. their very first Flex-bone night is interesting, possibly even dicey indeed.

So, I’m not saying do not pat the Tuaman on the back; as much as I am saying pat the rest of the front-6 on the back and shake Maddy’s, Barron’s and Clarke’s respective hands’. As Virginia Tech has risen from a season low of 1o8th in total D all the way up to 32nd as of this week. Know what I mean?

...only 2 things really suck here; as the rest are close to average to B+++
…only 2 things really suck here; as the rest are close to average to B+++

At 4 up and 5 down, what is R.A.T.T. most likely to happen from here on out???

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Longfield Management: (LoFM)©

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||||  ||| (2 B.C. penalties, 1 VT fumble, 1 VT TD)
negative: |||| |||| |||| || (2 VT penalties)
Swiss: ||||

Boston College:
positive: |||| (2 VT penalties)
negative: |||| |||| |||| (2 VT penalties)
Swiss: |||

As you can see, this isn’t exactly what Scot want’s, however, Michael Brewer slinging that “Texas Forever” rock is precisely what we need.

As you can see, the Lo.FM just got beat for the 4th time in six years! As we/Virginia Tech had to endure 33 Lo.FM’s to just 23 from Boston College. Yes, the altruistic one, Michael Brewer did hit 260% more Lo.FM’s to the good you will correctly point out to me. Nevertheless, take a long hard look at the 6 Virginia Tech Lo.FM penalties, 2/3rds of which occurred from Bud Stout when B.C. chasing the sticks or were basically no better than pigskin hand-outs on the part of Virginia Tech. We are the ones who gifted them four 1st-downs of sporting welfare!

Accordingly, as you can further see, we let Boston College hang a round when we could have blown them out, maybe even blown the off the Chestnut Hill playing-field. We can NOT do this in the final-3 games, possibly, ever; of Frank Beamer’s coaching life.

M.Brewer on the other hand is such a kool cucumber of a customer, and so matriculated as an elder performer that he can (mostly) bail our dumbass right on out. Comparatively, the rookie Bee Cee Qb’s had no chance here, none, nadda, nil. As the value of an aged, ripened and toughened Pivot at Qb can not be understated in determining narrow game outcomes vis-à-vis.

In summary, this was a good win, this was a much needed win, and yet in the final analysis it was a very very sloppy looking win. The kinda of win that just as sure as coach God made O&M leaves, get us and our 11 penalties for 6′ short of 100 yards beaten vs. at least two of the final three teams.


Franks book
Ut Prosim” (that I may serve)

From: Let Me Be Frank

Beamer is just the type of guy to make coffee for the office secretaries, move his car so an elderly person could have a better parking spot, take a campus visitor to lunch, buy a gift card for a staff member who became engaged a day earlier, drive 80 miles round-trip to spend an hour with a friend dying of cancer, stand up five times during dinner to have his picture taken with fans, smiling an laughing each time as if he had known those strangers for a lifetime, or a tip a waitress 50% of the bill because he overheard her say she was struggling to pay off her student loans.

You know what makes the man special? I witnessed him do all of those things in one day – February 11, 2013, to be exact.

-Jeff Snook-

 text: #GodLoveThatSoul

Frank Beamer memories:
Some of you know some of this, some of you do not, so here goes…

Recall that I am the one that Frank Beamer rescinded the walk-on offer from; (it was from coach Dooley courtesy of the 2 juggling catches I made at football camp). Recall I was the one who dang near hit Coach Beamer’s, person, at the 4-way stop sign at the top of the hill in Foxridge Appartments, when Frank was out jogging one day after that less than great opening year. Recall it is Frank Beamer who always, and I do mean always, walks up and says: “Your (so-n-so’s) friend aren’t you? Well it’s good to see you again, we’re proud to have you (here). Just let us know if you need anything.” Recall as well it was my very own dumbass who walked up to *the* Frank Beamer in the early fall of 2003 and tell him his team was about to get its ass kicked up at wvu if they were not ready to fight to the death; after the sanguine big east exodus to the A.c.c. and subsequent broken lawsuit way back when.

What I recall now is what makes Frank, the Godfather of collegiate football ethos. Do you know what Frank did after I just had to say something totally off the charts stupid like that? He did nothing. He just awwww shucks me as only a vastly more ethically mature man can. As my very own puerility scuttled a perfectly good moral learning opportunity via impertinence of my very own. And then?

And then Frank still treated me like a champ’; when he could and prolly should have treated me to the door. Just like I was one of his very own. That’s Frank Beamer folks, he does not just turn the other cheek, he returns right for ‘rong, and he does so as humbly and as contritely as can be.

He does so as a pure ethical reflex-arc. That is what Frank Beamer the man is all about,
because that is his soul.

Frank Beamer=180 minutes remaining




national champion of… Ethics!

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