Boston College football preview!

#64 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #97 R.P.I. Boston College:

Today’s word of the day is… a·vail·a·ble

propaganda synonym /əˈvāləb(ə)l/ adjective

late Middle English (in the senses ‘effectual, serviceable’ and ‘legally valid’): from avail + -able. The sense ‘at someone’s disposal’ dates from the early 19th century.

  1. able to be used or obtained; at someone’s disposal.
  2. (of a person) not otherwise occupied; free to do something.
  3. not currently involved in a sexual or romantic relationship.
  4. Lebron James rather sage and maturity ripened word to describe all things as 2021-2022 necessities go; after winning the N.b.a. Finals post-game no.6 the year before.
  5. something neither team has done epically well thus, far… and something each team’s training room is wanting fo’ right now… to boot (pun intended; Coach God Bless!)

Boston College Head Coach: Jeff Hafley: age=42, (1o-8 overall and @B.C.); has a rep’ for Defense itself and the Secondary in particular. Also said to be an Ace at game-prep’, and an Energizer bunny type of coach.

And oh yes, he just inked the #1, that’s no.1 B.C. recruiting class, ever!
Did I mention the recruiting, yet?

Baller Hafley was a four-year letterman (1997–2ooo) as a Wr on the Siena Saints football team and graduated in 2001 from Siena College with a bachelor’s degree in history. He earned a master’s degree from the University at Albany, SUNY in 2oo3.

Home team 1o1…

Before entering the N.f.l. ranks, Hafley spent 11 years on the collegiate sidelines with coaching stints at Worcester Polytechnic (2001), Albany (2002–05), Pittsburgh (2006–10), and Rutgers (2011). While at Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights were the ninth-ranked passing defense in the country and Duron Harmon earned first-team All-Big East honors and Logan Ryan received second-team accolades. Both Harmon and Ryan were drafted by and played for the New England Patriots. Additionally, you can see where recruiter Hafley has some inherent in situ P.R. type juice already Nor.-by-Nor-East hooked-up and good-to-go.

In 2012, Hafley made his N.f.l. coaching debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He joined the Bucs as assistant defensive backs coach and spent 2013 as the secondary coach/Fs/Ss. In 2013, Hafley oversaw a unit that helped Tampa Bay finish tied for third in the N.f.l. with 21 interceptions. On January 27, 2014, Hafley was hired by the Cleveland Browns to coach the secondary. Hafley would remain in this role for 2 seasons (2014–15), before being relieved of his duties due to a coaching overhaul. On January 24, 2016, Hafley was hired by San Francisco 49ers’ new head coach Chip Kelly to coach the defensive backs. In 2019, he was hired to be the co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State. Hafley quickly established himself as one of the best recruiters in the country, truly. He has a rep’ of: “a monster” defensive coach in the coaching sewing circles. And, he can also ink studs to LOI (letters of intent); what with being ranked ninth overall recruiter for the 2020 national recruiting class by On December 13, 2019, he was hired to be the head coach at Boston College after the firing of Steve Addazio.

Pappi Hafley is the father of two daughters, Hope (born 2016) and Leah (born 2019);
and so is his wifey, ‘Gina.

2o2o record: 6 up 5 down and .5oo in the A.c.c.

Boston College Defense: (starters back=7)

  • Ostensibly a base forty-three.
    (Tho’ will go forty-two-Nick’ at times)
  • 42nd in Total D.
  • 91st vs. the run.
  • 1oth vs. the throw.
  • 30th in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 29th in zone D.
  • 5.5 of 10 in dLine Havoc. De/Dt combo’ Brandon Barlow might be the next solid/good De for BeeCee. However, a lotta unfamiliar names appear here this year to last. dLine is all back next year less the De1, so, they are playing 2022 already. Right to good-sized front-4 as well. Pass-rush being the one foible here, as the run-fits are reasonable enuff. Although depth is said to be limited upfront. 4Q watch that JIC the Vice Squad see-saws just like dat. As De is noticeably pincer-movement stronger than Dt is right now. Dt is not bad; mo’ so that De is clearly better. So, some Brockwōrst G-c-G internal wedge trifecta could really go a long way for Tech.

    BeeCee base D: (2-pointers and Cf Tampa-1)
  • 4.5 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. …even mo’ unfamiliar names appear here this year to last. Metrics are on point here, no shorties or biggens alike. Isaiah Graham-Mobley (dented, ‘upper-body’ God Bless) could be the alpha, tho’ he’s missed time of late and may still be dinged-up for our run here. And that’s just 2nd-layer it… the BeeCee run-fills are leaky or sievey at times to boot. And frankly? BeeCee kinda reminds of GeeTee more than a little bit as Linebacking itself goes. ’cause stats they do court, it is mo’ parts lay-up rather than thunder-dunk however. As their Top-2 tacklers are indeed Lb’s (I.G.-M. and Kam Arnold). Although the shrewd among you will recognize that their stops and Mr. Spock’s 1st-contacts are deeper off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) than typically solid BeeCee run-fills used to support. And then we segue into the even mo’ Vulcan nerve-pinched run-fill defensive backfield effortlessly enough…

    …not too bad… seems like they should be, better, even!
  • 8 in 10 in Secondary Havoc.  Z-checking Cb-Nickle, Josh DeBerry is your leading play-maker here. Both in run-support and in pass-flex. As the Landry era term hints… Josh moves around a bit and flashes you a little this and a little that. An active guy to be sure; although the hind-4/5 is pretty thin same as the Lb’ers above due to 2020 differential reasons. Ss, Jaiden Woodbey looks the load hitter part on tape. He’s not small/unbuilt. The rest however are bantam-weights, even a little high school promenade at points. Josh DeBerry in fact is said to be a pure (home-position) ¢5-back. Fs Jason Maitre could moonlight for the bo.SOX as a clean-up hitter. As that’s what he really specializes in… saving BeeCee’s tuchus more than once this year. Really rangy Fs who play-makes all over the field. Does well as the de facto Cf in Tampa-1, tho’ they used Tampa-2 as well. This is quietly a very very good A.c.c. Hind-4; Top-2 or not less than Top-3; vs. THE PASS. (Tho’ Cb1: Brandon Sebastian has been banged-out (of the line-up) of late, might wanna give him a physical or check-up early-on JIC). Secondary does favor playing the ball not the man.

    Greatest Story Teller of ALL-TIME!!! (And an Eagle?)
  • D overall: (Film-Study): Dline and any cheating-up Lb’s will 2-point-stance in obvious passing downs. Might be some room here inside, if we only had a bulldozer or Brahma bull? Secondary goes mo’ medium to semi-variable Man on edge when expecting a throw. Some are tight some are loose, Man. DLine/rushers literally will go Pack-Line D in hoops and pull-up on pass-rushing to wait/try for tips/deflections! Very unusual look, tho’ they do net a few of these. ‘Cuse found love on the narrower boundary side of the traditional Fs-seam. As BeeCee sure keys/deploys or outright spies, the backfield and this sometimes leaves them -1 in coverage for it. BeeCee will stack Linebacking-twins; kinda like Foster once did. Tho’ theirs are deeper to play cleaner and they must not be speed-phobic for it to boot. This is oddball to me… as they too looked a little knuckle-dragging or less than elastic on zone-stretch. Secondary velocity was a bit more dynamic or on cue. Tho’ I did not think them pure T&F scorching burners. Might be something big here if/when we get behind them and break contain. On mo’ normalized down-n-distances, BeeCee really toes the necessary yardage line horizontally. As if trying to deny the pick-up, and yet seemingly deeper available for it as well. And yet… they do get to errant throws more often than not, BeeCee is smart/sharp at this one tape. Very earhole available to coaching hind-4. D will rally to the ball and tackles pretty decently all things considered— when still fresh. (Not as much later on as depth itself, wains/drains a bit).
  • D ∑ (summary): returning D production=66% (79th). A De or DeBerry is your conflict defender here. The F’n Eagle D has had its run-wings clipped a bit of late. And it wilts the further off the run-fill LOS (line-of-scrimmage) that you gets. This is strange, as the Secondary is primary as Talent goes. The thingy being… BeeCee has had some ISOpp+ ills. Meaning big-plays allowed. They do well or do okay then soak the F’n Eagle sheets. (i.e., not just ‘wet-the-bed’). Then mix in the aforementioned MLb toggling in the 2nd-layer and a critical missed tac’ here-n-there and there the other team goes. As BeeCee is just not in step vs. the run, and rushing-Pivots in particular. (Tho’ some of that is the Training Room running away from health itself). As this is not a northward/attacking/dynamic D, tho’ it is a D that can be decent enough E-W and southward static, if/when it gets M*A*S*H, right.

Defensive letter-grade:

Fn Eagles Offense: (returning starters=9, now 8)

  • 97th in Total O.
  • 79th in ground O.
  • 95th in aerial O.
  • 100th in Passing Efficiency O.
  • 87th in zone O.
  • O overall: Qb1-2-3??? N.Dame transfer and immediately eligible Qb Phil Jurkovec takes the Eagle reins. Jurkovec (grate western-Pa. All the Right Moves surname) was Selected to participate in the 2018 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Where he was one of four finalists for the Felix “Doc” Blanchard Award, which recognizes a player on the U.S. Army All-American Bowl East roster “who exhibit prowess in the classroom and the field”. that does not student-athlete suck. And neither did finishing his Pine-Richland H.S. career stats up with: 11,144 total yards, 8,202 passing yards, 71 TD passes, and a 68.4 percent completion percentage! Great for 3rd place in western-Pa (en Fuego hotbed for Qb talent historically) total yards passing all-time. That’s an 11.1K careerist passing mind yah on only 9 handheld healthy digits as he missed over half a year with a ripped-up thumb. (St.Julia bless). As I and Fonzie are wondering where Jurkovec is in Pa. history on two good thumbs? Because as a wingman Top Gun Sr. year went? He only went for a state single-season record of 5,180 total yards, with 63 total TDs. Which led Pine-Richland High School to a 16-0 record and the 2017 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association AAAAAA state championship. That’s all. Hence Phil’s mere 66th overall national ranking and 4th best dual-threat Qb tab per 247Sports. Phil’s is only the second bio’ I’ve studied with NO family information. Addition via subtraction I fear, Godspeed on whatever that is code for here. Phil goes: 6′6″ with a whopping 37″ can dunk vertical at 228 lb. metrics on 4.84 serviceable pigskin speed. In film, Phil looks a deceptively good athlete given his size. He enjoys the arm strength to make all the throws and flashes touch on the deep ball. Big ass long-limbed/wingspan helps put his receivers in a good position after the catch. Can make things happen when the play breaks down. Phil however does court a quirky arm action, not a smooth release; wasted motion does lurk here. As this kid brings a nearly 70% passing acumen in collegiate terms overall; and yet at BeeCee his passing has cooled every week from an apex of 74% to start to a nadir of 54% last week. Go fig’ on that? And go fig’ on being nearly 10% better @Away than @Home with a stellar +68 visiting Qb1 or road-warrior bump! Phil also throws historically better by +6% after intermission. So, there are some competitive/gamer-type signs here. And same as Viagra, you gotta wonder what this F’n Irish now F’n Eagle Qb1 could do if he could only remain upright and, erect? (mo’: below). ’cause 65.1% good for 1,181 yards, with a shiny 4:1 passing ratio and no real Rb help— as this is quasi Atlas world on your back territory indeed. In the team’s first four games, Jurkovec has compiled a program record of 1,181 yards. That’s more than guys named Flutie, m.Hasselbeck and Matty Ryan. A few forced throws notwithstanding, this is a strong-armed kid, and he knows/shows it too. (St.Julia and St.Barlom (handy/wristy Patrons) bless!) That said, there are a few stray interweb vibes that this kid is closer to being back than most, thought.
    BeeCee base O:

    ‘K. So, all of that is rendered null. The Eagles played two quarterbacks in their loss to the Orange and continue searching for a path forward without their injured starter Phil Jurkovec. As Qb2: Dennis Grosel started the last game. Then Freshman Qb3 Emmett Morehead made his collegiate debut on BeeCee’s third series of the game. Morehead finished 6-of-15 passing with 87 yards while Grosel — who returned in the fourth quarter — went 9-of-17 for 93 yards. Mmmm-K. And IF I knew who was (or who should be) Qb1 here I’d be the second to know— as you have to wonder if Coach Hafley and Co. know? In brief… the book(s) here read: Em’ is a: Alexandria, Va. native/escapee. A pocket-passing one. Morehead (funny), had a decent regional offer list. Private school kid too, (V.E.S.) which may have held him back a bit recruiting/advertising wise. Tho’ only 52nd in-state. Has long-ass Tarzan canelo flowing-locks, and the Co.Ed ovHER bet is prolly a good one on him. Good size (6′5″, 233 lbs., gray-shirt rookie). As his father played football and was on the crew team at Princeton while his mother was a member of the Princeton basketball team. So, the physicality and the fiscality are Ivy League inherent enuff. Surfer in his spare time, guitar plucker as well. -18 rushing, married to: 40% passing, and a 0:0 ratio is not a lotta film/data points for me to extract. Still yet, the vibe is Hafley likes Moorehead and which guy does not? Did I mention his surname yet? As Em’ seems to have some velocity/arm-talent on what little tape I could find. As he sat himself H.S. cv19 down for 2o2o. However, the roster card says that: Dennis Grosel (6′1″, 221 lbs.) is starting. Dennis is a Grad.Year, r-Sr. He clearly gets the experience nod on a 10-8 round. He did set a few regional-level Ohio H.S. passing recs. He had a collegiate pitching look too… so he can win the October Classic arms-race here. Has been a yo-yo or up-n-down pitching the pigskin @BeeCee. From: 47% to 68% then back down to 58% this year with multi-starts in each of his 3 preceding Eagle nesting’s (seasons). A modest 21:13 career ratio agrees. Tho’ Dennis has better wheels with +300 rushing yards for his career and 24 points per it. Dennis was better earlier this year and has 5 picks in his last 4 contests. As his competition % has dropped (pardon the pun) every single week since 9.25. And oddly enough, he scores mucho bookend better, what with 64% Q1 and then a nifty 69% Q4. Sammwiching lowly 47% Q2 and an even worse 42% Q3. Go fig’ on that? Tho’ do fig that Grosel is the rusher and that Moorehead is the future… although who is Friday Night Lights=??? here.

  • Morehead said that since he arrived in Chestnut Hill, Grosel has been “probably the best mentor I can ask forHe’s helped me so much with everything, from the playbook to navigating Boston College, and just college in general. He’s been super-nice about everything,” Morehead said. “Like, obviously, this is his season to shine and to play, and it hasn’t gone the way he’s wanted. But you would never know it. He’s been really calm, and really humble, and someone I look up to.”
  • Bravo! Eye never get to read anything like ^^^dat^^^. Grosel=27 credit hours/semester
    i.e., ALL… class.

    …helluva a throw!!! (the greatest?)
  • Rb1-2: Pat Garwo III is your mail-carrier here, and then Alec Sinkfield gets his handful+ per game after that. Patrick Garwo III (5′8″, 218, Soph.) is a human Smith-rack or a darty good squat rusher. As hommie looks like he’s got at least smallmouth bass stapled to his arms… maybe a Nor.Pike? Strong kid in the northern hemisphere, who does not seem his listed height on tape to me. Still yet, ≅6-yards/carry is a first down every two tries. That does not suck— tho’ #24 does wear-down in-game from 1Q:2Q and again 3Q:4Q. Ditto he has shed nearly 2 ypc from September to October! So, Patty needs some O2 masking downtime in-game or some love from another Rb or Wr. This is from the #1 Keystone State (Pa.) ranked Rb three years back who was #21 overall in America (per: Rivals). As nearly 4K rushing in his final two scholastic seasons says so. Wr’s/Te’s: Legit 4.39 forty Wr1 Zay Flowers leads the grab-gang with: 35 receptions for 511-yards and 12 points. This is nearly great for a burner stylized 16.3 ypc (career), with a long of 77-yards and a sweet-16 maj0rs or TDs tallied already in a variety of ways. And it could be mo’/worse than that with anything north of adequate hands. All-A.c.c., surpassing play-making balls here, that’s all. And Zay-Zay has been scalding hot of late. Seriously folks. As the F’n Eagles have a couple of B— kinda stretch guys and a buncha possession-based guys underneath that. Not quite inert, tho a bit vertically imbalanced. With one really stepping guy (a diff’ C.J. Lewis, not the reggae singer) and the rest looked light in the pants to me. Te1 (Trae Barry) and his semi-wannabe Ford Fairlane lookin’: ‘fro-hawk are legit. As he was a D-1aa All-American and is now a grad transfer who balled last year at Walter Payton State (JAX.St.). Mutually a blocking/catching full-service Te1. Although, he is QUESTIONABLE for this one (upper-body, Godspeed); and so are his second-place grabs and receiving yards. oLine: …good size oLine a 60% Grad’ guys working here. So, that can’t hurt anything. Supposedly a pre-season strength, gone off the tracks in-season outta synch. As there are accolades, appointments, and experience here (individually) alike. However, this oLine has been shedding all of that in lieu of blocking any of that. An anti-Gestalt Unit if you will, or parting for more than sum defenders. As TFL (tackles for a loss) have been a F’n Eagle bugbear and the passing-cup has been south of that of late. Odd-side (i.e., left) seems the money-side here, and there are 4 r-shirt upperclassmen who start here. So, the learning curve should be straightened-out by now. Odd or blindside-Ot1: Mike Vrabel is your (in-theory) bell-cow here. Tho’ he and the C1 and the other Ot2 have been dinged up of late. (Coach God Bless). As 80% of the oLine=3-year starters for BeeCee.

    …not the keenest passing look, is it?
  • O ∑ (summary): returning O production=84% (22th)! (Film-Study): O keeps the standardized 3-4 wide and slight sawed-off Shotgun/Spread looks of today. They will use mo’ H-back/Te, and a split-‘Back or Hb behind that. Then play-action, to pick-n-pop on shorter to medium kinda/sorta Left-Coast looks. Tho’ a few more stationary targets live here. Oline will pull backside G and the Te/H-back hybrid guy to lead powers play-side. Patty III has a really nice 1st-cut off of this, 20-20 court-vision, might be a Pt.Guard in another life. And tho’ strong testing wise he ain’t big, big-wise. Not easy to tackle, tho’ can be brought-down or worn the same. However, P.G.III is quick, darty, runs low; seems in self-protect mode or survivor man “bear” Grylls mode at times. (Sub’s himself out pretty freely for it). Qb(s) ain’t fast. In particular when made to laterally extend East-West. Grosel m0′ so, as he is nearly watching cement dry or plodding. He too seems smaller than listed, and ‘Cuse sure tried to rough-him-up or intimidate the same. Moorehead on the other; hand, (sorry), has a nice long ball and he sure ain’t deep throw-fit shy. Wants to show out without a doubt. The catch being, ‘Cuse did very well loading the cart vs. his lack of Qb1 run-shapes and keyed the BeeCee’mobile up one parking-lot side and down the other. As Moorehead has mo’ pure arm-talent and can vertically stretch things; although his pocket-presence does not feel pressure well, and he’s nobodies Doug Flutie on the escape. There are traditional Pro-School 70’s under C looks here as well, and they run rather well here to boot. As they scissor the H-back/Te and the pulling-G, in opposition when under C. Neat look, very! And latently Eye did see that quasi-Qb1, d.Grosel has chucked at least one pick in every start this year, grossing the Turnover Margin, out. Eye also saw what seems to be some trouble with power defensive fronts and some just raw assignment misQ’s— which is just nearly queer, what with this much right-tailing on the Experience Curve itself. As BeeCee beats BeeCee at times down-low… NTTARWT.
  • O Overall: 57% run:pass 43% mix. (Note: a bit run-heavy). Zay Flowers is your (sorta) secret sauce offender here. IF, he finally gets off and pops-clean? This is a different ballgame. He can hit the long ball when his swing finds the sweet spot. Of the guys still standing/playing… only one (PG-III) has a carry north of 22-yards! (tho’ a healthy Te1: Trea might want a word with that). The Flying Eagle throw-O does move upward a good bit better, as a surprising 8 different ballers all carve at least a 25-yard snag in their receiving belt thus far. As the BeeCee throw fits are (now) a healthy medium+++ (although some of this is no doubt from having to press/chase and work from scoreboard behind). The caveat is, these are pre-handy inflationary economy numbers. As the BeeCee throw-fits are now truncated and a bit mo’ r-G.O.P. Ditto now being a bit mo’ run-heavy than before. That’s the word… the film however shows that they (somehow) got a bit mo’ pass-happy post (All The Right Moves epic named:) Jurkovec. (Pardon the patterning pun there too).

Offensive letter-grade:

Bo.College Special Teams: (1 returns)

Boston College is 66th in Net Punting; and curiously enough, so is P1: Grant Nicholas Carlson. As this Texan “everything is bigger” High School P1 & K1 is gonna needs a bigger trophy case. Seriously, no joke. He won everything you can Friday Night Lights win leg-game-wise. 17 awards Tx. or USofA wise. Pretty much 1st-place/1st-string straight across too. …and he picked up a mere AAAAA Tx. bling for it to boot. Anyways… has a long F.G.A. make of a blistering 65-yards! So, Lee Majors bionic leg-swagg lives here. Tho’ as a college P1 he has been better than most, although not quite bionic itself. A.C.C. All-Academic Team does count. His fakes (all runs for -2o total yards) have not counted (at least not for much). He has one career blocked-punt; and a career ave. of right at 42-yards. So, you almost gotta wonder if G.P. Carlson shoulda been place-kicker Carlson in lieu of P1 Carlson? Tho’ he is a r-Sr. and a Grad-School far right on the P1 experience curve for it as a 3.5-year starting P1. A Solid directional/hangtime P1, almost a good P1, not quite an epic P1.

  • 1o3rd in Punt Returns | 3rd best in KO returns!!
  • An available looking 120th in punt coverage | tho’ pretty tight at 35th best in suicide-squad.
  • BeeCee has blocked zilch kicks and allowed zero kicks to be blocked.
  • BeeCee has blocked 1 punt and allowed no punts to be blocked.

Last year’s K1 (Danny Longman; who ain’t ½-bad) has been given the boot by this year’s K1: (Connor Lytton). Conner went to Frank Beamer H.S., or by way of localized Radford Bobcat fame. Where he was merely nationally ranked as the No. 5 scholastic kicker in the country by 247 Sports and No. 26 by ESPN! Not too bad, and neither is being named a 3-straight-seasons: Team Captain at R.H.S. Not sure I’ve ever read that one before? So, Mister Connor musta been doing something New River Valley, right. Anywho… 5′12″, 2oo lb., rookie or nugget voting year c.Lytton seriously has Howdy Dooty gonna get carded deep into his late 30’s looks. All this cowboy needs is a rope and Hyde and Zeke: the twin bears and he 31st.Oct. Costuming Contest wins. Easily at that. As kicking goes… Connor has range out into the late-40’s. Tho’ not quite as rangy beyond that. 48-yards max’ in H.S. and 49-yards max’ for the chowders says so. This year he is stellar enough, albeit on limited data points; check it… 85.7% on FGAs @6-7 and 100% on P.A.T.’s @15-15. The glitch is… only one F.G.A. ≥34-yards thus far! So, maybe he is all dat and a snap? Or, maybe not? Hard to tell on such collegiate leg-swing traction/truncation… still yet, Eye can tell you he has tallied zero passing or rushing attempts at any level. So, trickeration should be off the table here. (Ditto, no blocked kicks at any level, which is impressive).

Boston College Special Teams letter-grade: P1 is stronger, or at least mo’ settled than K1 is. This is a steady if unspectacular ST’s-unit; (less punt-returns) that does not beat itself. C+++ is about 72-strokes… or par for the course.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT O.
  2. …slight-gap…
  3. BeeCee D and VT D.
  4. …decent-gap…
  5. BeeCee O.


  • motive: …both teams need it to get that post-season bowling alley trip on the docket. BeeCee is @home tho’ it is a museum gone librarian of a home. EDGE=push.
  • weather: …not exactly a warm-weather nite. This won’t help chilly-catch fingering anything. EDGE=??? (Or, whoever runs better).
  • health/off-field: …one of the few times in a little minute or three that the other team is mo’ dingy than we. As (Coach God Bless) BeeCee is pretty dinged or outright dented in the Secondary and catch-corps alike. EDGE=VeeTee.
  • penalties: BeeCee has been pretty crusty on flagging for years, going back through the previous regime under Stevie even. VeeTee is better, tho’ not by much. EDGE=push.
  • intangibles: BeeCee is centrist in both TOP (time of possession) and in all-important Turnover Margin alike. VeeTee is just enuff ahead at each to get the nod; barely. EDGE=VeeTee (…just).
  • fatigue: BeeCee had their OPEN week the week after ours… leaving them about half a fortnight out in front of us on R&R. Plus sleeping @home in their own beds never hurt anyone. EDGE=BeeCee.


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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Eagles who could soar @Tech=8, possibly 9.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… it is hard to be very taken with either team.

As this one almost has the look-n-feel of a game that nobody really wants to win.

As each team can run a bit, defend a bit, and then misses things more than a little bit as tidbits go. On top of that, neither one seems especially ‘twitchy’ or ‘bursty’ upon breaking-tape. Like two lowercase TKO or domestic 110v squads.

As each one seems In Search Of (more Nimoy love insert____ here, check) as each one seems in search of something to industarlize 220v or legit kayo power.

As a breakout offensive performance from whomever from whichever side…
…could surely go a looooooong way to deciding things here.


xxx‘s & ooo‘s
…not real sure there is a clearly superior Staff here?
…this one best grades as ‘incomplete’ (pun, somewhat intended this year…)


  1. Δ1=5o% chance that VeeTee is just a little better at being (effectively), less bad if you will.
  2. Δ2=4o% chance that VeeTee is due to ‘bounce’ on O in horse-racing terms; and that that tilts things in the Beantowne favor.
  3. Δ3=1o% chance -that yet again- Eye am left wondering if these two Little Engine’s that… can’t, could end up in Extra Innings? (As neither one has anyone all that terrifying over on O).

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and we gotta put in a lotta time-keeper work to lift this one out on the road here. Prolly at least 55-minutes give/take.

…kinda kool threads, ain’t they?

the optics...
…well, offensively? It appears the (slightly) “on the come” Fu’fense has the check-mark, edge! (And “nyet comrades”, Eye ain’t frontin’, or possin’, or stirring any pots. As anything the Fu’fense can do inert, the BeeCee offense can do… inertHER. BeeCee Beta Stats scores very po’ in Explosion (1o9th) and Drive Efficiency (1o7th) and also in Negative Drives. Their only alibi is having faced a decent set of halt-units. Although, they notched nothing north of 90th best as Offensive rankings go! (With the Fu’fense 76th overall, and better than average on Negative Drives and Rushing Efficiency itself). O EDGE=VeeTee.

the skinny...
…well, defensively? It appears these two are in a near halt-unit dead-heat. What with VeeTee being 57th and BeeCee being 52nd overall. The only real differing’s Eye could data-mine were… Drive Efficiency, which slightly favored BeeCee. And then we found that VeeTee was even better in Play Efficiency and VeeTee has been in vs. mucho higher-octane O’s vis-à-vis. The most alpha beta-stats nugget Eye could dig up overall however is… both teams beta test very well vs. the opposing run-shapes. This really does hint that someone is gonna have to air something out to break this overall stop-unit tie, here. D EDGE=push.

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • VeeTee is a stoggy looking 94th best in 1st-down O | whereas BeeCee is a very solid 29th best in 1st-down D!
  • BeeCee is a muddy 99th best in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is a decent enough 44th in 1st-down D.
  • VeeTee is a respectable 43rd best in 3rd-down O | whereas BeeCee is a salty 13th best in 3rd-down D!
  • BeeCee is just above average at 58th best in 3rd-down O | whereas VeeTee is a stiffy 17th best in 3rd-down D!
  • Lo.FM Analysis: well, the advantage is not to either O here. Or the advantage might just be to Under players on the betting total. EDGE=push.

    May St.Nick beg for: BC graduate Welles Crowther!!! (…and his ‘bandana‘)

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Hokies are a C- 78th best in TFL (Tackles for a Loss) allowed O | while the Eagles are a squishy looking 1o8th best in TFL inflicted D!
  • The Eagles are a penetrable 100th best in TFL allowed O | while the Hokies are a middled 72nd in TFL inflicted D.
  • The Hokies are a midpoint 78th in sacks allowed O | while the Eagles are a downright soft 115th best in opposing Qb’s sacked D!
  • The Eagles are occasionally available 79th in sacks allowed O | while the Hokies are 52nd in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • TTT Analysis: well, this one is mo’ good-guys favorable. Albeit through limited credit of their own. As BeeCee is just pretty porous here— more so than VeeTee is outright left-hook bending any teeth. EDGE=VT.

…here are your Vegas lines… as Eye needs to finish this V.P.I. preview, A.S.A.P.!

formulae here favors

…so, check this mess out… I ran the recent numbers on each saggy/baggy football team…

  • …in our D-1 games prior to a sorta offensive break-out vs. Gah.Tech, we/VeeTee were hurtful looking ➖431 yards in the overall total yardage hole.
  • …the only thing worse-looking was BeeCee… who is now in a ➖439 yards in the overall total yardage hole.
And unlike @Gah.Tech, there are even fewer freak/play-makers out there in this contest here.
Meaning, this week if you combined these two, you’d have about 80-cents on the dollar.

3-game splits,

7:38 tip-off!

…these were, mo’ in line with my expectations. The Fu’fense is about ➕3o ypg up, nearly all of which was down in the trenches. The BeeCee run-fighters however have gone user-friendly by a whopping ➕80 mo’ ypg allowed! WoW! With the BeeCee O in the hole by a hurtful ➖79 ypg contraction, most of it stillborn on the ground. With O&M eggs and j.Ham now going acoustic or unplugged by a noticeable ➖60 ypg to the worse. Nearly all of which was grounded if you will. EDGE=VeeTee, as only the V.P.I. O behaved correctly here. Tho’ both programs look suspect recently overall to be transparent.

H/A splits,
…these were, very curious… as the Fu’fesne is better, in particular, threw the airwaves (➕45 ypg) as Road Warriors. Tho’ the killer part was the Bostonian run-fill, which nearly super improved @Home, at nearly ➕80 fewer ypg allowed! The BeeCee O is likewise better @Home, by nearly ➕70 ypg (pretty evenly run and pass-bonus split alike). O&M eggs and j.Ham only moved downward by about 30′ or one 1st-down allowed, so no biggie there. EDGE=BeeCee, mo’ than Eye expected to be extra clear.

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame
is merely calling for a 10-point VicTory in this one here.

the call

Here in the sportlight…

… here’s where we drink lemonade rather than message-(water)-boarding or fire-hydranting the same…

…Eye ain’t gonna josh yah folks— this one could get Fu’gly.

As some Tinkerbell is gonna Peter someone’s Pan and make the other until put the Michael Flatley costume from last Sunday night back down. As Chestnut Hill is prolly a pretty good place to admire your allergies to (O).

…which seems to wanna encode for this one being a 1-play or a single-shot game, either way.
Or, someone not named you already ate all the left-Ø‘ver candy!


…as alluded to above… methinks we sees two static Norris Hall teams that are just that.
Mo’ parts static and less parts, dynamic.

As neither team seems that kinetic to truly piece the other team-up.


…and because of just ^that^… -and you are reading it here, first- Eye would not die of shock if @BeeCee or home for Duke (somehow) jumps up and bites the good guys.

As nobody is a sure-thing or a sure-fit, here.


A.c.c.ordingly, if offensive pigskin is your thang?
You’ve prolly come to the ‘rong place.

If defense gridironing is your druthers?
You will dig these two ½ brothers from the same mother.

As this one could very well be a race to 20.

The first one there wins…
…or, maybe even a
race to 17?
As these two O’s is unavailable,
…in a word.


upset Index=44%


Virginia Tech=17, Boston College=16


Please support the VT F.C.A.!





COUNTRY >>> party!

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