Boston College Eye in the Sky! “Grant Noel is nobody’s MV1!”

Virginia Tech=3, Boston College=17

Happy Face 1o1… (#Fail!!!)

Virginia Tech fu’tball, sucks!!!

The Hokies SUCK! They could go put in work for Shop-Vac, or Electrolux or Hoover or your local street-corner pro’. And yet here is the kicker… it ain’t over girlfriends… not even close. To restore the now highly sage-looking University of North Carolina preview closer… we are now officially entering Coach Winnie Churchill’s realm of: “…the beginning of the end” itself. And what an endHer it is shaping up to be! As you know hoo is gonna like the look of puttin’ in work on you know Fu’!

1Q 3:34 remaining:
Riblets… 1o1.

…this is tough, as his wheels looked pretty sporty prior to this!

And in the worst-case?

….sparerib 1o1.

You can, land on the Fu’tball just under the short-ribs and “snap” the bottom one of the same. Eye’ve seen this a time or three in my Game of Life career.

Po’ Fu’… if not for horrific luck he’d have NO luck at all. Seriously, his
Hokiebird ain’t snakebit, it is snake, ATE.

Rare, fu’gly, highly unfortunate, tho’ not umpossible, technically.
May St. Margret bless!!!

Game Duration off/on:
Fiddy-personnel on D… from a dLine that is more like a quart-short of a forty-tree?

Well, it is a new wrinkle… Eye guess it’s worth a series, or two… as we just don’t have the warhorses to pony-up here, and got unmanned a few times fo’ it to boot.

1Q remaining:

1Q remaining:

IF the participation Trophy does not fit? You must NOT… acquit?!?

2Q remaining:

2Q remaining:

3Q remaining:

3Q remaining:

4Q 11:33 remaining:
The screen (switcharoo) action beneath this is is kool-modine… kinda a ‘stalker’ version of screening itself.

…ahhhhhh, NTTARWT!

Although what old-schoolers call a: “pea-hole” block attempt would be laughable…

…as the Will-side De of BeeCee gets fiscally to 3rd base on Tenuta in… arrears?!?

4Q remaining:

4Q remaining:

4Q 11:28 remaining:

As Brockworst, for all his leaky thermostat meltdown moments?

Can drink from my canteen any day.”
—Lt.Col. Bill Kilgore

YIKES here!!! : (

As he was already playing with a substantial amount of athletic tape on the outside of his shoe… and then he gets accidentally rolled totally defenselessly up from behind on the odd-side screen-pass-play by the filling BeeCee De in outside-in pursuit.

All Eye can say is this looked much worse on tape than it did in real-time.
St.Culbreth bless and intercede.
go’on! “CLICK” me!

4Q 4:54 and $10,000,000.oo, remaining:
So, some of you Fu-fighters are saying YOUR MAN Q-word here?


jen.Feuente and b.street

Sybian your homeboy honey! He needs a lift.
A pick-me-up… as it ain’t no fun seeing anyone *that* trodden or kicked.

…that said… they must not trust Ft.Knox with the keys to the Hokiemobile, car; rights?
as we thought he Q-word first way back in 1988?
…maybe he was savin’ this 4th-n-6 for Duke, @So.Beach, or @hooVa???

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=1o

Boston College:
Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=11

Blocking Vice Squadron:
…pretty good, all things dinged-up then dented-out considered. I mean our C2 could be our G2, and now he’s our C1. Our seals/edging was pretty decent as our Wr’s Coach can out-blocking-coach your Wr’s coach. By… (ja)Far… and it’s not even close. Ditto Gallo and double-Ds at Te. Run-shapes were pretty Duck Pond shipshape… to be so incredibly predictably… redundant. Think about that… and we keep the passing-cup of the less than athletic Ft.Knox from leaking much of anything.

That obviousness bears repeating… we moved the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) northward, or just enough and opened-up holes E-W, or just enough… to get our Top-3 ground-gainers up above a 5.o ypc average. To be that playbook censored is not bad work if you can get it.

The kicker however is thus… the one who did not average very much at all in ypc (i.e., his arithmetic mean=3′), is our Qb3, now gone Qb1.

Then, to compound fracture to the brain all of ^dat^ all the mo’? Blocking recorded a disparate amount of its ‘negative’ grades beginning with the end of the 3Q.

Or, in other words… they let up and started to lay… down.

Dang… a cruel mistress this oblong spheroid indeed.

(o) (o)

TTT Analysis:
…Time To Throw nearly missed this one… as it sure looks like a sister kisser or: “…let’s call it a, draw.” (Might even look like extra-innings now that Eye thinks about it as well…)

However, BeeCee was not feeling very Qb1 run-fit handy; and was obviously wrist-averse to risking the same, n’est-ce pas? As po’ Phil’s airwaves were wavy enough at times, and if his wrist-hand is still that chippy aerially, why ground-game him into even mo’ (potential) contact just the same?

VeeTee on the other foot was/is Qb(3)-nearly-crippled. As poor Ft.Knox was unlocked when having to move and we were seriously fortunate that BeeCee did not Goldfinger us and go Pussy Galore here.

Granted… some Knolls are grasser than, others…

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| (1 hurtful fumble!)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| | (2 VT penalties)

Boston College:
positive: |||| || (1 TD, 1 4th down, 1 VT penalty).
Swiss (neutral): |
negative: || (1 INT (tho BeeCee recovered!))

Lo.FM Analysis:
…the Lo.FM vital behaved mo’ true to form.

…as in, the Fu’fense sure needs BAX’s Pirelli’s to bail their azz out when their cheeks blow up and wanna whistle “Dixie”.

As we were okay here in terms of remaining on schedule in terms of chasing the chain-gang on down-n-distance situational Fu’tball. Right up until we, weren’t.

As those round things you saw rolling down Chestnut Hill were the wheels on the O&M little red wagon of the Fu’fense itself. As po’ Ft.Knox is not much for sandlot mad-lib make something happen (his ownself) outta nothing football. BAX has really kept several of these games closer than they had any R.A.T.T. right to be. 3-cheers @he for doing the same.

On the other side, BeeCee did okay for having their Tb1 roll his ankle in the 1st-half. Tho’ they really took 3Q control with two altogether proper elongated drives that were Aesop (well) Fabled. As their Rb2 tortoise beat everyone by just a, hare.

Nothing sexxy, not a high Q-score, just basic meat-n-potatoes
Dinty Moore Stew northward thrusting football.

As BeeCee tallied zero, that’s (o) 4Q Lo.FM’s!

(o) (o)


Tackling Analysis:
Prior to intermission, halting was pretty dang fair-to-middling for O&M eggs and j.Ham.
Actually, even pacing a bit above average to flirting with being outright pretty dang good.

After halftime?
Not so much. As tackling worsened by 250% in 3Q terms.
Then tackling worsened (again) by another 160% to the foul on top of dat. A multi-year high!

And frankly, that is not a signature so much of a team holding on,
as it is a talisman of a team: “letting go”.
And one of those let BeeCee go casa for 6!

R.A.T.T.: ...the main takeaway from @BeeCee is what(s)???

View Results

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the takeaway...

Winner winner chicken dinner!”

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
…Jimmy Sexton! Fu’s Tom Higgins. (…as the whispers are that negotiations are not going perfectly well) …

As there is hardball to be played here, and hard-feelings ain’t helping.
(not one-iota (1ι)).

xxx‘s & ooo‘s:
Not many here… as in not many in-game Stratego pieces left on the O&M, board.

And All the Right Moves Phil.Jurk’ went: “Duck Season” and threw quack-attacks all over…

lame, ducks at dat.

…help wanted, 1o1!


  • …the (heretofore) unsung hero of this team might just quietly/silently be: Fs2 now Fs1, Tae Daley. Who has saved the Hokiebird’s Shanks Dining Hall bacon on more than a few last-sec’/last-ditch run-fill times this season; let me tell you. As Daley is not (quite) kinetic enuff to be a breathtaking baller. Tho’ he don’t make many misQ’s; and he cleans up the same when the other guys do. Very reliable guy, a pure footballer himself.
  • …Dt1’ish, Jordan Williams is pretty good. Nearly dang-good when he is courting a leg-free day like up @BeeCee. As this was his third handful of stops day on the campaign. As j.Will’ is nearly a ‘twitchy’ or ‘burst’ single-Gap Fostoria kinda guy when his right-twig is feelin’ pretty springy on an early-November day.
  • Ft.Knox went from: 3-yards… to: 20-yards… then to: 50-yards on a quarterly basis! That’s 667% betterment, then a 250% betterment to close. He just needed a 5Q to go all-world. Doh! Or, to go to average itself. Like no joke, he did warm into this chilly Beantowne nite a mite… and well, he’s just not P5 it in all candor. And I really do hope to Coach God, he makes it… as he is not even D-1aa freaky enuff.
  • …Coach Corny??? Coaching the verb?
    No, I’ma not objectively jocking… or joking… check it:
    The Fu’fense averaged 3.33 ypg while seeking a BAXccination 1Q booster shot, right?
    Nonetheless, …then the Fu’fense averaged an even better: 4.88 ypp defending Ft.Knox!!!
^^^this^^^ is why you run the maths not yo’ moufs!!!
Remember these???

As I’ma being straight where when I tells you… BeeCee ran 16-mo’-plays than we did and took up virtually 93.22% of a full quarter of TOP (time of possession) on us and we suffered threw a 100% Butterfingers effort on coughing the ball up twice and never once recovering the same!

As Fu’ and Coaching Co. punt, or pout, or, put this nearly unwinnable game in the oven and went Shrinky-Dink on the same.

“Aye”, girlfriends, size does matter and they were magnificent in going Coach Bobbitt(s) and chopping the game clock down to size, here!

As in… BeeCee very well coulda, and some might have me
authour: “shoulda” beat our azz, here❗️


formulae football

…honestly, does NOT favor Coach Next being bling-bling savvy @VeeTee!
(Per Chris Coleman…)

Notice that the top vote-getters failed or retired, and some of the guys at the bottom of the list went on to be very successful. Finding the right guy certainly isn’t easy.”

  • Tom Herman: 2,616. Fired at Texas.
  • Bud Foster: 2,548. Retired.
  • Mark Richt: 2,028. Retired.
  • Justin Fuente: 2,010. Hotseat at VT.
  • Chad Morris: 1,893. LOL. Horrible HC.
  • Larry Fedora: 1,598. Fired at UNC.
  • Rich Rodriguez: 1,196. Fired at Arizona.
  • Kirby Smart: 969. Doing great at UGA.
  • Dan Mullen: 841. Solid record overall at UF, but still on the hot seat because it’s UF.
  • Pep Hamilton: 811. QB coach in the NFL. Star has fallen as an OC.
  • Matt Rhule: 524. NFL head coach.
  • Matt Campbell: 279. Done well at Iowa State
  • Dino Babers: 148. Hot seat at Syracuse

…so, don’t even start your dumbass S about Coach Next winning 10 next year b.street!
…as you can see, the odds on this are about ≅23.o7%.

…or rather, the odds are actually quite favorable that Whit makes another
disfavorable O&M, Fu’tball, hire❗️

We Told You So...

  • Grant Noll is nobody’s MV1!” (MY 1st TSL post, word-for-word too!)
  • There is something very ‘rong on tape here...” (me: at the very end of the final 10-win Beamer season. F4E and Will both have the full uncensored copy of this harangue…)
  • …there is something very very culturally ‘rong here behind the scenes“… the last 3-½-years of someone’s locker-room Coach Glanville chemistry set writings… Eye wonder, who?

(Then) “She told you so!”

Then Eye saw this #GirlPower 1o1 blast right in the junk!!!

Go’on wif yo’ bad-self! F.T.P. sister!!!

Since the @O.D.U. total meltdown on the sideline, in the locker room, and on the bus home…

  • Portaling Spectroscopy: 18 of 20 are Wheat-Bread.
  • Before dat 15 of 18…
  • before dat 13 of 15.

So, am Eye the only one seeing the O&M Roy G. Biv pattern, here?

LOL… it’s a colorfu’l one indeed.
In… spades! (♠’s)!!!


Qb whisper: “Shhhhhhhhhhush!” LOL!!!


The Med’ Staff sucks… #FireM.D.’s!!!

Why? Why firebugs? Why is it always something or someone who you could Terminate @Will???
Eye mean just how sure are you guys reputationally on that one? Being medical and/or Athletic Training graduates and certificate holders in your own, right(s); right?

You must certainly and certifiably know mo’, right?

Doctrinarian 1o1… and oh wait, and JIC you… don’t?
Eye wonder what it might be?

…hmmmmmm, well, Eye wonder if it could be the Med.Staff that is gettin’, played?

i.e., what if they (the: ballers) really do not prefu’r dat, work?!?

…what if they have player “developed” an
opt-out, ‘tude???

…tho’ oh wait… how do you #Fire, dat?!?
How did OUR medical staff set an A.c.l. speed of return rec‘ when they suck?!?
…so, you are saying there’s a chance???” A.c.c. Comeback Player of the Year?

Here in the sportlight…

…this is what it looks like when a team begins to go Shamu and SeaWorld, tank!

  • 1Q 12:27 remaining: …j.Rob’ totally stolen by the Boundary-Cb of BeeCee!
  • 1Q 6:4o remaining: … DAX (after being pwned/blown off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) by about 8-yards, mutually kinda gently and kind cheaply alike; steals the prone and Central Park fishnet wearing after 3 AM #64 of BeeCee over the dogpile. (Later on, we see DAXy going Magic (comeback) Johnson and bumping an opposing coach along the BeeCee sideline well-outta-bounds both geographically and sportingly; alike).
  • 2Q 3:44 remaining: …#97 (o.Shadley) does hustle downfield on ‘cover Lucy’ smartly enough; tho’ when he gets there he hands-to-the-face/or outright facemasks the gunner of BeeCee to the turf?
  • …later on… there are literally 15-men on the field for BeeCee and nobody VeeTee thought to snap the ball?!?

This is ALL with the game still well within (theoretical) reach 1.5 play contest mind yah… then it got worse— as 2nd-half tackling and hitting in particular really spit the bit, dropped the soap, and let go the rope.

Or, in other words, which two patterns did you men detect here?

  1. this team is learning how to not, try. Like an uptight Goody Two-Shoe Prom Date that does not put… out.
  2. …secondly, this team has several pretty dang frustrated ballers on it; who could act up then punk-out in lieu of any lack of Prom nite frisky-whiskers. (Tho’, meow-mix just the same).

♂️♂️7 >>> Jane Bond >>> Fu’fense

Do you see what I mean gentlemen?

’cause what I mean is… if this just happened from the incoming 5th best in penalties in all the land squad, where does this 4Q 0:00 remaining end pur last years brawl when the chips get big-n-you-know-hoo, blue?

Or… #SoftDumFluff!!!

“…that much smoke— bound to be some fire…
–McDowell Co, 3o4 idiom

Coach Fu’, Coach Fu’, Coach Fu’ is on… 🔥!!!
He don’t need no (Duck Pond) water let the…

(Then), Will Told You So!!!


So, what’s a Fu’ to do???

Because as we all know… to present a problem and fail to marry it to a solution?
Is to do no better than to… complain. Rights?

So, how ’bout having some…


That’s the tix right ^^^there^^^ folks!

  • This team needs a locker-room jokester. A gridiron court-jester. A prankster.
  • Someone to do something downright silly and loosen it all (back) up.
  • David Wilson to challenge Stiney’s (vehicular) heat to a drag-meet!
  • Someone to short-short Corny and yank his drawers down!
  • Someone to throw a “TD” Tommy and g.DelRicco kegger!
  • (Then go hunt, fight, kill frat’ doods to blow off, steam!)
Or, just someone to knock Fu’ right into a practice-field rain puddle…
Which no matter what the New River Valley weather forecast Technically says:
…we say something like this must be made: “available“.



Virginia Tech=3, Boston College=17







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  1. Great article! I’m actually starting to have a good time watching the VT FB team this year, because I’ve also let go the ole rope! Actually beginning to think keeping Fu wouldn’t be so bad in trade for all the entertainment value to be had on TSL!

    I know the offensive coordinator can’t do it all by himself, but just once in my lifetime, would like to c a good offensive system at VT. Or I’d settle for one more Michael Vick or Tyrod Taylor! 😉

    1. …yah; backing away from the cliff… putting Wile E. Coyote’s Acme anvil down…

      …NEVER bad looks!


  2. Hadn’t tried reading one of these in a while. Wow that was painful and have no idea what I just read.

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